Kofax RPA 11.0 Latest Version Release Notes

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September 1, 2021
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Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

COD-15698 – 1651390 Permission was checked incorrectly when deleting a robot.
COD-15530 – 1661664 Some dialog boxes with updated UI behaved incorrectly in production environment.
COD-15449 – 1633072 Race condition when acquiring DAS led to authentication issues.
FR-15737 – 1661596 JVM could hang DAS during Java application shutdown.
FR-15573 – 1654344 Stepping out of the looped ‘Call robot step’ executed the called Robot twice.
FR-15227 – 1648662 Design Studio stopped working when using Excel as input to external operations in the Full execution mode.
1677005 – Webkit stopped if windows.close() was called in Execute JavaScript or Click steps.
1676990 – Synchronizer did not work.
1662475 – Errors in Stream occurred when executing the Browse step.
1662009 – An AuditLog message “admin login from” appeared every time when Robot ran.
1658437 – .NET API could become unresponsive on RegisterCluster.
1644157 – WebKit did not preserve URL fragment after redirect.
1635514 – WebKit decoded URLs incorrectly after redirects.
1635499 – WebKit URL encoded characters were all upper case instead of keeping their original case.
1635431 – WebKit incorrectly encoded URL parameters.
1628106 – Race condition occurred when getting or setting tree modes.
1602694 – After restoring 10.3 backup it was not possible to start kapplet as a user.
1601262 – Fixed performance degradation of Desktop Automation.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

COD-14602 – 1547802 Fixed memory issue in Synchronizer.
COD-14865 – 1588162 Robots called by API using DefaultRobotLibrary were not listed in the RoboServers view.
1599748 – The example ProductSearch robot did not work.
1595877 – Upgraded ActiveMQ due to security vulnerability.
1595877 – Upgraded Stax2-api due to security vulnerability.
1595877 – Upgraded Woodstox due to security vulnerability.
1595877 – Upgraded Spring due to security vulnerability.
1595877 – Upgraded Spring-web due to security vulnerability.
1595877 – Upgraded Spring-security due to security vulnerability.
1595865 – Crash occurred when executing directly to branch after looping in snippet.
1595864 – RoboServer logged “Unable to obtain RFS information from Management Console” after every robot run when RFS was unconfigured
1595862 – Git synchronization stopped without errors.
1595861 – Git synchronization committed new files twice.
1595859 – Git synchronization failed to synchronize empty project.
1595857 – Git synchronization consumed excessive amount of memory when reading robot summary.
1591973 – LDAP user groups were not available in Kapplets.
1591225 – Replaced Oracle JDK with AdoptOpenJDK.
1570391 – CEF could not be closed if Proxy dialog box was opened.
1567083 – White-labeling of installers did not work.
1560744 – Admin user rights were not updated from LDAP.

COD-13163 – 1549515 Excluded host name list did not fit more than 1000 characters.
COD-13085 – 1515193 ClassCastException when executing CEF robot in Design mode.
FR-10551 – 1448287 “Set Content of Cell” could fail if Sheet contained unsupported functions.
1557380 – Robots restored from previous version backup could not be started when using KCU license.
1554596 – Triggers could not be imported if related robot was deleted.
1552865 – Crash when executing Load Page and Call REST steps for specific pages in CentOS7.
1551104 – SAML did not work on Docker.
1546641 – Excel type led to crash in Design Studio.
1544472 – Docker configurator created properties file with missing default value.
1543872 – Import failed if user was removed and the user was mapped to trigger.
1542090 – Removed swagger.ui due to security vulnerability.
1542037 – Upgraded dom4j due to security vulnerability.
1542037 – Upgraded activemq due to security vulnerability.
1542037 – Upgraded spring-security due to security vulnerability.
1542037 – Upgraded spring due to security vulnerability.
1531248 – User prefix was missing for some audit log entries.
1511209 – Impossible to run flash content in CEF.
1501920 – Older versions of Design Studio could not connect to 11.0 MC with connectors or DA robots.
1496890 – Unable to create legacy Kapplets in embedded mode.
1496381 – WrappedCSSNode could not validate situation when CSSRule was null.
1478707 – Restore backup failed in embedded mode with enabled User Management.
1475943 – Security fix – Insufficient authentication of Kapplet import backup API.
1472820 – Security fix – XSS attack possible in robot display name.
1469543 – Missing cluster number in cluster settings for Docker environment variables.
1457723 – Crash when changing Set Evaluation Mode after editing Excel with AVERAGEIF function.
1407616 – Crash when setting calculation option to true in Set Evaluation Mode step.

COD-12652 – 1469027 Constraint violation when restoring project with OAuth user.
COD-12280 – 1457864 REFRESHTOKEN Column length was too short.
COD-11021 – 1362970 WebKit became unresponsive inside nowMethodCallback.
COD-10980 – 1369274 Poor performance when calling Close Window step.
FR-12633 – 1475034 Call Rest Service step throws an error if a proxy server is configured.
1477064 – Error when renaming a file in an FTP directory when using robot file system.
1476968 – Move mouse selects wrong element in listbox shell on Windows 10.
1475946 – Invoice_SalesTax example project does not work.
1474251 – Unable to open documentation for Process Discovery Analyzer.
1473793 – Docker readme updated with additional requirements.
1471892 – CEF Crashes in Windows docker container.
1469577 – No support for WebP image format.
1469030 – OAuth data was not restored after “Import Project.”
1468194 – SAML login does not work.
1467496 – DTS built-in online learning example failed because of missing folder.
1466036 – Process Discovery Agent/Analyzer failed validation of db scheme in MySQL 8.0.19.
1460995 – Security upgrade of node to 8.17.0.
1449130 – In the tn3270 terminal driver when SSL/TLS connection was closed, other connections were lost.
1446241 – When DS/RS connected to localhub, it should have connected to
1444299 – DAS became unresponsive if screen shot could not be obtained during image change detection.
1443106 – Memory exhaustion in package upload.
1418845 – Attended robots did not work.
1412909 – RS Threshold did not include fix pack version number.
1412030 – Cluster settings did not accept host\instance when creating new DB.
1404796 – Wrong error message when trying to create schedules with duplicate names.
1403865 – ACQUIRED task for schedule blocked cluster.
1403015 – Remove .jar file scanning from Docker configuration due to changes in Tomcat behavior.
1402529 – Registration failed from Design Studio with LDAP if user was not already set up in Management Console.
1401035 – When running robot on hybrid cluster, only major version of RoboServer was checked.
1400869 – Importing only project permissions also imported robot.
1399844 – Custom datatypes and drivers that were not supported prevented from restoring backup.
1397262 – DAS connection broke without proper message if remote machine did not contain python.
1397110 – Backup created in could not be restored.
1396565 – Users could not be assigned to groups with Japanese language.
1396024 – Double-byte spaces were not accepted in the “Full Name” field for users.
1375271 – Tomcat link in Dockerfiles referred to current version mirror instead of archive.
1370878 – Create Document in KTA step did not work with KTA 7.7.
1357677 – Wrong word in Japanese was displayed in Management Console.
1279124 – Expanded DropDown list did not collapse when clicking.
862191 – Unable to restore backup if it contains duplicate user names with different casing.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

FR10593 – 1542581 Implement Merge/reset option in project restore and synchronous execution.

1404879 – Make ProductSearch robot available in Examples folder. The ProductSearch robot used in the Kapplet’s beginner tutorial is added to the Examples folder for reference. To access the Kapplet’s video tutorial, see Help for Kofax RPA. Note: The ProductSearch robot is designed to perform a Google search. Running the robot too many times may cause Google to block it and prevent it from getting the search results.
1275057 – Docker HEALTHCHECK for Synchronizer, Management Console and RoboServer.

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