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Kofax RPA 11.2 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax RPA (Kapow) 11.2.0 Fix Pack 3 | Release Date: October 1, 2021

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

FR15559, FR16034 – 1676826 Added support for OAuth single tenant mode with Azure AD. A Tenant ID field has been added to the authorization request form when adding a user to an Azure AD 2.0 application.
1680226 – The .NET API now supports queuing in the Management Console. A new extension to the Request object ‘QueuedRequest’ object has been introduced with two additional properties “Timeout” and “Priority”. “Timeout” is measured in seconds and “Priority” has 5 values (MAXIMUM, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, MINIMUM)
QueuedRequest request = new QueuedRequest(“[robotname]”)
request.Timeout = 60
request.Priority = QueuedRequestPriority.LOW

1679440 – SAML single signout – log out from Management Console will logout from IDP. To configure single signout by either:
1. add the configuration option useSamlSingleLogout in saml.xml
2. add the SAML_IDP_USESINGLELOGOUT environment variable for docker

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

COD16153 – 1683754 It was not possible to select different OAuth users for multiple input OAuth variables.
COD16103 – 1681293 DB host name can now be up to 1024 characters instead of 255.
FR16003 – 1649146 Email stayed in Processing folder if execution task expired.
1685621 – Send Email step never timed out.
1683169 – Previous references for device finders did not work when the previous finders were of application or component type.
1682749 – Migrated from log4j to log4j2 due to high severity vulnerability CVE-2019-17571.
1682700 – Upgraded json-smart due to medium sev vulnerability CVE-2021-31684.
1682085 – Cyberark configuration did not work correctly.
1681511 – Upgraded harfbuzz due to high severity vulnerability WS-2020-0392.
1677246 – Corrected the path to ssh keys in the dockerfile for the synchronizer.
1677003 – Webkit stopped if windows.close() was called in Execute JavaScript or Click steps.
1675195 – Process Discovery Analyzer could run out of memory when min count of process instance was set to 1.
1674303 – It was not possible to map smallint to integer with query database.
1660659 – Insufficient Authorization Control allowed users to retrieve project information.
1660721 – Authentication for REST endpoints was not required by default when creating a new project.
1634051 – Robot hanged after entering empty text in CEF.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

COD15611 – 1665694 Previous references after try catch only worked if finder was defined in finally.
COD15530 – 1661318 Some dialog boxes with updated UI behaved incorrectly in production environment.
FR15737 – 1661599 JVM could hang DAS during Java application shutdown.
1670876 – Synchronizer did not work in
1670571 – Updated the french and japanese offline documentation to match the online documentation.
1667263 – Process Discovery Analyzer did not always start the analysis when scheduled.
1662473 – Browser view could crash when executing browse step if text nodes were updated on the page.
1662185 – Swagger displayed all internal controllers.
1661535 – Manually started robots could not be stopped when using browser with Japanese locale.
1661229 – Japanese documentation did not contain the final corrections.
1661227 – Updated copyright year in about boxes.
1660485 – Webkit crashed when restoring cssRule without cssRuleList or parent stylesheet.
1660159 – Schedule triggers were not properly restored when importing backup.
1658933 – AuditLog logged “admin login from” every time Robot runs.
1650195 – Corrected docker scripts to correctly identify the Tomcat version.

COD15698 – 1651388 Incorrect permission check was performed when deleting a robot.
FR15573 – 1654347 Step out executed DA robot twice when in loop.
1659198 – Verification of RoboServer Certificates did not work properly.
1658430 – .NET API could become unresponsive on RegisterCluster.
1654384 – Upgraded node.js due to security vulnerability.
1653679 – Sorting schedules by “Next Run” prevented loading the schedules view.
1650263 – Incorrect permission check was performed for editing Device Mappings.
1647935 – Updated Jetty due to security vulnerability.
1647514 – Thread leak in ChunkedArrayProxy when downloading large file could cause RS to run out of memory.
1644997 – Internal IDs for schedules, OAuth Users, DB mappings, Password and CyberArk entries could be outside the safe integer range causing issues when restoring backups.
1644775 – Superfluous x32 was removed from text in the Process Discovery installers.
1644757 – Unable to save cluster setting changes if MC deployed in Oracle database.
1644753 – Kapplets could not start if they contained empty non-required input parameters.
1642468 – Slider could not be moved by Move Mouse and Press/Release.
1640143 – Updated spring-web due to security vulnerability.
1617570 – Data view performance was slow and could cause Management Console to become unresponsive.