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Kofax TotalAgility 7.5 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.5.0 Fix Pack 31 | Release Date: July 12, 2021

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1644302 Case 26349725: IP activity runs out of process memory and crashes when processing large PDF. PDF page cashing has been removed. This makes the memory footprint for large PDFs with many pages much smaller, but this means that the pages must be reloaded each time, however all page resources are released again.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1471484 Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK . A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log. Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.

1402699 Case 26025642:HP MFP Registration Utility – Add ability to select Device Profile and register device to KTA server. Specifying Device Profile Names in HP Client Registration – You can specify the device profile name in the HP Client Registration program. Enter the name in the Device Profile Name field. If you leave the field blank or enter a name that does not match an existing device profile, the default device profile is used. Device profiles are listed and defined in Devices.
1362559 Case 25991111: Added support for Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) Canon IR-ADV C5550 III
1299557 Case 25036915: Improve Kofax TotalAgility & VRS profile loading. Improved performance when auto-setting the VRS Profile with TotalAgility Scan Client. The VRS application no longer needs to be reinitialized every time TotalAgility tries to set the VRS Profile is set.
1279579 Exclude Kofax TotalAgility service user from the local admin group in an On-Premise Multi-Tenant installation. You can exclude the TotalAgility service user from the local admin user group in an On-Premise-Multi-Tenant installation, and allow the Transformation Server service to run with a non-administrative service account.
The Transformation Server service automatically selects what mode to use based on the permission level of the service account running the service. For accounts running services, the “Log on as a service” setting is required.
1252807 Case 25018044: Enable KSMS to allow filtering in the traditional Filtering functionality similar to the ASE database filtering was added to the KSMS database. This filtering functionality provides the ability to restrict the fuzzy search algorithm by a set of records that have to match defined constraints. This feature requires KSMS (or higher) to be installed.
1267032 Case 25008191: Allow for Mixed-Print to support “Boxes” as part of the representation. Boxes (CscXDocBox objects) that are generated as part of some OCR engines, are now persisted in the Document object and can be used in other activities.
1263893 Case 25023267: Support for Repository Document ID in Export Connectors. Support for {Repository Document ID} in Export Connectors has been added.
1255598 Case 24087820: AUDIT_ID column to be extended to a BIGINT. AUDIT_ID column in AUDIT_LOG database table has been changed from int to bigint to support the storage of a larger amount of audit log data.
1244916 Case 25016322: Allow Kofax TotalAgility to ignore comments at the beginning of a Pdf file. PDF files that start with comments inside the PDF’s data are now supported.
1244421 Case 25012097: Enhancement Request to have Kofax Capture Delete Separator Sheet Feature added to Kofax TotalAgility. Delete Bar Code Separator Sheet option is now available in Separation Profiles and Scan Settings. Enabling this option will delete the sheet with the barcode that triggered document/folder separation.
1239556 Case 25012179: Kofax TotalAgility does not provide a way to properly train multi-line samples for the Text Content Locator . The ability to manually capture fields that extend across a line break has been added. In the Validation activity, the user can now select words from multiple lines for a field using the mouse and CTRL key. The same functionality is available in Transformation Designer in the Edit Fields dialog. This mainly benefits locators that can be trained to extract data across multiple lines, such as the Text Content Locator.
1218835 Case 24084063: Request for supporting OAuth and Microsoft Graph. MS Graph is added as a new import source in the Integration menu.
1241306 Transformation Server will now use the PDFium engine for PDF text extraction and PDF image rendering.
1217357 Case 24087851: Generic training algorithm to support additional samples. The keyword search of the Generic training algorithm now supports one character long keywords if it is Arabic script or a CJK ideograph.
1209532 Case 24092532: [Scan Client] Insert Page. The “Insert pages” and “Insert pages before” options are added to Scan activity and Scan Create New Job forms.

  • When you right- click in the empty space between pages in the Thumbnail viewer panel and select “Insert pages”, the scanned pages are inserted at the desired position in the document.
  • When you right-click on a page in the Thumbnail viewer panel and select “Insert pages before”, the scanned images are inserted before the selected page.
  • When you right-click on a back page (in a front/back page pair) in the Thumbnail viewer panel and select “Insert pages before”, the scanned images are inserted before the front page of the front/back page pair.

1209388 Case 24094093: Not able to use Trainable Locators to train for start and stop locations. Trainable Group Locators can now be used as assignable locators for determining the start and stop of a table in a Table Locator.
1205476 Case 24091200: Kofax TotalAgility control over the imprinter rotation, vertical offset, and font size values for scanning from Scan Client.When configuring the ScanControl on a Scan form or Scan create new job form, the following drill-down properties are added to the existing properties for configuring imprinting:

  • ImprinterRotation: The amount of in-place character rotation. The rotation is in degrees, and moves clockwise. TWAIN specification supports values from 0 to 359 although most scanner manufacturers have limited the accepted values to 0, 90, 180 and 270. VRS Elite supports 0, 90, 180 and 270.
  • ImprinterUnits: Units of measure when specifying the vertical offset (0=inches, 1=centimeters, 2=picas, 3=points, 4=twips, 5=pixels and 6=millimeters.)
  • ImprinterVerticalOffset: Vertical offset in the specified units.
  • ImprinterFontStyle: Font style for TWAIN scanning defined by a numeric value combined of the following bit field combination: 1=normal, 2=bold, 4=italic, 8=large size and 16=small size. For example, if the TWAIN scanner supports a font size composed of bold and large size, then the numeric value in this case would be 10 (2 + 8). VRS Elite does not support this parameter, instead the font size can be specified in the driver settings and saved to a VRS profile.

1188319 Case 24062000: Support for IFM file extension/Mime type. It is now possible to successfully export files with the IFM file extension using the export connector.
1156272 Case 24071563: Interpolate table rows between two points. In table interpolation, it is now possible to specify a table row that indicates that searching for table data should stop at that location. Note: To ensure that this feature is working as expected you must regenerate and release any existing forms where tables are in use.

1154259 Case 24071561: Table Locator – Allow locators to be used to find the start and end of a table (instead of dictionaries). It is now possible to configure a Table Locator to use another locator to find start and the end of a table. A new option called ‘Use locator’ is now available when configuring a Table Locator. Select a locator from the list to find the start or end of a table.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1621410 Case 26263821: Drag and Drop (fields value) not working since upgrade to Kofax TotalAgility
1618335 Case 26314011: Automatic identity reseed for status_kc_doc_field truncates unprocessed reporting field data
1607990 Case 26302756: Validation not showing fields for new document
1606239 Case 26252843: Digital Signature in PDF is being removed after Image Processing
1583999 Case 26149251: On-Premise Multi-Tenancy – Active Job but Zombie Node

1582417 Case 25043583: The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint
1577727 Case 26256599,26256721, 26256748: Scanning completed with error: VRS license is missing or invalid. Technical details: VRS: No license or license expired
1577667 Case 26255707: Retention system task Operating Times not working
1573629 Case 26239055: Field changes do not show up in Kofax Analytics For TotalAgility
1573156 Case 26228283: Scan form performance issue when scanning over 17 documents sequently when Barcode separation is used
1567482 Case 26239055, 26243378: Field Reporting data can be lost after PDF/DC/IP activities
1566929 Case 26222977: Capture Data Clean up stopped due to unhandled duplicate pending delete ids
1564431 Case 26218684: Reporting performance issue with doc_accum_fact table

1558016 Case 26193760: Reporting: Problematic messages causing ETL to complete without processing any message
1555233 Case 26214663: Incorrect date when importing original e-mail as MSG

1546177 Case 26205049: Export service crashing due to “Unable to perform the requested action, as the job is in the Evaluation Failed status”
1545034 Case 26176670: Duplicate entry in Reporting tfs_class_dim table causes Reporting ETL failure “The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1542593 Case 26204140: “The operation has timed out” error during document conversion
1542389 Case 26189941: Error during data extraction on message using reverted compressed flag: Invalid character in the given encoding
1541351 Case 26194490: TS CPU server crashing due to Atalasoft DotImage not handling mobile images with false or missing DPI

1530838 Case 26172354: [Reporting] extr_batch_sess_key reported after confirmation field
1524240 Case 26172354: Reclassification affects field reporting data
1517173 Case 26094775: PDFs with headers cannot be ingested through SCNJ form

1516309 Case 26141842: Operation timeout due to slow document conversion
1509939 Case 26140031: Support changing reporting variable in DatabaseCmdTimeoutSec in v7.5.0.x
1500883 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set
1496170 Case 26135941: Extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1476089 Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1452907 Case 26103149, 26121436: Pdf processing error – External component has thrown an exception

1461143 Case 26116779: Reporting: Error data transformation task TransformStatusKcDoc
1460646 Case 26108735: Error: Work Type field does not exist on Job list control when Worktype fields have different display names and ID
1458491 Case 26114901, 26111305: Browser tab freezes when we call an action from the SelectionChanged event of a CaptureComboBox control
1453993 Case 25063166: Kofax TotalAgility Table Fields Become Inaccessible While Processing
1452925 Case 26084690: Reporting – Error PerformUpdates task – Execution Timeout Expired
1448535 Case 26090737: Retention Policy Deletes Documents Sent for Online Learning

1450016 Case 26078935: Capture Clean-Up task is rolling back any data changed when the Capture Data Operation Time Limit period has passed
1445191 Case 26051782: Permanent Redaction button on WebCapture control sometimes disabled
1443477 Case 26089660: Performance degradation during split/merge/reclassify/confirm in large data sets
1412924 Case 26074823: Retention Policy Deletes OL folders causing “Folder is not special OL folder” Error Message
1405119 Case 26072903: Image Processing activity reject .PNG files. If you use an Image processing activity in a process, the PNG files are rejected. To overcome this issue, do the following:

  1. Upgrade to TotalAgility
  2. Update process map to place the Document conversion activity before the Capture activity

1407122 Case 26062281: Some ops/actions can’t be performed when creating job while folder/subfolder is selected
1406046 Case 26062281: SaveChanges error – Cannot access a disposed object
1399432 Case 26010926: End of Table not being recognised correctly results in incorrect extraction
1396849 Case 26057871: UpdateDocumentFieldValues() throws error “The given key was not present in the dictionary”
1396585 Case 26058595: Reporting stops processing messages in wsa_messages if the orphaned entries count is bigger than default number of processed records (1500)
1384506 Case 26001481: BlobStorage & BinaryData records not being removed after rotation in Validation
1379165 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1378805 Case 26036789: “Not a valid user to update database” error raised when installing Fix Pack 18
1378780 Case 26049727: Session Timeout Alert message shows line break tags.
1373937 Case 25051197: The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1372280 Case 25060441: User takes an activity and no images appear for the documents. The fix included in this fix pack will be applicable only to regenerated forms (overwrite existing set to no) post KTA For any previous forms where this issue is occuring the user must regenerate and overwrite the existing form.
1372076 Case 25045540, 25993244: Primary key errors when archiving finished job due to the ArchiveJobTask timing out
1372066 Case 25999149: Record history of deletejobhistory method doesn’t chunk on huge jobs causing DB performance issues
1371150 Case 26022909: Mobile form table is not visible
1370097 Case 26002082, 26010327: Data layer – Repeatable read can be extended on queries that don’t require it
1369660 Case 26018969, 26023742: Reactivating Suspended Jobs from FindJob.form Throws “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” Error Message
1369116 Case 25064261: Reporting data stuck in WSA_MESSAGES table with error “TryDeserializeWithPatchingXml spent more than 1000 cycles”
1362485 Case 25059966: Jobs List – Actions not functioning
1361747 Case 25999062: Large jobs take much longer to process in work queue
1360213 Case 25994461: Comma Decimal separator ignored when Force Validating a field
1356774 Case 25062931: Faulty OOTB error messages (in German)
1354113 Case 25062895: Canceling and then retaking activity makes undocked Web Capture Control unreachable in FireFox
1337205 Case 25058775: Japanese language support does not cater for half-width Katakana characters
1353142 Case 25061715: Expression – “Invalid rule: Unterminated string.”
1352873 Case 25062850, 25998225: GetWorkQueueOverview API allows SQL injection
1350952 Case 25053832: WorkQueue initialisation query with WorkType date field returns long-date format
1349504 Case 25978622: Archiving Issue when job is restarted but has already been marked for archiving
1344442 Case 25059875, 25997818: XML activity got suspended when using in a SubjobAdm
1339948 Case 25055138: No error message shown when DB upgrade fails on fixpack installation
1327287 Case 25056955: [Reporting] Confirming table cells without modification shows as a changed field
1327518 Case 25051903: Passive inputs can go to an Overdue state
1330536 Case 25050610: Issue with cached forms
1330572 Case 25051162: Audit Log entry for Activity re-assignment should display the resource who re-assigned the activity
1330762 Case 25054388: Folder field value lost if subfolder created before document split
1330779 Case 25059108: Setting incorrectly applies to mandatory activity fields: “Allow [Validation/Verification] to complete with [unvalidated/unverified] fields”
1332595 Case 25058899: Activity scan and CNJ forms allows completion when the document is invalid with mandatory process fields
1337683 Case 25057508: Job Retention is not finding case fragments for deletion
1341616 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1342598 Case 25062621: Category Field in the Edit Query window of Findjobs.form too small & requires much scrolling
1328835 Case 25047198: Imprinting – After Create New Job is fired, the subsequent OnScanComplete calls are repeated
1328092 Case 25055458: Document Conversion throws error -> Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute
1326415 Case 25055420: User experience degraded when using browser zoom on a work queue form in 7.5 compared to 7.3
1324792 Case 25054065: Error loading auto-generated document form where [document type name]_[form type name] is longer than 80 characters
1324517 Case 25052149: Classic theme shows ellipsis to the left of table rows
1323561 Case 25048303: Fields in the Edit Query window of Findjobs.form too small when Browser window size reduced
1323534 Case 25050854: Dropdown is trapped within the bounds of the popup window – Full list of dropdown options is not available
1323296 Case 25051042: UI Issue with dropdown list within a dropdown list
1322807 Case 25043795: Error or Cancelled job from MFP causes orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1321576 Case 25053333: JSON Post changes variable names
1321070 Case 25046891: When changing pages using Ctrl-B, validation form is skipping between fields in Chrome
1319589 Case 25041119, 25056138: Timeout Issues Related To Kofax Reporting Causing SQL Performance Problems
1319131 Case 25053052: An ampersand in a text string causes the string to be truncated when it is passed to a popup window
1318651 Case 25046924: DAS execution failed – Failed to enable constraints
1307536 Case 25040741: Terminated API deletes already terminated job from the archive database
1304399 Case 25046281: User cannot use only keyboard within tables: Tab does not work as expected
1307777 Case 25046409: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘inheritedFields’ of undefined (…) after confirmation field in Verification
1307519 Case 25039151: Folder Fields disappear when Changing Document in Validation
1307053 Case 25044959: Kofax TotalAgility form URL not being decoded correctly
1305972 Case 25044124: Context menu is not available for multi line fields
1303729 Case 25041487: Object is read only. You need to lock the object to change its properties
1301229 Case 25029977, 25043795: MFP failures causing temporary KFS and orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1299033 Case 25042689: Amount Group Locator – large rounding value leads to an increased consumption of memory
1286856 Case 25032262: Kofax Export Connector for CMIS 1.0 Image Conversion Error when exporting
1301229 Case 25029977, 25043795: MFP failures causing temporary KFS and orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1299446 Case 25034013: Some reported field should contain the symbols which are not allowed in XML
1299443 Case 24091499: Invalid field retains the previous error message
1295368 Case 25040416: Document type with apostrophe is causing the reporting system task to fail
1295196 Case 25039063: Activity scan and Create New Job forms allows completion when the document is invalid with mandatory process fields
1294931 Case 25038674: IsValid form control property is never updated
1294724 Case 25040509: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int
1294181 Case 25038720, 25041248: Regenerate of Validation forms resizes CaptureTextField
1293316 Case 25028123: Reporting system task fails with error “Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint ‘user_logon_name_user_type_uq’. Cannot insert duplicate key in object ‘dbo.user_dim'”
1292914 Case 25036909: Unable to find any released versions of this map on creating a package
1291007 Case 25039195: WCF Error passing Dynamic Complex input to ExecuteBusinessRule from custom code
1291549 Case 25037873: ERROR_GET_FOLDER_VALIDATION_SUMARY when reclassifying a document in Document Review
1287305 Case 25035563: OPMT: Newly created tenants are not created at the latest database version
1287245 Case 25035874: UpdateJobVariables() method changes an empty string value to NULL in the LIVE_WORK_QUEUE_DEFINITION table
1286204 Case 25036079: Reporting – apostrophe to a folder name causing Unclosed quotation mark after the character string ‘ ‘
1286056 Case 25035874: Job upgrader in changing an empty string value to NULL in the LIVE_WORK_QUEUE_DEFINITION table
1279171 Case 25031313: Scan Form scanning intermittently pushes down duplicate Imprinter Counter value
1279103 Case 25030122: Web Capture Control does not show Tiff image at runtime – Atalasoft PDFium
1278963 Case 25031651: Object reference error when calling SavePageImage method from custom code
1271554 Case 25028690: Wrong PDF text layer extraction being returned
1272415 Case 25029767: Inherited table locator not extracting line items on child document type
1271734 Case 25027742: Document Viewer Doesn’t Display Correctly
1271680 Case 25023234: Activity still taken when navigating away
1269990 Case 25028599: Validation+Table: Select OCR word as field value does not works when Image Viewer is undocked
1269373 Case 25028590: Tab Control Headers load blank on a form using Security Roles and Lookups – Firefox only
1267900 Case 25018972: Intermittent – Error message appears when scans the job.
1267618 Case 25029130: GetSessionVariables API returns unencrypted variable value
1242712 Case 25017327: Images with high black content are not correctly matching with samples in extraction set
1266991 Case 25020559: Show Alternatives values don’t stick
1263989 Case 25027394: Image processing is stretching or wrongly rotate the PDF file
1263898 Case 25028359: CaptureCleanUpTask memory usage impacts Core Worker responsiveness
1262117 Case 25026564: Attachment gets dropped in the included MSG after the import
1261333 Case 25026351: Value multiplies by 100 on losing focus when Textbox uses Field Type Currency and browser is using French language
1261309 Case 25019649: Vertical Cell on validation form is not high enough for On-Top label and above Mini-Viewer
1260098 Case 25025824: Length property doesn’t set for binary during commit chunks
1257707 Case 25020279: Ignored File Extension not working sometimes
1255622 Case 25021396: UI Inconsistency for dropdown control: 7.3 vs 7.5 – Normal
1255619 Case 25020690: Tabbing Between Validation Form Fields Not Working
1255290 Case 25022413: Document context menu is reduced in size after upgrading
1250581 Case 25020809: Issue exporting package containing skins “There is an error in XML document (1, 2)”
1248567 Case 25018852: Issue Confirming Checkbox on Capture Table
1253333 Case 24021510: Image Enhancement Broken (Black Background, White Texts, Missing Texts)
1250901 Case 25019946: Update Row action not working fully on capture tables
1249866 Case 25009786: Validation Activity Hangs After Selecting Previously Selected Document – upgraded repro steps
1249324 Case 25019656: Kofax TotalAgility 7.5 Table Row Height Is Not Consistent
1248148 Case 25013852, 25019949: Delete Row should work with Capture Tables
1247097 Case 25018585: Fuzzy search action randomly not copying selected values to mapped fields
1246283 Case 24092808: Kfxconverter throwing PDF_E_FILECREATE errors for specific pdf conversions.
1245680 Case 25018789: Error loading auto-generated document form for document type with long name
1245223 Case 25017888: Azure worker role going unresponsive
1244947 Case 25016088: On ComboBox when restricted is set it does not all TAB and ENTER
1244929 Case 25017357: Job Evaluation deserialize errors
1244928 Case 25017357: Timeout while inspecting metadata; this may indicate a deadlock
1242578 Case 25007386: DocumentId is not passed to BR formatter
1241635 Case 25016654: JobList control is not converting work type date fields to client local time
1241616 Case 25010216: Workqueue control is not converting work type date fields to client local time
1242297 Case 25014346: Lassoing empty area for a table cell cause sticking this lasso
1240962 Case 25014934: “Out of memory” error when performing OCR on a large Pdf in Transformation Designer
1238225 Case 25010893: Reporting Service fail with apostrophe in resource user name
1235784 Case 24030863: IP node leaves original page as orphan data
1234983 Case 25014624: Failed to execute Classification and Extraction – “The execution of a locator method failed” errors
1234897 Case 25012162: Export/Import of skin templates loose override settings
1234801 Case 25014443: Unable to store null date into DB with null dates allowed
1233504 Case 25014045: Special character not escaping correctly on Validation document form
1230943 Case 25013185: Problem with textChanged event for decimal and currency datatype
1229174 Case 24091285: Unable to add full URL in Associated File Path
1228764 Case 25010913: FileUpolad Control Does not accept network path
1228700 Case 25004048: Unable to terminate Case Job
1227942 Case 25010231: Allow Empty Field Option In Standard Field Validation Rule Does Not Allow Empty Field
1227179 Case 25010693: Reason of Failure Cannot have more than 500 nested embedded jobs or Subjobs
1225350 Case 25007776: Fragment Job “Actual Finish” shows “Expected Finish” value instead
1224808 Case 24085560: Interpolation code uses the unordered word list when building the table cells
1224636 Case 25002457: A state change in a sub job is recorded against the parent job after archiving
1224633 Case 25002457: State getting incorrectly registered against a sub job
1224542 Case 25009786: Validation Activity Hangs After Selecting Previously Selected Document
1224006 Case 25009188: ‘Override Server Reset Limit’ on the activity, is set on all activities on the process
1223150 Case 25007262: Chinese Characters Cannot Display in the WQ
1218370 Case 25000942: Validation screen unresponsive on switching between docs or changing doc type
1217998 Case 25001254: Failed to lazily initialize a collection of role: Kofax.CEBPM.DataLayer.Domain.FolderEntity._subfolders, session is disconnected
1217991 Case 25004806: ||CANNOT_DELETE_FOLDER|| -> Object with id xxx was not found in the repository
1217466 Case 24091718: WebCapture installer is corrupting the Software Center
1217282 Case 24084867: Calender control displays 1970/1/1 as 1969/12/31 at some time zones
1219574 Case 25006525: Folder Field uses US format in 7.5 when job is created via Kofax Import Connector
1219096 Case 25001217: Redirect action – Cannot read property ‘$className’ of undefined
1218883 Case 25006126: HyperLink in table column does not show hand mouse in 7.5
1218607 Case 25002080: Pdf to tiff conversion error with PDF with invalid syntax
1216454 Case 24094650: Work Type Boolean Variables In Table Automatically Set To True
1215695 Case 25003942: The 500 internal server error message should be more generic
1215691 Case 25003961: Improper Neutralization of Input During Web Page Generation (‘Cross-site Scripting’)
1214937 Case 25001973: Reporting data not linking with pre-7.5 data
1214825 Case 25004555: Dateformatter gives error on valid- non-existing dates
1214753 Case 25002556: Sometimes table cell becomes checked after selecting other cells
1214487 Case 25004057: Find Job ID Search is missing
1214014 Case 24081837, 24095979: Left upper “Action Bar Menu” move away on ”Job Viewer” when scroll down
1213946 Case 25000166: Disable Scroll wheel Number Change in Numeric Text Fields
1213505 Case 25002927: Default Date Formatter gives error instead of Invalid, process stops
1213388 Case 24083309: Project level locator results are thrown away unexpectedly (not available in separation events)
1213208 Case 24093292: Error when trying to separate documents with Barcodes
1212270 Case 25002251: Job suspends at Email activity when an .ifm file is used as an attachment
1212262 Case 24095733: Synchronous Jobs containing script activities and a work type are not returned from job queries searching based on work type
1212196 Case 25001480, 25004223: Change in behavior of the Text Changed Event Actions from Kofax TotalAgility 7.4 to Kofax TotalAgility 7.5
1211898 Case 24089251: Start date column are displayed in wrong order on jobList control
1209336 Case 24094093: TableLocator does not stop at end of Table
1205093 Case 24093292: Error when trying to separate documents with Barcodes
1209523 Case 24086374: Alternative Extraction Search not working when field name and field display name is not the same.
1209224 Case 24082899: Cannot insert duplicate key row in object ‘dbo.field_accum_fact’ with unique index ‘idx_faf_pk_lkp’.
1208226 Case 24096539: Force Valid icon on toolbar not forcing valid.
1206373 Case 24094449: Navigating back to Import Connection screen on clicking OK on individual import source is slow.
1206315 Case 24092180: Data is not loaded on table control when multiselect is true.
1205774 Case 24094122: Serialization error when mapping subfolder in Thin Client activities.
1205395 Case 24091499: Validation: Field tooltip still indicate field current error even after field state is valid.
1204516 Case 24093646: Document rejection reason Lookup in popup window is cached with Form Cache turned on.
1204482 Case 24092047: Generic learning does not work for alpha-only values (works for numeric/alpha-numeric.)
1199436 Case 24092236: UTF-8 encoded PDFs are not converted by an Image processing activity.
1195737 Case 24091214: Package Save and Save & Export buttons are disabled.
1195592 Case 24088616: Issue using AWF_USUABLE_RESOURCE and ROLE_CASEWORKER as a floating role.
1195342 Case 24090317: Calculation Rule breaks after upgrading from 7.3.0.
1192963 Case 24089972: Kofax TotalAgility is renaming subjob activity.
1191158 Case 24086896: Crash of Trainable Evaluator when extracting with input locator that normalizes values (FL using dict with replacement values.)
1189398 Case 24071545: Highlighted area not cleared in Validation when lassoed text is cleared by clicking the ‘x’ on the field.
1192917 Case 24090120: Logoff form no longer has link to log in.
1192900 Case 24085250: The JOB.MACHINE_ID is incorrectly updated each time the job is evaluated.
1191586 Case 24088423: Reporting: After upgrading to v7.5, Kofax TotalAgility reporting throws the error – “Error during Deserialize: There is an error in XML document.”
1189741 Case 24088187: The FileUploadControl on Tablet Form raises java script error.
1189081 Case 24084252: MACHINE ID logged incorrectly in the database.
1188890 Case 24082766: Kofax TotalAgility 7.5.0 Upgrade or import to 7.5.0 produces error when browsing custom work queue – “error reflecting type.”
1186339 Case 24085171: Transformation Page Count being decremented incorrectly in version 7.5.0.
1185377 Case 24085060: Object is read only error when moving a document.
1185293 Case 24087294: Document Review UI locked (unusable) when images are PDF and “prompt when all valid” is enabled.
1182180 Case 24083280: PDF Generation Profile – Image Only and PDF/A compliance is unable to select Add Tags = Yes.
1180754 Case 24082746: Kofax TotalAgility using SharePoint ItemDeleting event instead of the ItemDelete event.
1179432 Case 24083280: PDF Generation Profile set Add Tags option to No when defining PDF/A-2a.
1178457 Case 24081792: Compiler Error when selecting a Kapow Robot with a JSON return type in Kofax TotalAgility.
1175049 Case 24082770: Exception “Invalid argument: Rectangle::SetHeight(long height) -> ‘height’ parameter is not allowed to be negative. Value = -1” raised on several documents.
1166049 Case 24087458, 24083682: SSO with Windows Authentication does not work anymore for the Export Connector Configuration tool.
1182441 Case 24083700: Workqueue Control: Query list does not display when restricted to shared/private only.
1181562 Case 24070385: Typing in a Capture Combo Box before the document form loads causes issues.
1180480 Case 24081649,24083771: Undocked Image Viewer not working when using non default site.
1175701 Case 24084830: Email body metadata no longer filled after updating from to
1175204 Case 24033643: Navigation Menu automatically collapses when using a touch screen enabled laptop.
1172540 Case 24080758: Importing MSG and EML files linked in Kofax XML does not work.
1172457 Case 24068587: Internet Explorer browser becomes unresponsive intermintently.
1171297 Case 24078907: System.OutOfMemoryException error occurs when trying to export a large PDF.
1171190 Case 24080427: Complete Scan activity fails if user logs out of MFP client before job completes transmission to server.
1171061 Case 24079308: The drop downlist should not display behind the document viewer.
1166235 Case 24068582: Embedded page gets reloaded when using display rule to show/hide the control.
1171797 Case 24080975: Mandatory setting on a drop-down list is ineffective when the Prompt property is not empty on a ScanCreateNewJob and CreateNewJob form.
1164994 Case 24077211: Custom user rules is combining the attribute values.
1162479 Case 24074486: No job is created with importing an XML without document
1157429 Case 24068320: After rotating images in ScanCreateNewJob, items are left in BlobStorage and BinaryData table when using the Delete node.
1156891 Case 24071747: GetActivities2() is not returning the correct values.
1154808 Case 24070459: TIFF documents are not getting ingest via mailbox.
1152190 Case 24070139: Transformation Server create temporary files in service account folder and remain on IP error.
1150256 Case 24070121: The DeleteJobNote method does not take milliseconds into account.
1149140 Case 24050924: Field values from previous document carried over next document fields in validation.
1149132 Case 24061127: SQL timeouts on Update batch_accum_fact from Kofax.CEBPM.Reporting.AzureETL.
1149130 Case 24061604: Image processing takes a long period of time to process a HTML file when there is no internet access.