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Kofax Transformation Modules Thin Client 6.3 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) Thin Client 6.3.1 Fix Pack 16 | Release Date:  October 16, 2021

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1685359 – ValidationForm Panel stops loading when changing cell values in DocumentLoad event. Table updates through script in the initial ValidationForm_DocumentLoaded event are now properly supported.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1647759 – Not possible to edit a field that has enabled always CAPITAL letters in Thin Client Validation. It is now possible to edit a field in Thin Client Validation when that field has the Always CAPITAL letters setting selected.

1589552 – Thin Client through error “Could not load type ‘Kofax.KSMS.Global.FilterItem’ from assembly ‘Kofax.KSMS.Global”. Some dependent KSMS interface DLLs were added so that the Thin Client now works as expected when using the Kofax Search and Matching Server.
1583267 – Validation rule is not executed in Thin Client at batch close. All field changes are now detected so that batches cannot be closed without validating any field changes.
1554351 – Thin client: PDF Thumbnail loading crashes sometimes W3Wp.exe process. An error no longer occurs when loading thumbnails from PDF because of improvements to the memory handling for image loading.
1543492 – ThinClient – scrolling resetting lassoed value. When a user scrolls the mouse wheel, the existing values of the table cells are no longer lost.
1524104 – Cannot Copy and Paste Page1 to the same document. If you copy a page, you can now paste it to the same document as long as you select the document before pasting. Whichever page is copied cannot be pasted onto itself or the next page at page-level. As a workaround for this limitation in copying pages onto themselves, paste the page by selecting the document and then move the page to the desired positon.
1452045 – Thin Client steps back to the first document that still has invalid fields left after another document has been validated and not to the next document as thick client does. After validating a document, Thin Client Validation now navigates to the next invalid document in a batch, as expected.
1407953 – Images cannot be loaded into Thin Client Server Validation when the documents are based on PDF import. There are no longer issues when loading images in Thin Client Validation when the documents are based on PDF import.
1373529 – Thin Client Server – Use of HandleImagesBitonal in web.config blocks second login. Executing images in a bitonal format is now successfully performed on the Thin Client Server.
1356368, 1346960 – Thin Client Validation Form Remembers Last Rubber Banded Values. Repetitive changes to fields configured for autocomplete are now successfully saved to the document.
1353062, 1338529 – If a document is reclassified by script in Thin Client Validation then scripted label changes are not set although ValidationForm_DocumentLoaded is thrown. It is now possible to reclassify a document via script without encountering an error.
1351248 – Disable Supported Browser Check in Thin Client. Google Chrome has been removed from the unsupported browser check.
1351306 , 1338595 – Thin client validation does not respond anymore if folders and tables are used and jumped back to previous doccment. When using a folders and tables the thin-client is no longer showing “loading” when navigating to a previous document.
1318024 – Cannot merge folders in Thin Client Validation. Key cannot be null. Parameter name: Key. Please suspend and reload the batch. It is now possible to successfuly merge folders in Thin Client Validation.
1324668 – Per column search for relational databases is not working correctly in thin-client. The per column search option is now working successful for relational databases in Thin Client Validation