Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Kofax TotalAgility™ (KTA)

When your existing business systems can talk to each other and process information quickly and correctly on your behalf, you get Intelligent Automation. Kofax TotalAgility is a full-featured business process management software that connects disparate systems.

The key to greater customer journey, and employee retention


It’s not a complicated new system to learn, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune to implement. KTA plugs into your existing network and can be rolled out in weeks instead of months. KTA can also provide unique customer-facing functionality that CRM, ERP’s and ECM’s can’t provide. Through its advanced process orchestration, Kofax TotalAgility can:


  • Increase responsiveness to customers enquiries and case management
  • Improve service levels during loan and claim applications
  • Manage customer onboarding, patient admitting, and new account processing
  • Deliver critical information to the right people in your company at the right time
  • Automatically capture data and information from multiple sources and in multiple formats
  • Reduce operating costs and encourage employee retention by relieving staff from tiresome data entry
  • Provide analytics, transparency, and efficiency to complex process lifecycles by integrating important data into your ERP or ECM systems.


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