About Us<

About Us

We are an Australian IT consulting and product development company, established in 2018 with the mission to help businesses accomplish more. We offer businesses digital transformation solutions by partnering with global leaders in Intelligent Automation, Cognitive Capture, & Robotic Process Automation and by collaborating with our clients to tailor custom solutions that best suit their unique business needs. We offer in-person and online training at our Kofax training centres located in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

Company history, highlights & milestones

  • 2018 MAY milestone Established
  • 2018 May milestone Kofax Service Provider
  • 2018 JULY milestone AWS Activate Program
  • 2019 FEB milestone Partnered with ACA Pacific
  • 2019 MAR milestone Incorporated
  • 2019 AUG milestone Partnered with Kofax
  • 2020 APR milestone Partnered with Tipalti
  • 2020 MAY milestone Partnered with Storecove
  • 2020 JUN milestone Partnered with Medius
  • 2020 OCT milestone Local Business Award - Professional Services

The ACMO team specialise in Accounts Payable Automation (for Australia and New Zealand), Accounts Receivable Automation, Mailroom Automation, Financial Documents Processing, Electronic Signatures, and Bespoke Workflow Automation. Our experienced technical consultants advises the best software platforms and solutions to deliver real results for your business, and drive digital transformation through business process automation. Our team will provide comprehensive onboarding and training to your staff so that automation becomes automatic. We offer in-person and online training at our Kofax training centres located in Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.


Medius Partner

Medius Partner in Australia, offering a true cloud based Accounts Payable solution (Mediusflow) with unparalleled levels of invoice processing automation.

Storecove Partner

Partnered with Storecove (first access point in the world to be certified by governments in all Peppol territories), providing ability to receive e-invoices.

Tipalti Partner

Tipalti Partner, offering cost-effective cloud-based accounts payable automation solution with inbuilt supplier portal capabilities.

ACA Pacific

Partnered with ACA Pacific, to offer value-added supply of specialist information technology hardware and software solutions to the Australian and Asian markets.

Kofax Consultant

Kofax Certified Capture Consultant (KC3) - the highest technical certification available from Kofax, which require experience and certification on multiple Kofax product offerings.

Kofax Service provider program

Kofax Service Provider, assisting Kofax in the Asia-Pacific region to deliver solutions that help businesses accomplish more.

Kofax Partner

Kofax Partner in Australia, offering solutions using Kofax Intelligent Automation platform to enable organisations Work Like TomorrowTM - today.

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