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ACMO offers innovative, tailored solutions to help your business accomplish more.
ACMO is a Kofax Partner and one of the leading Service Providers in Australia and New Zealand, helping businesses with Product Consulting and Support Services. Kofax is the leading provider of Intelligent Automation software that digitally transforms businesses and helps organisations Work Like Tomorrow - Today™

What if you could work like tomorrow, today?

We believe that true digital transformation is about working smarter across your organisation, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about employees working more efficiently while delivering a frictionless customer experience.

Using Kofax solutions you can
Automate at Scale
Turn Documents and Data into Savings
Create Accounts Payables Resilience
Digitally Transform your Workflows

Kofax Partner and Service Provider

ACMO is a preferred technology partner, and we are classed as a Service Provider with Certified Kofax Capture Consultants, which is the highest technical certification available from Kofax. This certification means we have the experience you need with the Kofax range of product offerings.

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Kofax TotalAgility™

TotalAgility is an Intelligent Automation Platform that accelerates business processes with document intelligence, task automation, and process orchestration.

Simplify and streamline

It combines mobility, cognitive capture, RPA, process orchestration, and analytics to simplify and streamline building intelligent automation processes.

Easy implementation

Without modifying any record systems, organisations can design, process, develop, and deploy applications on a single platform for a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to market.

Packed with features

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) is a full-featured Business Process Management (BPM) software connecting disparate systems.

Thankfully Kofax TotalAgility is not a complicated new system to learn. KTA plugs into your existing network and can be rolled out in weeks instead of months. KTA can also provide unique customer-facing functionality that CRM, ERP, and ECMs can’t offer. Using advanced process orchestration, Kofax TotalAgility can:

Increase responsiveness to customers enquiries and case management
Manage onboarding Processes
Manage customer onboarding, patient admitting, and new account processing
Deliver critical information to the right people in your company at the right time
service levels
Improve service levels during loan and claim applications
Automatically capture data and information from multiple sources and in multiple formats
operating costs
Reduce your operating costs and encourage employee retention by relieving staff from tiresome data entry
Provide analytics, transparency, and efficiency to complex process lifecycles
with data
Integrating important data into your ERP or ECM systems

Kofax RPA

Maximise your workforce capacity and efficiency using RPA. You can use RPA to automate an entire workflow or just parts of it.

Reduce Manual Errors

RPA will reduce error-prone, manual data entry and document processing for your organisation.

Classifies Data

AI-based cognitive intelligence and built-in machine learning processes and classifies unstructured document data using natural language processing to automate complex document processing.


WITH NO CODING, Kofax RPA technology lets you automate labour-intensive, multi-step tasks across systems and data sources.

Kofax SignDoc®

SignDoc digitally transforms workflows with trustworthy, secure, and convenient electronic signatures. The ideal solution for your e-signature needs, Kofax SignDoc gives customers the communication channels of their choice to e-sign on any device they use, anytime, anywhere.

Automated Workflows

Spend less time and money getting contacts completed with an automated approvals workflow.

Gain insights

Switching from wet-ink signatures to e-Signatures will give you more insights into your contract reporting and monitoring.

Paperless Process

SignDoc decreases the manual processes and paper & shipping-related costs and gives you the modern signing & agreement workflow you want.

Risk free Processess with SignDoc

SignDoc also mitigates fraud risk with multi-factor authentication, digital certificates, and signature biometrics, ensuring compliance with legal requirements like US ESIGN Act and EU eIDAS regulations with a traceable, end-to-end audit trail.

Kofax Insight™

Harness the power of your data with a business intelligence platform.
Capture business intelligence analytics to understand how expected and unexpected process executions impact metrics like customer satisfaction, document capture costs, and profitability. Kofax Insight combines process monitoring and analysis with rich visualizations, analytics, and data integration in a single solution for end-to-end visibility of your operational performance and compliance.

Kofax Insight delivers advanced enterprise analytics software to monitor, analyse and optimise your operational business processes.

Unmatched process awareness and analysis

Compare, group, and focus analysis on how your organisation executes business processes. Understand the behaviour that drives how customers and users engage with your processes and how those execution patterns impact your bottom line.

Performance analysis anytime, anywhere for anyone

Anyone in your organisation can quickly analyse and optimise business operations. There's no need to wait for IT to build a data warehouse, data mart, or proprietary data model with our single-platform approach.

Anytime access to information
When combined with Kofax RPA™ capabilities, data from websites and web portals can easily be added to extend analytics.
without limits
Exclusive Map Aggregate technology combines the speed of in-memory processing with the scalability of a distributed in-memory model.
A single business process intelligence software platform means organisations are up and running in two to four weeks.
Gain the insight necessary to mitigate processing issues and achieve new levels of efficiency and compliance by linking data and metrics to steps in business processes.
data discovery
Enables rich dashboard development and customisation using a programming-free, browser-based, point-and-click interface without the intervention of IT or third-party tools.
A single integrated solution that doesn't require third-party technologies for data integration, computation, statistical analysis, and process discovery.

Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility®

Give yourself a complete view of your business processes. Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility provides organisations using Kofax TotalAgility with the ability to analyse the effectiveness of their business processes. Leverage Kofax Process Intelligence™ to extend the initial analytics investment with additional data sources and custom metrics.

Create new reports and dashboards

Organisations can also create new analysis records, metrics, dashboards, and reports from the underlying Kofax TotalAgility data sources.

Full range of access

Businesses have access to a full range of process intelligence and analytics for their Kofax TotalAgility project data.

Actionable Analytics

You can now make changes and improve processes with actionable analytics, driven by analytics results.

Kofax Analytics for TotalAgility gives you a unified view of your entire operation while also delivering the ability to quickly drill into the details of individual tasks managed by the Kofax TotalAgility environment.


Kofax AP Essentials™, formerly
ReadSoft Online™

Cloud-based invoice processing automation software automatically captures, understands, validates, and approves invoices from any source. Lower your costs and reduce invoice processing time. A proper multi-tenant SaaS solution, this vendor invoice management solution is monitored around the clock by a dedicated cloud operations team to ensure optimal performance and effortless handling of significant changes in document volumes.

Save time with
cognitive capture
Enjoy the labour-reducing benefits of improved extraction rates. Adaptive, artificial intelligence-based capabilities improve document processing speed and extraction precision.
Automate with
broad ERP integration
Choose from three AP Essentials editions to accommodate unique vendor requirements. All editions integrate with ERP and pay-to-procure market leaders.
Experience low TCO and fast ROI
Achieve ROI quickly and painlessly with simple implementation, comprehensive 24/7 cloud-based support, and constant performance monitoring.
Streamline invoice processing
Native workflows ensure proper routing of invoices, enforced approval policies, and greater transparency into how processes are executed.
data accuracy
Invoice and purchase order data is extracted using market-leading cognitive capture technology, resulting in more accurate financial data and reduced risk of errors.
Pre-built dashboards provide insight into invoice status and exceptions and "zero-touch" processing and supply continuous feedback to further optimise the invoice process.
Improved supplier relationships
Faster, rules-driven invoice processing reduces late-payment penalties while securing early payment discounts and improving supplier relationships.
IT requirements
Set-up requires no hardware or software investment or time-consuming maintenance, upgrades, or updates.

Kofax AP Agility®

Kofax AP Agility is a full suite Accounts Payable automation solution

Data Capture Capabilities

Giving you market-leading data capture capabilities and going far beyond basic OCR to capture a range of financial documents from any source,  including several XML formats.

Pre built Integrations

Includes out-of-the-box approval workflows based on best practices and pre-built ERP AP integrations.

Strenghthen Controls

Accelerate your digital workflow transformation journey, reduce costs, speed processes, improve quality, and strengthen internal controls with AP Agility.

Multichannel financial document processing
Process financial documents received from any delivery channel, including those submitted electronically.
Realises a
fast ROI
Increase the flexibility of financial operations by radically simplifying the information-intensive interactions that typify AP processes.
Free up AP staff from errors and manual work
Automating accounts payable enables employees to focus less on manual processing and more on higher-level strategic work.
Realise more straight-through processing with AI
Use AI to automate the recognition, identification, and extraction of text and financial data from more channels and content types than any other automation solution.
Deploy as
you like
The solution is deployable on-premise, in your private cloud, or the Microsoft Azure public cloud.
Choose the public cloud for instant scalability, reduced costs, less IT dependency, and faster time-to-ROI.
AP Workflows
Use AI to build resilient and dynamic workflows to manage exceptions, approvals, and other points of collaboration within the accounts payable process.
ERP Agnostic
Simplify your set-up work with pre-built integrations to a variety of ERPs along with frameworks for fast and easy integration to any platform.

Kofax Capture™

Level up the way you capture, process, and leverage information. Integrate content directly into your critical business workflows and systems from any location. Kofax Capture delivers best-in-class, pre-built intelligent document processing capabilities, making AI accessible to your organisation to fully automate content-centric workflows. Capture ingests, classifies, and extracts data and turns it into actionable insights for further processing.

Automate, accelerate and scale

Speed workflows with market-leading document processing. With embedded AI in Kofax Transformation™, you get powerful cognitive services that act upon data across any channel or device.

Gain control of your content

Integrate virtually with all capture channels like MFDs, network scanners, and mobile. Get production-level scanning and indexing from structured and unstructured documents containing any form of information.

Optimize your operations

Automate content capture and distribution by placing content at your workers’ fingertips, creating efficiencies that result in a higher and faster ROI. Integrated analytics lets you monitor the efficiency of operations, increase productivity and serve customers better.

Integrates with
any System
Includes more than 140 connectors to various line-of-business applications, ECM, ERP, BPM, and workflow solutions.
Flexible API
A flexible scripting capability allows you to customise the solution, including export destinations and rules for data release.
Process Ready
Kofax VRS® technology intelligently cleans, rotates, crops, and straightens documents before data is extracted.
Customisable without Scripting
Tailor the solution with automated document separation, postal mail scanning, and forms extraction modules.
With Kofax Transformation®, the software can be trained to understand unique document types for classification, separation, and extraction.
Enterprise Edition
Extend capture throughout the enterprise with Terminal Services and Citrix® server technology.
To leverage enterprise-class database management systems.
Supports over 300 models of multifunction printers, including top MFD vendors like Canon, HP, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and Xerox.

Kofax Transformation™

Automate document processing to reduce costs, increase productivity and push document processing to its optimal state. Kofax Transformation accelerates business processes by replacing manual document classification, separation, and extraction with touchless processing, speeding you along on your digital workflow transformation journey.

Intelligent Process Automation image
Classify large volumes of documents

Automate the understanding of any document type and the data on those documents for later processing or storage. Realise efficiencies in document capture processes and avoid costly integrations utilizing the Kofax Capture™ and Kofax Transformation system. Actively learns new document types as they're received and recognises documents of the same type in the future.

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity and accelerate business processes by removing the need for manual document classification, separation, and extraction. Process more transactions quickly and efficiently and improve the flow of information throughout your organisation.

Engages customers

Enhance customer engagement by providing instant data display from captured documents on any device. Enables self-service, resulting in shorter turnaround times and faster customer onboarding and servicing.

Improves data quality, lowers costs

Data validation capabilities seamlessly handle any document type and ensure extracted information is correct before business systems use it. The result is fewer customer queries and more accurate and timely decision-making. Unique learning capabilities "teach" the system characteristics of documents, processing them automatically, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Powerful reporting and auditing

Monitor system performance, gather detailed information regarding classification and recognition rates, and view stats per user, field, document type, and average over user-selectable periods. Data extraction and validation capabilities ensure data accuracy and visibility with a complete audit trail. Providing confidence that processes will adhere to business policies and regulatory requirements.

Support & Maintenance

Annual Maintenance
and Support

ACMO provides ongoing support for your Kofax products with our annual application support program.

Kofax has a software lifecycle policy across all its products, with a scheduled plan for new software versions and service & maintenance packages.
The ACMO support team can also request new features that may be important for your business and report any issues you may be facing in your Kofax Solution.
We offer unlimited access to customer support with a 24/7 service portal. We are happy to answer any questions and requests you may have, and offer our expert help to you whenever it’s needed.

Want information about new Kofax updates?
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Are you experiencing issues with your Kofax Implementation?

ACMO Support Team will engage in documented escalation protocols and alert management so that additional resources can be introduced to provide a timely resolution.

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If your existing Kofax solutions are underperforming, ACMO can provide a system health check and find out why.

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