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Say goodbye to complicated solutions, paper processes, and slow approvals Say hello to proactive spend management


ACMO offers innovative, tailored solutions to help your business accomplish more.
ACMO is a technology partner with Procurify for the Asia-Pacific ANZ region. Procurify is a leading provider of Procurement Automation software that digitally transforms businesses, and helps organisations simplify purchasing and control company spend.

Proactive Spend

What if you could unlock centralised purchasing management, custom approvals, budget controls, and real-time insights with an intuitive and user-friendly solution? We believe that true digital transformation is about working smarter across your organisation, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. Say goodbye to complicated solutions, paper processes, and slow approvals. Say hello to proactive spend management.

procurify spend management

Customisable approvals

Build and deploy customised approval flows with our intuitive interface and gain complete visibility into actual spending, not just forecasted spend. Significantly reduce approval time, prevent purchasing bottlenecks, and trust that funds are efficiently managed.

  • Set approvals by dollar thresholds, users, departments, locations, account codes, and even custom fields.
  • Improve turnaround times with push notifications to mobile, email, and Slack.
  • View real-time impacts on your budgets.
customisable approvals

Real-time customisable

Information is power. See how much of your budget you’ve already spent and know exactly what’s left before approving the next request.

  • Create custom budgets by locations, departments, projects, and more.
  • Track spending across multiple account codes and departments with flexible spend tracking.
  • See how purchases impact a specific budget before approving.
  • Review real-time graphs that show actual over-committed spending.
  • View a breakdown of budgets by commitment stage.
real time customisable budgets

Purchasing Workflows

Track and analyse every stage of your purchasing journey. Easily request purchases, notify approvers, build purchase orders, receive items, and reconcile payments within the Procurify Platform.

  • Automatically generate purchase orders with custom branding and fields.
  • Quickly search records for greater context and clarity.
  • Designate purchasing permissions to manage workflows by location and department.
  • Consolidate orders for specific vendors and adjust as needed.
  • Conduct three-way matches and confidently pay your invoices.
purchasing workflows

Vendor/Catalogue Insights

Work smarter with your vendors. Conduct vendor performance analysis and manage preferred items in a catalogue for easier purchasing.

  • Manage vendor information and track fulfillment KPIs.
  • Add and import items and details from catalogues including images.
  • Bundle items together and tag specific departments for efficient purchasing.
  • Measure vendors against metrics that matter, such as speed, quality, accuracy, and price.
catalogue insights

Mobile App

Working on the go? Speed up purchasing requests and approvals with our user-friendly, full-function Procurify Mobile App for iOS and Android. Procurify’s mobile app means things keep moving along, even when you’re away from your desk. Reduce approval times, respond to questions, organise expenses, and much more.

  • Request, approve or receive requests in seconds on your mobile device.
  • Snap and attach photos of packing slips and receipts at point of sale.
  • Directly receive notifications from purchases that need attention.
  • Access mobile spend insights and analytics in seconds.
mobile app


Spend management is a conversation, not just an accounting process. The Procurify Platform makes it easy to track and manage conversations, giving you maximum context and accountability.

  • Set up notifications for approvals, order status updates, and more.
  • Use in-platform comments to increase transparency and context around each request.
  • Loop in stakeholders, get clarification, ask questions, and keep that paper trail for future reference.
  • Directly communicate about orders via the Procurify Mobile App while on the go.
  • Integrate with Slack to connect your spending with your core communication tools.
in platform communication

Flexible user permissions

We’re designed for everyone on your team to use. Administrators set user permissions and grant access to the Procurify Platform to retain control and reduce risk.

  • Set granular access to specific modules and data categories.
  • Secure sensitive data and reduce your risk of data breaches.
  • Design unique user roles with permissions that fit organisational needs.
  • Quickly review enabled permissions of each role and user.
  • Set up secure access to payment controls.
flexible user management

Recurring spend

Stop wasting money and keep track of your recurring monthly charges. Set up recurring spend to proactively track and pay for things like monthly software subscriptions.

  • Track, manage, and analyse your recurring spend.
  • View all recurring spend items in one place.
  • Quickly submit recurring spend with customised request-to-approve workflows.
  • See the impact that recurring spend has on your budgets in real-time.
recurring spend management

Audit logs, analytics and reporting

Understand how money flows out of your organisation in real-time so you can make smarter purchasing decisions and always be prepared for an audit. Capture conversation, store supporting documents, view spending trends, and easily review insights.

  • Access spend analytics by user, departments, projects, or vendors.
  • View up-to-the-minute budget performance by department, location, project, and account code.
  • Easily export reliable, timestamped digital records to internal and external auditors.
  • View the full history of all transactions including requests, approvals, comments, and supporting documents.
audit logs, analytics and reporting

Accounting and ERP integrations

Spend management doesn’t end when the purchase is made, and neither does Procurify. Our custom integrations, with software including QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, allow for seamless data transfer and automated workflows so you can close the loop.

  • Quickly connect the Procurify Platform with QuickBooks Online and NetSuite.
  • Request our API and set up custom integrations.
  • Import and export CSV or Excel files.
  • Sync account codes, vendors, and more for seamless data transfer.
accounting and erp integrations