Accounts Receivable Automation

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Keeping track of every conversation and contacting all your customers about payments takes a lot of time. Balancing cash flow can be difficult when companies aren't paying on time. We can help with that. Accomplish more with the
AR automation software of your dreams.

How does Accounts Receivable Automation help finance teams?

Simplify the collections process with comprehensive automation tools

Imagine an AR solution that is not only effective, intelligent, and user-friendly but delivers best-in-class collections practices to serve your customer at the highest level possible, all while driving bottom-line results. This is Smart AR for your smart AR team.

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Key Benefits of AR Automation

Get Paid Faster

Increase revenue by accelerating collections by 34% using automated and customisable communications to scale effortlessly as your business grows.

Get paid faster

Delight customers

Delight customers - Deepen your customer connections and make life easier for customers with consistent, personalised communications and self-service capabilities that improve payment speed and satisfaction.

Delight Customers

Complete visibility

Complete visibility - Predictive analytics help you identify at-risk customers. With all your data in one place, you have full visibility across your AR portfolio, and your team can work productively, no matter where they are based. Visualise and accurately predict cash flow to plan for the future intelligently.

Complete Visibility

Improved Control

Improved control - with a centralised collection and communications history, you can see all customers' interactions and easily monitor and follow up on outstanding receivables to stay in control. Reduce your DSO with 94% payor behaviour forecasting to avoid payment problems.

Improved Control



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How does accounts receivable automation provide positive ROI?

Traditionally, accounts receivable processes are shockingly manual. You can reach an early point of diminishing returns, where it's not worth the time and effort to chase after those unpaid invoices manually. Automating your accounts receivable is about streamlining the follow-up process to overcome those diminishing returns.

How is AR automation integrated with our ERP and CRM?

The best integrations should function as a two-way sync of information between your accounting system and the software that updates automatically. With a full two-way integration, you’ll be able to integrate all the data and systems that need to communicate with AR, such as work orders in your ERP, up-to-date contact info in your CRM, communications in your email application and Slack, and invoices in your accounting system.

What is accounts receivable?

AR is primarily concerned with invoice management. Invoices act as a line of credit to your customer, indicating how much is owed and when it’s due. It’s essential to have a solid AR process to keep a steady cash flow and ensure that your business is paid promptly for its services.

How does automation help AR?

At its simplest, AR automation will help streamline sending invoices, following up with customers, receiving and recording payments, and updating accounts. What also happens in the background due to the automation is better customer service, new analytical data, the scope for scalability, and faster payment times.

How does AR Automation improve customer service?

Connect to customers with timely and error-free account communications that look and sound like your business. Keep track of customer conversations and know when to come out of auto-pilot and pick up the phone. You can rate customers and set up different treatment paths depending on their history with you to reward their efforts and automatically send a thank you email when customers pay. A secure customer portal makes it easy for your customers to access and pay their invoices in the way they want, at any time and from anywhere. These little touches give the personalisation that people crave and humanise automation.

What kind of data analytics can I expect?

Keep a close eye on at-risk receivables with accurate payor behaviour forecasting. With all your data in one place, you have complete visibility across your AR portfolio. Dashboard information includes real-time DSO, dynamic, current AR aging, payment prediction, payors trends, and automated collection activity. The advanced Business Intelligence (BI) module makes it easy for finance teams to create powerful custom reports to drive better business decisions.