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Procure-to-Pay automation creates a fast and simple way to request and approve business spend. With real-time visibility of budgets against actual spend, your business can make smarter purchasing decisions and say goodbye to slow and complicated approvals processes.

How does Procurement Automation help organisations manage spend?

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Reduce cost

Procure-to-Pay (P2P) automation helps organisations by increasing spend controls and by preventing unnecessary spending.

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Saves time

P2P automation saves time by eliminating the complicated and manual approvals by using a centralised and remote-friendly workflow.

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Gain visibility

Organisations gain visibility over their budget spend with real-time insights to make informed approval decisions.


Key Benefits of P2P Automation

Multi-level Approvals

Increase spend controls and prevent rogue spending with end-to-end expense workflows with multi-level approvals with custom dollar amount thresholds for users, departments, locations, account codes, and even custom fields

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Save time

Save time through a centralised purchasing workflow and eliminate manual and complicated processes.

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Real time impacts

Gain visibility over spend and view the real-time impacts to your budgets

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User- friendly

Experience a simple, connected, user-friendly and intuitive interface that even non-techies love.

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Simplify and scale your purchasing process today.
Control and manage your organisation-wide spending without slowing your team down.

Custom approvals
multi-level approvals with thresholds for users, departments, locations, account codes and even custom fields.
Recurring spend management
track, manage, approve, and anlyse spending against budget in real-time.
In-platform communications
raise queries on you orders, increase transparency, and maintain complete trail for future reference.
Expense management
upload statements & receipts and tag expenses to specific projects.
Audit logs, analytics, and reporting
be proactive with audits by keeping a track of conversations, storing supporting documents and exporting all digital records.
Real-time budget tracking
review budget usage before approving the next request with detailed breakdown of spending.
Vendor and catalogue management
manage vendor and catalogue information, bundle items together, and analyse vendor performance.
Flexible user
design unique user roles and permissions that fit your organisational needs.
Accounting and ERP integrations
sync account codes, vendors, and more for seamless transfer of data to and from your ERP.
Purchasing workflows
request purchases, notify approvers, generate purchase orders, receive items and reconcile payments.



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What is Procure to Pay Automation?

Procure-to-Pay or P2P automation, is the use of process automation technology to streamline tasks, work, processes, and payment as part of the full procurement management process. It’s designed to add efficiency to the processes of vendor evaluation, selection, and payment with the help of technology. Speeding up processing, saving time, and improving your monitoring capabilities with real time data and document management.

What are the benefits of using a P2P solution?

Procurement automation is about automating your procurement processes to maximize efficiency and reduce the time it takes. It speeds up the procurement by freeing up employees from repetitive and time-intensive tasks to keep costs down. Procure-to-Pay automation software lets you focus on business-critical activities like decision-making and strategizing.

Which areas will Procurement automation improve?

Procurement automation will improve the areas of purchase requisitions, purchase orders, invoice management, vendor management, and contract approvals. It will help you execute all procurement processes and streamline the procure-to-pay cycle with optimal process efficiency, while reducing costs and mitigating purchasing risks. It also helps you study the organisation’s spend habits to better budget allocation.

What is an approval workflow?

Approval workflows involve automatic routing, tracking, automatic notifications & storage, and information sharing. With approval workflow software, you can automatically route work following the approval steps you define. You can also route information to a team, a department, or employee. This streamlined process is great for consistency, ease of use, reducing friction, and waiting times.

Why should you automate your procurement process?

Increases productivity, eliminates manual errors, provides visibility into your company spend, acts as a central repository to communicate to your single source of truth, improves collaboration between internal and external teams, and removes approval bottlenecks.