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Automate the entire source-to-pay process with the Medius AP suite

ACMO offers innovative, tailored solutions to help your business accomplish more.
ACMO is a technology partner with Medius for the Asia-Pacific ANZ region. Medius is a leading provider of Accounts Payable Automation software that digitally transforms businesses and helps organisations digitise AP processes.

Streamline your Accounts Payable

What if you had an AP Automation platform that met all your needs and automated the entire source-to-pay process? 
We believe that true digital transformation is about working smarter across your organisation, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. Use Medius to streamline your accounts payable and boost your cash flow visibility.

Medius / AP

Top 3 reasons to choose Medius

Speed to value and rapid implementation

Medius has some of the best implementation times in the industry. Once deployed, you'll see an immediate ROI. You'll see your staff happier and more productive. You'll notice game-changing process efficiencies and literally see the difference in your monthly reporting.

This is all possible because:

  • Medius can integrate your ERP and supporting systems rapidly
  • Tried and tested implementation methodology, based on 20 years’ experience
  • Huge resources in our success portal to guarantee rapid adoption
  • Automated workflows that promote best practice immediately

Big innovators (especially when it comes to AI)

Tomorrow's technology is always top of mind at Medius. We've got a dedicated research and development team whose sole responsibility is to evaluate, test, and develop experimental technologies, that you'll be using sooner rather than later. Over the past five years, a massive focus has been on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The result is a truly innovative technology in our spend management solutions, designed to help you do your job that little bit easier.

For instance, Medius AP Automation features predictive coding, an AI-driven process that learns and accurately predicts outcomes based on your behaviour. Our technology gets smarter as it works with you more.

This dedication to the latest technology and our pioneering research and development process helps Medius stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative spend management solutions.

Cloud-based integration with ERP and third-party software

Medius Connect is our cloud-based solution that brings our technology stack together with yours. It's secure and links any ERP or third-party system with any Medius solution. It works by using a library of pre-configured integrations we can deploy quickly.

All your data will be centralised, and unlike other best-of-breed spend management providers, you can always have confidence that you're paying for market-leading technology that actually does what it says it will do.


Transform AP processes with Medius AP Automation

With Medius Accounts Payable Automation, turn manual, paper-based invoices into digital workflows. Manage and pay invoices on time, reduce the risk of fraud and payment errors, improve compliance, and optimise your working capital.

Work smarter, not harder with Medius Analytics

Compare, group, and focus analysis on how your organisation executes business processes. Understand the behaviour that drives how customers and users engage with your processes and how those execution patterns impact your bottom line.

Get rid of paper invoices

By using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, optical capture, and other technologies, Medius Accounts Payable Automation solution will electronically capture, digitise, and process invoices – regardless of their format.

Improve operations

Stop inefficient, manual invoice processes that increase the risk of fraud and payment errors, limit data insights and analytics, and prevent teams from getting work done. Discover the difference that top accounts payable automation software could make to your team.

An integrated procure-to-pay process

There's a reason why accounts payable workflow automation is soaring in popularity. From supplier details to payments, all invoice data are synchronised from your ERP or accounting system to the Medius AP automation platform, ensuring accurate information across the procure-to-pay lifecycle.

AP has a high risk for excessive cost and fraud. Take control.

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45% of invoices have exceptions requiring manual intervention
Not available
57% of finance professionals say the invoice and payment process takes too long
Not available
Less than half of organisations can measure key AP metrics
Not available
Manual processes cannot be managed in a work-from-home environment
Not available
Business payment fraud attacks impact nearly four out of 10 businesses
Not available
Human error and inaccuracy can lead to financial losses and problems
Not available
The cost to manually process invoices continues to rise as staff spend an increasing amount of time responding to inquiries
Increased efficiency because everything is automatically processed
Invoice exceptions can be dramatically reduced saving time and money
Identify and mitigate fraud risks and protect your financial health
Analyse spend data to determine where you can optimise working capital
Access to some of the industry's best accounts payable management software
Source: Ardent Partners: The State of ePayables Report 2021

Features of Medius AP Automation

AR Automation helping Finance team
Three-way matching

Automatic three-way matching allows your business to resolve discrepancies in invoices, POs, and receivables. You can safeguard your assets, avoid fraudulent invoices, and ensure you pay the correct amounts.

Intelligent invoice and touchless data capture

Our state-of-the-art data capture solution is native to Medius AP Automation and expertly pinpoints and extracts invoice data automatically. Our innovative 'touchless capture' technology is powered by clever AI that removes the guesswork. Original invoices are automatically archived in Medius' automated AP software to audit whenever you need them.

Use spend data to make better business decisions

Utilising account payable solutions will allow you to broaden your insight into your business spending. Predefined reports, dashboards, and KPIs give you a complete view of how money is spent and help you better manage cash flow. The study captured and missed discounts, working capital, and more so you can tune operational performance.

Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Infor, and more

Integrate Medius Accounts Payable Automation Tools with your organisation's ERP or accounting system and connect solutions across the procure-to-pay lifecycle. Out-of-the-box integration makes it easy for your IT team to onboard AP Workflow Automation, managing the systems and processes with a predictable timescale and resources set.

Streamline the supplier payment process

Integrate Medius AP Automation with Medius Pay for a simple, secure, and streamlined vendor payment process that allows you to pay all your domestic and international suppliers via a single channel.

Integrate Medius AP Automation with your back-office

Rapidly bring together your back-office and third-party systems using Medius Connect. Use out of the box connectors for major ERP systems means a rapid and predictable implementation.

Natively embedded capture means a single user interface to manage all invoices from initial input to final approval.

Seamless integration with our modular solutions and Medius Procurement ensures employees order the correct goods and services upfront and that invoices can be automatically matched without issue.


Medius Go for small and mid-sized companies

MediusGo is a cloud-based accounts payable automation solution designed specifically for growing businesses. MediusGo is a solid, secure, and innovative application that digitises and automates your supplier invoices from capture through payment. Together with a highly intelligent and self-learning AI engine as well as a solution for paying supplier invoices, your company can:

Easy to get started

MediusGo is cloud-based and easy to get started, deployable remotely and works with most ERPs.

Simple & Elegant

The user interface is intuitive with many smart features to free your AP team from manual tasks.

Fixed monthly fee

Available for a fixed monthly fee. There are no hidden costs or surprises.

MEDIUS GO expense

The New Generation Expense Management

MediusGo Expense is a new generation of Expense Management that manages all your receipts and travel expenses. MediusGo Expense integrates with business cards, electronic logbooks, and accounting and payroll systems. Go from paper-based to digital and avoid the time-consuming and tedious handling of paper receipts.

Medius Go Expense Image