Enterprise Process Automation

Rapid no/ low code intelligent document processing (IDP) solution

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ACMO offers innovative, tailored solutions to help your business accomplish more.
ACMO is a technology partner with TCG Process for the Asia-Pacific ANZ region. TCG is a leading provider of Intelligent Automation software that digitally transforms businesses, and gives organisations the right tools to achieve straight-through processing rates.

Intelligent document processing (IDP)

What if you could reach your enterprise process automation goals? We believe that true digital transformation is about working smarter across your organisation, from the front office to the back office, to grow revenues and profits. It’s about extending the traditional benefits of intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions through improved decision making, process control and flexibility, all within a rapid no/ low code development environment.

TCG Process DocProStar's unique combination of IDP and process automation means all verified information required to initiate an internal transaction or an external process is immediately available. Workflows and transactions are automatically triggered based on an organisation's business rules. Accurate straight-through processing is made possible without the complexity of additional workflow systems.

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Turn data into verified
Business information

DocProStar ensures that only high-quality data enters your processes, enabling you to execute high-performance automation with minimal effort. DocProStar both validates and verifies inbound content, but what is the difference? Validating data reduces capture errors, reduces the risk of downstream process problems and verifying data adds business or process context to the content, enabling complete end-to-end automation without a line of code.

  • Document-level validation ensures extracted and aggregated information is accurate and valid in the context of the specific topic.
  • Verifying data against business rule engines means information is in line with all business process requirements.
  • The combination of both validation and verification creates robust process automation, capable of highly efficient processing and the intelligence to identify issues that may require expert review.
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Expertly Automate
Case file management

Understanding and validating complex case files improves efficiency and minimises risk. DocProStar identifies and understands all components of a multi-document dossier but can also cross-validate the data to improve accuracy and identify inconsistencies. Efficiently and accurately manage complex, multi-document application processing, like account opening or lending transactions, without requiring a line of code.

  • Document set checking confirms all required elements are included in the dossier, in the right order, correcting that order as necessary.
  • Document merging automates requests for missing or invalid content and merges the additional documents once received.
  • Data consistency checking reduces risk by ensuring data is consistent and valid across all documents in a dossier.
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Empower and engages
users efficiently

Efficiency does not always mean fully automated; your processes are complex and sometimes need a human in the loop to assist and guide the outcome. Involving users at the right time and empowering users with the correct information is key to success.

DocProStar's browser-based user interface dynamically adapts to present the correct information most efficiently and securely, enabling all process participants to quickly make corrections and initiate further actions, maximising processing results.

  • Efficient and ergonomic user experience (UX) to support high speed data verification and decision making.
  • Flexible UX allows content and data to be presented securely according to specific user roles.
  • Data integration enables users to validate captured data quickly and efficiently against known records.
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Seamlessly integrates into existing environment

Processes run on data, and that data exists across your enterprise. Built for the modern IT landscape, DocProStar is ready to consume and deliver information to and from wherever it is needed.

DocProStar embeds itself within your processes and environment, collecting information from available sources to support efficient and accurate processing. The result is fully verified business information delivery to securely target systems in real-time.

  • Reverse lookup capabilities are the quickest, most effective way to connect inbound documents with known entities like customers and suppliers from your systems of record.
  • DocProStar delivers content and data in almost any format, for integration with any business systems, content management storage solutions, RPA technology and more.
  • Run in “Assistant mode,” DocProStar provides black box document understanding services to other applications.
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Future proof your

With more than 100 inbuilt activities, data extractors and validators, DocProStar is more than capable of handling many processes out of the box. However, organisations sometimes need a bit more flexibility. DocProStar can be easily extended beyond these capabilities. For example, you can incorporate complementary best-of-breed technologies as custom activities and easily plug them into any process.
A best-of-breed approach towards available or emerging technologies and services gives customers complete openness and adaptability to a future-proofed solution.

  • Connect with RPA platforms for legacy system integration and desktop automation.
  • Integrate third-party services or technologies to further extend DocProStar’s inbuilt capabilities.
  • Integrate existing systems quickly and easily within any process flow.
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Maximise Automation

DocProStar extends the benefits of traditional intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions, which typically act as the feed mechanism for downstream processes. Combining base IDP principles with a process automation platform, DocProStar delivers true end-to-end automation.

Gain Human Robot Collabration

For some time, a fundamental principle in manufacturing has been the effective combination of humans and bots (4IR or Industry 4.0). DocProStar has taken a page from 4IR and empowers all process participants (e.g., customer, front or back-office users) by placing the correct information at their fingertips to quickly review, approve or make processing decisions.

Continuos improvement

Before a dossier leaves DocProStar, data is collected for predictive modelling and learning. This data is used by the platform's Learn Bots for continuous fine-tuning of processes to improve automation rates or to deliver process mining data for extended process optimisation.

Connected Processing for optimal results

Powerful integration capabilities allow DocProStar to connect seamlessly with a line of business systems. Two-way integrations enable data to be consumed for validation, verification, and submission once processing is complete.