Mobile Workflows

Approve invoices, upload receipts, review purchases, or simply catch up on comments

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Mobile companion for your workflow

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Roo Mobile App

Hop on your workflow, anywhere!

We believe no workflow is complete without the ability to hop on and action tasks on the go. We developed Roo, the mobile App to be a platform-agnostic app, free from ties to a specific platform.

Roo can run equally well and integrates with any existing intelligent automation workflow platform, including Kofax TotalAgility®. You might say it can bounce around with ease!

Have a work expense that needs submitting? Want to scan an invoice and send it straight to your AP workflow? What about quickly checking in to see if there are any work tasks you can action while on the go?

Roo is the first IOS app that can integrate and function as an extension of your on-premise or cloud-based workflow platform, providing you with the ultimate workflow mobility experience.

perform tasks and go image
Performs tasks
on the go

Integrate Roo to perform tasks such as invoices & documents capturing on the go.

Pay suppliers on time image
Pay suppliers
on time

Paying your suppliers on time, or reimbursing staff quickly.

Integrate with any platform image
Integrate with any

The proprietary integration module allows any customisation and fully aligns with your business and workflow requirements.

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Kofax Mobile Capture

Dramatically transform and simplify the business critical information intensive customer interactions.

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Capture Documents

With Kofax Mobile Client, users can capture documents, photos, business cards, gift cards and data directly on their Apple iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones or tablets, and deliver the information to core business systems, or processes.

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Deliver to Enterprises

Capturing this information at the Point of Origination™ and delivering it to enterprise applications accelerates processes and reduces costs for better customer service.These new capabilities extend the investment in existing capture processes.

Image perfection image
Image Perfection

Leveraging Kofax patented VRS® image perfection technology directly on the device, documents and content are captured completely and file sizes are optimised reducing transfer times and data plan costs.

Procurify Mobile App

Control, track and report your company’s spend, approve orders on the go, create purchase requests with ease, and approve orders with real-time budget insights.

gain visibility and control image
Gain visibility and control

Procurify is a complete Spend Management solution. Gain both visibility and control when it comes to your organisation’s purchases and spending.

custom workflow images
Custom workflows

Enhance your existing accounting systems, quickly set up customisable approval flows, track all spending. Finally, put an end to surprise invoices and painful month-end reconciliation.

user friendly interface image
Userfriendly interface

Our friendly and straightforward interface means Procurify will speed up your team’s processes, not slow them down.

Kofax ReadSoft Mobile

Kofax ReadSoft Mobile allows users of ReadSoft applications to connect with their on-premises, hybrid, and cloud solutions from mobile devices.

mobility and flexibility image
Mobility and Flexibility

Users become enabled to manage accounts payable and other financial processes and make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. For busy executives and approvers, this mobility and flexibility can deliver significant efficiency gains.

access worklist on the go
Access worklists on the go

Users can access worklists and process financial documents and requests such as invoices, purchase requisitions, sales orders, etc. directly from their smartphones using Kofax ReadSoft Mobile.

review processes image
Review processes

Users can review live documents, image data, attachments, and workflow status, as well as approve, reject, or add notes to it - all from a mobile device.


Will the app communicate with an on-premise solution or only cloud?

Depending on which App you choose, some Apps only communicate with their native cloud platform app, while other apps can be configured to doc with your on-premise solution.

How does mobility help my staff?

When employees on the ground need to submit documents, the App is a great way of simultaneously providing a quality capture function and the ability to submit documents straight to your business ERP. It also allows staff to check in and action any pending tasks and comments, especially those time-critical last-minute requests!

How does mobility lead to better customer service?

When field representatives or customers themselves can capture documents and photos that initiate critical business processes from any smartphone or tablet, transactions can be completed faster with fewer costs for better customer service.

Why add mobility to smartphones & tablets when we already have laptops?

A mobile app lets you stay productive wherever you are. Why be tethered to only having approvals at your desk? Combining a smart capture device lets your team get what they need to get done faster, and enhanced communication keeps everyone in the loop with push notifications and in-app communication.

We already get email notifications, how will App mobility make it easier?

Getting email notifications is great, but you can easily lose track of emails and action items. The App will allow you to see a list of all items needing action in one convenient place, and you can action those items within the app. You can also make doubly sure you aren’t missing urgent notifications with the push notifications set up on your smartphone/tablet.