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Kofax SignDoc Enterprise

Sign Anywhere, Anytime, using Any Device with Kofax SignDoc®

The world is going digital, and you need the right tools to be competitive. Secure deals quickly, onboard new employees, sign agreements with partners, manage large op-in campaigns, or finalise transactions with customers on the spot. Kofax SignDoc is flexible and customisable to your changing business needs, and the unique needs of those you deal with. Implement our solution on-premise or in the cloud and integrate it with your business applications, web portal, or desktop client. Add your own branding so that everyone knows it’s truly you they’re dealing with.

Kofax SignDoc will help you increase your success rate of closing new business and cut the time needed to complete contracts and obtain approvals. Our secure and convenient Electronic Signature solution mitigates your risk of external or internal fraud attempts through leveraging multi-factor authentication, permissions, audit trails and signature biometrics. Whether you are working with people on location or remotely, you can be sure that agreements are completed properly.

How is Kofax SignDoc Different?

  • Kofax SignDoc uses a drag and drop editor that enables you to add signature boxes, data fields and check boxes to your existing digital documents
  • Enable secure user provisioning with multiple authentication methods, including SMS codes and knowledge-based questions
  • Choose to trigger the e-Signing process via click-to-sign or with handwritten signatures (the often-preferred choice in face-to-face signing scenarios)
  • Signing by handwritten signature can also include live photos capture of signers, and/or the signer photo IDs can be added to the document
  • Compliance with legal requirements to avoid litigation using a traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions
  • Obtains a clear proof of who signed (signatory), what they signed (content status of a document at time of signing) and when they signed (date and time)
  • Choice of on-premise (behind your enterprise firewall), cloud, or hybrid combination

At ACMO we believe in providing tools that help people accomplish more. We would love to give you a complete run-through of all that Kofax SignDoc will help you accomplish.

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