Solution Health Check<

Solution Health Check

Kofax Intelligent Automation and the Kofax RPA platforms allow rapid solution design and development, while allowing implementation partners deliver their solution in a variety of ways. If the approach taken by the service provider isn’t the best one, and does not apply the Kofax best-practices, the solution performance can deteriorate over time. ACMO Professional Services have been helping customers worldwide in getting their Kofax implementation right, since its inception. Our experience in the process automation and digital transformation industry helps us quickly identify performance bottlenecks by monitoring Key-Performance Indicators (KPI) to recommend quick and cost-effective solutions.

Based on details gathered during the solution health check, our Consultant will deliver a detailed Kofax Health Check report that lists the various issues identified along with recommendations for customer review and feedback. Atypical Kofax Health Check report will include:

Assessment of your Kofax Environment/s

  • Architecture Review
  • System Performance
  • License Audit
  • Upgrade options


Assessment of your Kofax Solution

  • Kofax Best Practices
  • OCR Accuracy and Extraction Rate
  • Straight-through Processing Rate
  • Suspended Jobs
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Windows Events and Log Files


Our Kofax health check report will include details of any easy wins (quick fixes) as well as changes/enhancements to help your business get the most Return-On-Investment (ROI). We also provide walk-through sessions to offer valuable insight into the root-causes identified and solutions recommended.Contact us today for a no-obligation Kofax Health Check.

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