Procure-To-Pay Automation<

Procure-To-Pay Automation

The ACMO Procure-To-Pay (P2P) solution powered by Kofax Cognitive Capture Engine and Intelligent Automation Platform sets the standard for all other procurement software offerings. The ACMO P2P solution can help your business become more agile by allowing you to better control companyspending with flexible management and visibility tools. Our solution can help you to streamline the procurement process by consolidating and managing each phase of your procure-to-pay process.

By its nature, the purchase-to-pay process is a system which involves many different people and departments, and the larger the company, the greater the number of people will be involved. This means not only a time-consuming process, but each step is also a potential source of error due to manual editing of documents. Furthermore, for larger organizations a lack of transparency into the flow of the process is also an issue, leading to workflow-related questions such as: Is the order approved yet? Who has reviewed whether the delivery is complete? Who still needs to approve the invoice before it is paid?

These problems have led many companies to automate single steps (commonly invoice processing – accounts payable automation) or even the entire purchase-to-pay process in order to increase transparency, accelerate the process and save a considerable amount of time and money.


solutions details
solution details Catalogue Based Procurement A simple and elegant shopping experience that helps employees buy goods and services compliant with your procurement guidelines.
solution details Better Visibility Get a better view and more control over purchasing, including complex business services - a smart way to deliver even more savings to the bottom line.
solution details Seamless Integration Easy integration with your ERP improves the speed, usability, and performance of your procure-to-pay process, from requisition to reconciliation.
solution details Insight and Analytics Accelerate your procure-to-pay process by leveraging data-based insight, powerful analytics, intuitive visual representations, and machine learning.

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