Kofax SignDoc 3.0 Latest Version Release Notes

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August 16, 2021
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Kofax SignDoc (KSD) 3.0.0 Fix Pack 3 | Release Date: August 16, 2021

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

Signing Client zooming: In the signing view, the document can be zoomed in and out using the slider widget from the signing header. To fit the document to the screen width on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), a new client.signing.mobile.document.adjustment.enabled configuration option is introduced.

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1668896: When the document is zoomed out the default size check boxes or text fields are no longer lost under the guide me cursor.
1660124: In case an invalid access code is entered the existing authentication token is now added to the refresh token request and no unexpected authentication error occurs anymore.
1651486: When storing the document name containing Japanese characters in the database, these characters are not replaced any more with “?”.
1650340: When a signer was replaced in a signing package the server returned a signer order error after the signing package was updated.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

Configurable reminder email notifications: Body and subject of the SignDoc reminder email notifications sent automatically can be configured using the new configuration settings mail.message.reminder.body and mail.message.reminder.subject.

TSP plugin implementation to define the naming of the external signing method: When multiple signing methods are available for a signature field, the implemented TSP plugin now offers the configuration setting plugin.cfg..tsp.signature.display.name to define what is displayed as signing method in the Manage Client and the Signing Client instead of “TSP signature”.

Configure CSP header: Two new settings are available to define the usage of the Content-Security-Policy header. If cirrus.rest.csp.enable is enabled in the system settings the CSP header is used in the HTTP response. The directives for the CSP header can be defined by a system administrator in cirrus.rest.csp.value.

Configurable HTTP response header: With the configuration settings security.http.response.headers.add and security.http.response.headers.set, a system administrator defines information that can also be passed with the HTTP response and evaluated by customer-specific extensions.

Display of non-Latin characters: The configuration setting client.manage.document.word-pdf.font-directory gives the user the possibility to provide a suitable font for the correct display of non-Latin characters in the PDF reader.

Use TSP signature field overlay if multiple signing options are specified: If a signature field allows for multiple signing methods, the defined TSP overlay image can also be displayed. An account administrator defines the value “TSP” in the new setting client.signing.overlay.display.prefer.

Configure validity of a session authentication token: As system administrator you can specify the time to live for an in-person signing session authentication token (cirrus.rest.authentication.signing.token.ttl.common) and for a remote signing session authentication token (cirrus.rest.authentication.signing.token.ttl.remote) as well as the time to live for a Manage Client authentication token (cirrus.rest.authentication.token.leasetime).

Configurable session expired URL: Recipients can redirect to a specific custom URL. The new configuration setting is client.signing.view.session_expired.url.

Mask interactive fields during signing process: An account administrator can specify whether other recipients can see each other’s entered data during the signing process. Fields of a document that can be filled in by any recipient, so-called Any fields, are not affected by this and can be filled in and read by anyone. There are two new configuration options that control the masking of document fields cirrus.rest.field.masking.automatic and cirrus.rest.field.masking.reviewer.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1644637: For the LDAP user, the last signed in value was not updated in the Manage User overview.
1644635: Log files were not deleted per the rolling size.
1641436: The Wacom STU signature capture failed when the signature field was placed in a corner.
1641371: In a document with more than one page, the filed masks appeared on every page and not only on the page where the field was defined.
1634665: An internal error occurred when the browser was refreshed on the Finish or Goodbye page of the Signing Client. The Application Loader page was displayed unexpectedly. Another refresh took the signer to the Welcome page.
1633782: When using the masking for check boxes, the values were not fully covered.
1610781: The sidebar for the Package wizard in the Manage Client closed unexpectedly. The sidebar was closed when clicking in the sidebar and releasing the mouse outside the sidebar (drag and drop).
1602826: The BankID order reference ID was not included in the audit trail of the final document.
1597252: The layout in portrait and landscape modes for mobile devices did not ensure selection of the “TSP signature” when all signing methods were available.

1633287: PDF documents that contained scanned data on the first page (such as a photograph) exceeded the allowed limit for thumbnail images.
1631874: The place holder for the access code was not replaced in the SMS for French.
1629244: The message “Resource not yet available” is replaced with “Duplicate field name:”, adding the value of the field name.
1626287: In-person signing on an iOS device was not possible when the browser pop-up blocker was enabled.
1624035: The cover page of the final document did not contain direct links to the signed documents and audit trails.
1623859: It was possible to select “copy value” for empty configuration values.
1622754: The status view for SMTP configuration showed a “connection error” message whenever the configured SMTP account required a password.
1622474: Sometimes the content of the mail settings overlapped with other settings.
1620714: Settings for the log file were not applied to the configuration.
1619618: The field “Document Description” was used as file name for a template package.
1611083: Starting an in-person signing session where the signer was assigned to a stage and an individual signing field lead to an error message.
1610781: The sidebar for the Package wizard in the Manage Client closed unexpectedly. The sidebar was closed when clicking in the sidebar and releasing the mouse outside the sidebar (drag and drop).
1609708: If a large document was signed using a Swedish BankID, a message indicated that the process could not be initiated.

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