Kofax announce their next version of Electronic Signature Product Kofax SignDoc® v3.1

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March 16, 2022
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Here are some of the key new features introduced into the product. Kofax has introduced some exciting features in Kofax SignDoc v3.1, that will help establish its name in the growing electronic signature marketplace.

Here are the four most important features introduced in this new version:

  1. The all-new SignDoc Assistant Mobile App
  2. An option to integrate with GlobalSign Document Signing Service
  3. Much awaited changes to how completed documents are distributed
  4. A new statistics page to monitor the package activities

SignDoc® Assistant App

SignDoc Assistant is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and uses your email address to self-register on your device. Kofax SignDoc® Assistant then allows you to keep track of all of your Kofax SignDoc signing or document review tasks from the convenience of your smart device. Here are some other handy features:

  1. Receive push notifications for documents needing to be signed or reviewed
  2. Initiate the signing process from within the App
  3. Guided instructions during the signing process to complete your task
GlobalSign integration

Kofax SignDoc v3.1 has added support for the Adobe Approve Trust List certificates, provided via the Digital Signing Service of GlobalSign. You may know it as the green tick on adobe documents (see example photo) As an AATL and Microsoft Root Trust List member, GlobalSign certificates are automatically trusted in all leading document software. Another bonus is GlobalSign DSS also supports AATL LTV to meet archiving requirements for documents.

Document Distribution

It is now possible to provide individual documents as attachments in the final email instead of the previous method of combining them within a single cover sheet document. This provides a much easier user experience in my opinion.

New Statistics Page

The new statistics page can monitor your signing package activities. Statistical reports are now visible for SignDoc administrators on the new “Statistics” page, which provides information about activities on signing packages. The reports are generated for all or a specific account and a user-defined period. A configuration setting for the account is now available for Administrators to update this behaviour in this new version. When this distribution option is used, the Audit trail combines all actions on documents and the information about the signing package life cycle in one document.

Additionally, an option is added to specify whether sent documents (individual or combined) should be provided in a compressed form.

There are more features added to Kofax SignDoc v3.1, but we have covered only the ones we felt were most significant.

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