STEPS Group Australia, making a meaningful impact on individuals and communities

Sales & Marketing
April 7, 2021
2 min read

Every once and a while you get the pleasure of learning more about an amazing organisation making a meaningful difference to the Australian community with their “on purpose” attitude to supporting individuals. In today’s blog, we wanted to highlight our latest E-Signature Kofax SignDoc ® customer, STEPS Group Australia. STEPS Group Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation passionate about making a difference by providing opportunities for individuals and communities to shine. STEPS provide a diverse range of services from certificate courses, employment placement, and disability care. They do this by providing training, employment, and community services that teach people real skills to help them achieve their goals and aspirations in the real world.

In an especially sensitive time with Job Keeper finished, and business fighting to stay afloat, gaining employment can seem daunting. Adding extra challenges such as physical or mental disability can seem even more impossible. This is where the STEPS Employment Solutions steps up. They support those they serve to obtain any needed job skills and offer mentorship throughout the process of gaining and maintaining employment. They advocate with employers to work with the skills people have and can even place individuals into meaningful job opportunities.

With the challenge of signing contacts all around Australia with customers, students, and employers the STEPS group has adopted Kofax SignDoc to get contacts & documents electronically signed. This saves time, money, and paper. The impact is getting more people set on their path to support, employment, and education without delay. ACMO would like to thank STEPS for their inspiring services to Australia and we look forward to supporting them with technology that makes life easier for all.

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