Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Latest Version Release Notes

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March 24, 2022
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Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.8.0 Fix Pack 16 | Release Date: March 24, 2022

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1782542, 26476018: The Web Capture Control did not load the document when forms cache was not enabled. This issue occurred intermittently.
1780892, 26311496, 26488285: The expression text for a Regular expression displayed error.
1780206, 26480585: A database error occurred when a job was created in Kofax TotalAgility based on the Message connector.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1691568    Case 26402953 Web Capture Service is overwriting Fujitsu PaperStream Contrast and Brightness settings. Previously, Kofax Web Capture Service was always overwriting the brightness/contrast/threshold values set in TWAIN driver (for example configured via the vendor dialog) with default values. Now, this is not happening and already configured values for brightness/contrast/threshold are used during scanning.

1686144 Case 26397421: Make Omnipage soft timeout configurable. The (soft) timeout for recognition with OmniPage page profiles is now configurable. This is the maximum amount of time that is used for the recognition of a page. The timeout is now available as a “Timeout” property in an MpsPageRecogProfileOmniPage profile and can be set via script. The unit of the value is milliseconds.
1685724 Case 26387076: Ability to prevent the “Change Document Type” prompt dialog box. Change document type confirmation prompt setting was added to Designer \ Validation activity form. When setting value is Hide, change document type confirmation prompt does not appear in Validation activity to prevent additional clicks for the Validation users. The setting has default value Show. In the designer UI settings were renamed and grouped as follows:

Confirmation prompts
–Merge document
–Split document
–Change document type

1682020 Case 26389119:Ability to import password protected zip in native format. Changed Message Connector so that password protected files should be sent in the native file format without any change.

1645383    Case 26330347: Ability to manage the display of ootb error “The ‘create new job’ operation was cancelled”. By default cancellation message box is displayed only for confirm field and field forced valid events. For all other events (if needed) cancellation notification should be configured manually via Designer.
1645356 Case 26327411: Formatter inheritance problems – Do not copy the “Override Formatter” property from parent class when creating a new child class. When creating child document class in an Extraction Group, Override Formatter setting for document fields is False by default to ensure that default behaviour is to inherit formatters from parent.

1618152 Case 26233609: Provide an API that returns list of valid document types. A new method was added to the Capture Document Service:

public Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.DocumentTypeIdentityCollection GetDocumentTypeIdentities(string sessionId, Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.ClassificationGroupIdentityCollection classificationGroups)

Member of Agility.Sdk.Services.CaptureDocumentService
Summary: Get all the non-root document types in all the document groups referenced by the given classification groups. “Root” document types are for internal use only. If multiple classification groups reference the same document group, there will be duplicate entries.
Parameters: sessionId: A string that uniquely identifies the Session for the current logged on user. If the SessionId is invalid then an exception will be raised. classificationGroups: A collection of ClassificationGroupIdentity objects.
Returns: A collection of DocumentTypeIdentity objects

1614756    Case 26311060: Federated Security – Support the use of QueryString parameters such as IdPId. When using Federated Security in KTA we previously always appended the SAMLRequest QueryString parameter to the provider endpoint URL using “?” (i.e any existing QueryString parameters in the endpoint URL was ignored). The change is to append the SAMLRequest QueryString parameter using “?” or “&”, depending upon whether the endpoint URL already has any QueryString parameters.  This will then support Federated Providers that already have QueryString parameters in their endpoint URL (even though this is not strictly detailed in the SAML specification)
1598717 Case 26284519: Allow for Control Over the Display of the Confidence Level on the Document Review . In the Kofax TotalAgility Designer within the Document Review form > Document Review control> General tab section, you can now find a new setting named “Show document confidence.  The setting is enabled by default and will display the Confidence column.  If the Confidence column is not required you must disable this setting.

1571412 Case 26230471: Option to use OCR’d text for PDF text layer during export
1566567    Case 26217816: TotalAgility_Documents database taking too much space. Deleting huge capture documents with large binary data took very long time and required a lot of disk space for transaction log which eventually resulted in delete execution timeout. To resolve this, a new Capture data clean-up worker task is available in the system settings that periodically scans the PendingBinariesToDelete table and creates a new DeleteCaptureBinary worker task for each chunk of binaries. You can configure the chunk size in the system settings which represents the number of binaries to be deleted. Additionally, the default value of Retention chunk size for Retention process execution is updated to allow 1 as minimal chunk size value.

1571418 Case 26209412: An extra option in the PDF generation activity to attach one or more files to a PDF/a-3 document Transformation. To attach files to a PDF document these files must be uploaded as asset files.  The asset names are then attached to the documents by setting a text extension that holds the asset name. The name of the text extension on the document is “PdfAttachment.AssetName.0” for the first one and “PdfAttachment.AssetName.1” for the second and so on. It is important to start with 0 and leave no gaps. The PDF Generation activity will always look for text extensions in that format, and automatically attach them to the PDF

1581843    Case 26233721: Document Review – DocType dropdown control should filter using wildcard search. The documents listed on the Document Type dropdown are now filtered using the contains search. For example, if there is a document type, Imaging Coversheet on the list, typing the word “cover” or “image” in the dropdown control automatically displays Imaging Coversheet.

1558159    Case 26214209: Expose the LastAccessedAt property for Folders. Expose LastAccessedAt folder system property in KTA Designer, and add support for this property in various Capture SDK APIs. CaptureDocumentService.GetFolder() updated to return LastAccessedAt property when returning folder object. GetFolderFieldValue() and GetFolderFieldValues() updated to support the return of “LastAccessedAt property.

1548979    Case 26202582: Enforcing European Server Location – Multi Region Support. In the Kofax Clarity recognition profile there is now an option to select the region of the cloud service that it uses for OCR, previously that was always in the US. Now you can also select processing in the EU region.    

1512489    Case 26122511: Add option to select 32bit/64bit ImageMagick in document convertor configuration. The ImageMagick version options ImageMagick-32Bit (Default) and ImageMagick-64Bit are available for converting the image files to TIFF format. Note: For a 64-bit operating system, you can use ImageMagick-32Bit or ImageMagick-64Bit. For a better performance, we recommend that you use ImageMagick-64Bit.

1543529    Case 26199501: Expose the CreatedAt property for Folders. Expose “CreatedAt” folder system property in KTA Designer, and add support for this property in various Capture SDK APIs.

  • CaptureDocumentService.GetFolder() updated to return “CreatedAt” property when returning folder object.
  • GetFolderFieldValue() and GetFolderFieldValues() updated to support the return of “CreatedAt” property.

1543125 Case 26194557: Configuration change to Abby Finereader options for OCR and Export. Case 26219222: Order of PDF text does not follow location of words – embedded table structures: In some cases the internal order of text blocks in a PDF generated by the Trasnformation Server can be confused. While the PDF text is visually always properly positioned on generated PDF this problem can show up when manually selecting text of multiple paragraphs. You can now enhance this by configuring the PDF engine for a deeper document structure analysis. To enable this option add the following key to the the Transformation Server configuration file “C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Transformation Server\Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config” in appSettings section and restart the TransformationServer service:

1543003    Case 26192617: SameSite by default cookies security attributes causing connection issues if KTA forms are hosted in iFrames. If the TotalAgility forms are hosted in iFrames, “The connection to the server is broken” error message is displayed when loading the form or when attempting to add documents/pages before creating the associated job. To address this issue, TotalAgility supports SameSite by default cookies security attributes.

1529850    Case 26170003: Customer would like to parse a QR Code generated in Japanese character code Shift-JIS. The Barcode Locator is enhanced with Shift-JIS character code support to automatically recognize the barcodes of type, QR Code created with Shift-JIS.

1523069    Case 26170839: Wildcard Search (or contains) and Autocomplete in Validation form on OCR words. The behavior of the combo boxes and regular fields’ auto complete feature is enhanced. As you input the text in a field or combo box, the search suggestions are automatically displayed that meet the specified criteria.

1513536    Case 26153094: Improve performance of Named Entity Locator. A new option is added to the class configuration in the Natural Language Processing section which will limit the number of pages where named entity extraction is performed. When using the Transformation Designer, test documents may already have the NLP information for the entire documents.  If you wish to test changes to this new setting, then performing Recognize on test documents will delete any existing NLP information in the document.

1489190    SavePageImage() API to avoid unneeded WORKER TASK INSERTs. To avoid the Primary key violation for sequential image upload, new API, SavePageImage2 and an additional flag, ‘initializeBatch’ are added. See the SDK documentation for details.
1476599    Case 26131044: To hide Kofax TotalAgility  version disclosure in URLs. For maintaining security, the Kofax TotalAgility product and component versions are not displayed in the URL to a form.
1471487    Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK. A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log.  Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.
1488349    Case 26112552: Allow support for Super-Compressed PDF: You can now compress the PDF files generated by the PDF generation activities. To enable compression, in the Transformation Server configuration file “Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config”, locate the “” section and add the following key:

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1776143, 26479260: After upgrading to Kofax TotalAgility 7.8, the redirect targets were not showing in the upgraded Kofax TotalAgility Designer.
1773416, 26441837: The GetFolder() API threw multiple different errors when the Document[] object was mapped to a table.
1767523, 26459480: Scan form became unresponsive when deleting all documents and scanning the new ones.
1766403, 26474649: Unable to release form due to “Reference with the same name already exists” exception.
1766400, 26472578: Variables in use, could not be updated.
1760458, 26449665: If the same Document type form was assigned to multiple document types, and then an older version of the form (one of the document types) was deleted, on export, the following error was displayed: Specified form XXXXXXXXXX_Validation was not found or has not been released.

1751354 Case 26440769 Cannot terminate job with lots of sub jobs
1735864 Case 26410297 DAS node/action accessing Oracle data dictionaries at runtime
1733144 Case 26414519 Batch session key is not copied for copied fields in field_accum_fact table
1733049 Case 26426123 Compare package shows wrong LastModifiedDate for Capture Control Layout item
1732736 Case 26448379 Audit Log does not display when using Chrome language: English – Australia
1732410 Case 26445553 GetJobs4 – Using Creator in JobFilter results in an error or no rows returned
1728817 Case 26443304 Redundant query causing the reporting system task to timeout
1717221 Case 26438189 Issue when using compare package feature and importing global variables
1716100 Case 26444781 Document Conversion remains taken if a ZIP file has been rejected
1714399 Case 26419973 LogOn/LogOff/UnloadBatch throws “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error when the batch hasn’t been unloaded and the parent folder is deleted
1712629 Case 26435909 In Validation after the display rule sets the table field as read only the cells are still editable
1712603 Case 26424988 When you set the table field as read only (during QC) and navigate back to Validation again non-table fields are enabled but the table field is still disabled

1701299    Case 26426123 Compare package shows wrong LastModifiedDate for Capture Control Layout item
1696664    Case 26352169 Invalid Batch session error after quickly pressing the enter button to valid a few fields and complete the activity.  
1695457    Case 26404551 Only 1 Tile control in a Workqueue form is updated after auto refresh if more than 1 Tile control is configured  
1695072    Case 26408831 Merge error at ProcessDocumentTypeBasedEvents when tsf_class_dim contains duplicate records with same type ID and version      
1694034    Case 26401210 License volume is decremented if form is closed or refreshed  
1694020    Case 26350615 Reporting system task timing out after upgrading from v7.4 to v7.8

1689436    Case 26358526 Failed to execute ‘setRequestHeader’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest when adding a custom header
1682474    Case 26393021 Unable to call CaptureDocumentService api on pop-up form during Document Review – Locked Folder
1681746    Case 26381178 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘cells’ of undefined
1681663    Case 26397547, 26387073, 26406265 Invalid user sessions are not automatically cleared when the Process Session Timeouts system task executes
1681258    Case 26398277 Import selected items in compare package is not working
1679377    Case 26391520 Time of DateTime variable is not converted based on Clients timezone in table control
1676576    Case 26356994 JS error and zoom not working

1671438    26360681 Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 – Working Hours From time changes to 0:00 short time
1671305 26381996 Error when Recognizing a sample with Mixed Print: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access
1670654 26373154 Omipage using file transfer mode causes incorrect coordinates

1663668    26364894 Document type forms hanging
1663645    26318190,26336932 Incorrect criteria for removal of reporting document data deletes less than expected
1653865    26349326 Capture Combo box not populating when placed after a Capture table control
1649526    26356818 When using a document variant, formatter applied to a table column will error if formatter parameters contain system fields or non-column document fields

1654319    26290454 Classfication throws error on Transformation Server after Update from Kofax TotalAgility to  
1648299 26356593 Extraction Group: GetFieldFormatter: String argument is empty
1647718    26290454 TransformationServer – applying FP8 on top of FP6 does not update DetectHpMpDLL version
1646657 26341616 Conversion of .heic file results in error: Document Conversion failed with exit code 1            
1644672    26329176 Importing a document type is not retaining existing document variants on the target environment    
1644595    26329176 Popup warning prevents import summary screen: An existing version of a document variant already exists with the same name  
1644585    26230549, 26344807 Classification confidence not shown in document review when using german language    
1643394    26304369 Validation did not keep changes    
1642419    26305941 doc_dim.dt_create_datetime has date 1753-01-01 when running Reporting Retention for new documents  
1642215    26347723 Show Message action of type Prompt causes the form to hang
1639796    26327411 Formatter inheritance problems unchecking override resets parameters to values from an unexpected class    
1639795    26327411 Formatter inheritance problems parameter changes propagate beyond overridden classes  
1634995    26333039 Reporting field statistics not being updated after second extraction node is executed  
1633569    26327411 Formatter inheritance problems – Parameters should be read-only if override formatter is not checked

1634782    Case 26132725: Case Fragments not available to select in Work Queue Query.
1630430    Case 26322438: Federated Security – IdP-Initiated – no sessionId is passed in the FederatedLogOff call. There is now a new setting – “Relay state only” in Federated Provider settings in Kofax TotalAgility Designer. When checked, Kofax TotalAgility will not use any QueryString parameters to pass state back to Kofax TotalAgility. It will continue to use relay state and the ACS URL remains – https://localhost/TotalAgility/FederatedLogin.aspx (regardless of Designer or Workspace). This setting should be checked on to enable integration with Oracle IdP.  When unchecked, it will keep the current functionality as is (using both QueryString parameters and relay state).
1629804    Case 26321555: Danish characters lost in PDF text layer.
1628878    Case 26327411: Extraction Group is not correctly inheriting parameterized formatters – parameters are empty.
1628753    Case 26330390: Updating binary data does not update the LastAccessedAt property.
1628734    Case 26330390: Binary data must exist in database after upgrading to v7.8.
1600023    Case 26290454: Classfication throws error on TS after Update from Kofax TotalAgility to

1630634    Case 26328954: Silent installation always check for db_owner permission on db side even if the db is already upgraded
1628317    Case 26315603: UnloadBatchesForSession not called on user re-login
1626324    Case 26327404: Breakpoints for .NET and Loop nodes cannot be set in Business Rule
1625798    Case 26324007, 26312556, 26324309, 26324280: KFXConverter.log could be locked by a KFXConverter instance            
1625638    Case 26142224: Database error: The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value
1623115    Case 26327325: Reporting installation section needs to be updated
1622864    Case 26306883, 26322637, 26315219: Webservice input of type String& is changing from In to Ref after releasing a form
1621424    Case 26263821: Drag and Drop (fields value) not working since upgrade to Kofax TotalAgility
1619991    Case 26316679, 26312556, 26324280: No error is visibly shown for the user when the KFXConverter is failing  
1619865    Case 26314901: PDF documents with incorrect dimension causing PDFCompressor.exe to hang
1619832    Case 26318081: Document Creation : &amp written to generated word document instead of &
1617018    Case 26314167: Edit Workqueue Query From Workqueue Not Working Correctly
1616393    Case 26303567: Advanced Zone Locator not working for certain scenarios – not showing on document viewer
1615519    Case 26300588: Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Migration throws error -> An item with the same key has already been added
1615065    Case 26314784, 26320166: Activities don’t show on Workqueue control when using custom search    
1611207    Case 26311489: Regular Expression incorrectly being case insensitive
1609904    Case 26307123: Mandatory radio button control within Scan control causes 2nd Scan Create New Job to hang    
1607335    Case 26303958: Adding a new application server to an existing On-Premise Multi-Tenancy system forces a system outage to “upgrade” tenant databases  
1606344    Case 26293613: Link to JobViewer in different tabs  
1602297    Case 26283036: Defect with the Tab navigation browsing through images in Scan form (thumbnails)
1601818    Case 26201540: [Reporting] activity_instance_id and ta_job_id =000(0) for Import record using Kofax Import Connector with Integration Server + On-Premise Multi-Tenancy

1609245    Case 26299771: Error “The object reference is not set to an object instance.” retrieving SharePoint metadata    
1607999    Case 26302756: Validation not showing fields for new document          
1605254    Case 26303382: Navigation Menu items do not display correctly  
1604406    Case 26301788: Configurable timeout for Capture Data Migration upgrade  
1603917    Case 26294070: Allow process variable concatenating with Safe Scripting enabled in an OPMT environment  
1603325    Case 26283084, 26300707: Proxy server is not working with MS Graph  
1601361    Case 26296703: Kofax TotalAgility System Tasks configurable timeout is ignored due to a hardcoded 5 minute timeout  
1601350    Case 26289876: Federated Security failing on Workspace URL with Oracle IdP. There is now a new setting – “Relay state only” in Federated Provider settings in Kofax TotalAgility Designer. When checked, Kofax TotalAgility will not use any QueryString parameters to pass state back to Kofax TotalAgility. It will continue to use relay state and the ACS URL remains – https://localhost/TotalAgility/FederatedLogin.aspx (regardless of Designer or Workspace). This setting should be checked on to enable integration with Oracle IdP.  When unchecked, it will keep the current functionality as is (using both QueryString parameters and relay state).
1600153    Case 26292856: Split documents + FolderValidationRules don’t permit to close an Validation Activity correctly  
1600023    Case 26290454: Classification throws error on Transformation Server after Update from Kofax TotalAgility to    
1599511    Case 26230531,26282205: Deploy configuration isn’t showing the changes for the web services after saving    
1598042    Case 26279715,26286574: Work Queue using the wrong query after completing/cancelling an activity    
1595961    Case 26233898: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline    
1594747    Case 26261514: Corrupt Database Query action after using Form Template  
1594704 Case 26263742: Second line of a radio button option text is not fully displayed    
1593953    Case 26277621: Exceptions thrown by the CaptureDocumentService SDK is causing orphan wsa messages  
1562291 Case 26149251: Active Job but Zombie Node

1593691    Case 26252843: Digital Signature in PDF is being removed after Image Processing
1592182    Case 26266799: Operating Times not working for multiple system tasks    
1591403    Case 26249799: Changing the input or output to a Business Rule should not break objects using the Business Rule
1587665    Case 26266405: Kofax TotalAgility license service could not start: invalid date
1587283    Case 26265637: Empty dropdown lists cannot be used in DB Query actions in FP14  
1587213    Case 26188143,26200356,26229708: The class must have inherited the field XXX from its parent – error when adding field to extraction group      
1586908    Case 26248439: Text layer issue after updating from 7.7.07 to          
1582365    Case 26259543: DLL Assemblies Listed As DLL Type Under System Category In Kofax TotalAgility Package But Listed As Asset In Compare Package Tool    
1582346    Case 26138224: Error when a text string has datetime format
1582239    Case 26259541: Business Rule exported incorrectly when choosing not to refresh process associations in package UI  
1578445    Case 26255707: Retention system task Operating Times not working
1573601    Case 26228283: Scan form performance issue when scanning over 17 documents sequently when Barcode separation is used        
1522736    Case 26166872: Invalid cast from ‘Boolean’ to ‘DateTime’ Error message when opening Validation, if we pass Document Fields in to the Validation activity

1578594    Case 26256599,26256721, 26256748: Scanning completed with error: VRS license is missing or invalid.
Where the ‘WCS compatibility mode’ checkbox has been enabled the following steps must be completed, please note that this checkbox has been disabled by default:

  1. Open Kofax TotalAgility Designer
  2. Go to Designer -> System -> System Settings -> Web Capture Service
  3. Uncheck ‘WCS compatibility mode’ checkbox.
  4. Save settings
  5. In OnPremise environment restart two services:
               Kofax TotalAgility Core Worker Service
               Kofax TotalAgility Streaming Service
  6. Stop IIS
  7. Replace the following files in ‘\TotalAgility\Agility.Server.Web\Forms\Controls\Capture\external\webcapture’ folder:
  8. Start IIS
  9. Clear browser cache for the clients which were already working with Kofax TotalAgility Scan form

1578464    Case 26245125: Skin: Live activity loses assigned resources if a finished job is restarted  
1577673    Case 26243000: WorkQueue doesn’t load when redirecting from Logon Form  
1575292    Case 26193153, 26251517: Document Validation Form Lockup    
1574582    Case 26241877: Extraction failed – Timeout during extraction    
1573655    Case 26239055: Field changes do not show up in Kofax Analytics For TotalAgility
1573124    Case 26162953,26242704: Validation activity with Capture Control layout hangs – Maximum call stack size exceeded                
1570925    Case 26242358: Browser Language affects the Date Format when using a Metadata Date Variable to filter a Workqueue Query
1570512    Case 26227851: Kofax TotalAgility Amount Formatter Causes Job To Suspend When It Value Is Invalid  
1567494    Case 26239055: Field Reporting data can be lost after PDF/DC/IP activities  
1566947    Case 26232999,26235041: Comma separator in a decimal value causes error when inserting values to DB using stored procedure  
1566875    Case 26214663: Incorrect date when importing original e-mail as MSG
1566627    Case 26233890: WorkQueue Queries are losing sort order  
1564446    Case 26218684: Reporting performance issue with doc_accum_fact table    
1563434    Case 26227158: File Import dialog becomes modeless when specifying Maximum for paper size of Scan/VRS profile  
1558572    Case 26193760: Reporting: Problematic messages causing ETL to complete without processing any messages  
1553984    Case 26184150: Activity not found error when cancelling or completing an activity with embedded forms

1560825    Case 26212920: Some images are failing at Image Processing activity
1558011    Case 26220915: Reimaging a deployed Azure CPUServer role results in the D Drive being reduced by 5GB to approximately 500mb remaining  
1556295: Support for nullable parameters in .net method activity    
1555831    Case 26205564: Difference in behavior with the Time section of a Metadata Date Variable
1554931    Case 26212299: Capture screen goes blank on activity complete requiring a browser refresh  
1554573    Case 26205226: Table extraction with automatic detection issues to return values    
1554240    Case 26187615: Error retrieving Dynamic Complex Variable values from CreateJobSync in split/web app

1549862    Case 26203789: Order of Search criteria is changed within DB Query or DAS when re-opening.
1549566    Case 26205304: The attached sample OCR exists but is missing from exported PDF’s text layer
1549506    Case 26208244: Issue in Validation when Capture Table has Style set to Inline – Failure creating form Type Error: setSefaultRowStyle is not a function  
1549023    Case 26206218: Decrease in performance of SaveTextExtension() & SaveFolderTextExtension()  
1548779    Case 26209394: Clicking drop down arrow icon in “Action” list within table rows did not trigger Row Selected event  
1548764    Case 26207100: Focus stays on previous Numerical type textboxes when moving through those textboxes
1548585    Case 26205098: Problem in parsing QR Codes generated in Japanese character code Shift-JIS  
1546717    Case 26167626: Show Message action causes Form Server error at runtime  
1546711    Case 26167626: Show Message non-default language causes Validation form to hang
1545048    Case 26176670: Duplicate entry in Reporting tfs_class_dim table causes Reporting ETL failure “The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1544425    Case 26204502: WCC does not display image when the form has a table control with Action List and DB Query  
1542980    Case 26154899: Amount Group Locator not working on Full Page    
1542714    Case 26200105: Out Of Memory error in Transformation    
1542562 Case 26169475: Multi-field BR validator after extraction is marking the fields as invalid when they are valid    
1542357    Case 26198936, 26180561: Unable to Import Forms “Object Reference – Void SetImagePathsForDocumentViewerControls”    
1542150    Case 26181047: ActionList redirect not working correctly since FP9 for KTA 7.7  
1541930    Case 26196274: SOAP Class and Method is not populating for one of the Oracle BI Report web service  
1541361    Case 26194490: Transformation Server CPU server crashing due to Atalasoft DotImage not handling mobile images with false or missing DPI
1540917    Case 26194727: DAS action throws error “Unable to convert value ‘System.Object[]’ to type ‘System.Object'” after applying fix pack 10  
1540667    Case 26170287: IIS httpResponse.Redirect “Thread was being aborted” errors accessing forms  
1540472    Case 26169630: HTML Document Causes IP to timeout after 2 hours    
1536449    Case 26187830: Error while displaying chart (particular language configuration).    
1536010    Case 26189456: After applying FP10 with Style=inline, and using Value Only in a dropdown list, the text is not appearing as expected    
1532131    Case 26188971: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled    
1532111    Case 26182468: DAS error at runtime when passing empty dropdown value to Stored Procedure with an Integer (numerical) input
1531234    Case 26094775: PDFs with headers cannot be ingested through SCNJ form  
1530848    Case 26172354: [Reporting] extr_batch_sess_key reported after confirmation field    
1530588    Case 26175043: Applying fix pack removes DateTime from date columns on custom WorkQueue and Job Queries
1530230    Case 26183237: Unable to debug TakeActivity forms using a Dynamic form on the embedded page,    
1530014    Case 26180729: After applying FP10 with Style=inline and displaying value and text, none of the dropdown list data can be selected  
1529525    Case 26182388: Cannot use Currency-textfield in StoredProc-DBQuery  
1528755    Case 26177210: Cursor jumps when entering line item data in Validation  
1528666    Case 26182381: Value of Radiobutton cannot be used in Add-DBQuery.  
1525502    Case 26172354: Reclassification affects field reporting data    
1523785    Case 26174652: Value of Radiobutton cannot be used in Where-Clause (Search criteria) of DBQuery
1523690    Case 26174710: CSS class ignored for tab controls  
1523572    Case 26174639: Radiobuttonlist not using configured width when using style=inline  
1522644    Case 26173825: Multi-Select Table Control not retaining the changes “Selected Rows” Binding
1519440    Case 26130077: Exporting a package corrupts Business Rules when “Include items associated with processes” is unchecked  
1518742    Case 26169766: New compression in can change text      
1511486    Case 26138254: Date always converted to US format using the email node  
1510124    Case 26156596: Column order breaks the table    
1500692    Case 26129664: “The request was aborted: The operation has timed out.” error when trying to process multiple messages at the same time

1522736    Case 26166872: Invalid cast from ‘Boolean’ to ‘DateTime’ Error message when opening Validation, if we pass Document Fields in to the Validation activity.  
1517538    Case 26170044: Deleting a variable assignment from an expression step does not free the association
1517507    Case 26167701: Ref Complex Type does not expand in Web Service activity
1517162    Case 26144848: Ability to use Webservice ItemChoiceType parameter in Webservice activity
1517077    Case 26150401: Table Column Width does not Auto Fit
1517008    Case 26170046: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled    
1516493    Case 26145513: Overlapping of LoadBatch & UnloadBatch calls causes LoadBatch to read stale data
1515950    Case 26170041: Cannot configure custom style class for table frame
1514118    Case 26161604: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline
1502187    Case 26148930: Connector Mappings do not get imported along with the package
1501384    Case 26153340: Imprinting in the Scan form with VRS Elite 5.2 TOT and Canon DR-G2110 crashes    
1500874    Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set    
1500087    Case 26152591: Inconsistent behavior with ‘Include complete message as MSG file’
1497532    Case 26143696: Order of global and local validators doesn’t work correctly
1497464    Case 26146780: Document Capture Fields Data Associated With the Wrong Document in Validation
1497402    Case 26138128: Actions pop up menu opens in incorrect screen location
1496179    Case 26135941: extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1495237    Case 26141717: Multiple error messages when attempting to perform Extraction within Transformation designer
1493118    Case 26136707: DisplayRule is not allowing the display/hide of toolbar buttons and other objects like 7.5 did
1492003    Case 26139254: Editing WQ Query causes the selected process to be lost  
1477955    Case 26012960, 26126191: DateFormatter can only hold a few text lines
1477675    Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1475386    Case 26130744: Variables with same name but different IDs in second embedded processes causing export to fail

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