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Kofax TotalAgility 7.9 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.9.0 Fix Pack 7 | Release Date: November 8, 2021

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

1691559 26402953 Web Capture Service is overwriting Fujitsu PaperStream Contrast and Brightness settings. Previously, Kofax Web Capture Service was always overwriting the brightness/contrast/threshold values set in TWAIN driver (for example configured via the vendor dialog) with default values. Now, this is not happening and already configured values for brightness/contrast/threshold are used during scanning.
1686145 26397421 Make Omnipage soft timeout configurable. The (soft) timeout for recognition with OmniPage page profiles is now configurable. This is the maximum amount of time that is used for the recognition of a page. The timeout is now available as a “Timeout” property in an MpsPageRecogProfileOmniPage profile and can be set via script. The unit of the value is milliseconds.
1685856 26387076 Ability to prevent the “Change Document Type” prompt dialog box. This Change document type property is added on the General tab, under Confirmation prompts for the Validation forms. Using this property, you can show or hide the confirmation prompt from appearing while changing the document type at runtime. (Default: Show). The designer UI settings were renamed and grouped as follows (The help still contains ungrouped setting names):

Confirmation prompts
–Merge document
–Split document
–Change document type

1682028 26389119 Ability to import password protected zip in native format. Message Connector has been changed so that password protected files should be sent in the native file format without any change.

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1698042 – Case 26410361 : Unable to silently apply fix pack to OPMT RTTS environment
1696416 – Case 26400989 : SDK method CreateExportZip does not work after an extraction activity
1695724 – Case 26404551 : Only 1 Tile control in a Workqueue form is updated after auto refresh if more than 1 Tile control is configured
1695316 – Case 26408039 : ENTER key doesn’t works when the Show Message action is on a SCNJ form
1694044 – Case 26401319 : Loop activity not configurable for table field complex variable
1694037 – Case 26401210 : License volume is decremented if form is closed or refreshed
1692554 – Case 26401670 : AddRow action inserts 0 into an (Int32) or (Decimal precision=0) table cell when empty
1689597 – Case 26358526 : Failed to execute ‘setRequestHeader’ on ‘XMLHttpRequest when adding a custom header
1682477 – Case 26393021 : Unable to call CaptureDocumentService api on pop-up form during Document Review – Locked Folder
1682332 – Case 26397547, 26387073 : invalid user sessions are not automatically cleared when the Process Session Timeouts system task executes
1665476 – Case 26370483 : Could not perform recognition due to an internal OmniPage error: Invalid pointer to a memory object. Bronze2

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1665716 Case 26360587 The Kofax TotalAgility config tool to update CoreServicesLocation and CustomBinding_CoreService and Kofax TotalAgility APP bindings when the HTTP / HTTPS protocols are switched. The Configuration Utility has been updated to add a new HTTP/HTTPS authentication setting that is specific to the communication between web server and app server.

1645385 Case 26330347 Ability to manage the display of ootb error “The ‘create new job’ operation was cancelled”. By default cancellation message box is displayed only for confirm field and field forced valid events. For all other events (if needed) cancellation notification should be configured manually via Designer.
1645357 Case 26327411 Formatter inheritance problems – Do not copy the “Override Formatter” property from parent class when creating a new child class. When creating child document class in an Extraction Group, Override Formatter setting for document fields is False by default to ensure that default behaviour is to inherit formatters from parent.

1634897 Case 26303564: Possibility to configure Clarity on a private Google Vision Tenant. Product Documentation has been updated at https://docshield.kofax.com/KTA/en_US/7.9.0-ud9cfx6hos/help/TransformationDesigner/ProjectBuilder/150_ProjectBuilder/Recognition/c_GoogleClarityRecognitionEngine.html
1618154 Case 26233609: Provide an API that returns list of valid document types. A new method was added to the Capture Document Service, to get all the non-root document types in all the document groups referenced by the given classification groups. “Root” document types are for internal use only. If multiple classification groups reference the same document group, there will be duplicate entries.

public Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.DocumentTypeIdentityCollection GetDocumentTypeIdentities(string sessionId, Agility.Sdk.Model.Capture.ClassificationGroupIdentityCollection classificationGroups)
Member of Agility.Sdk.Services.CaptureDocumentService
Parameters:sessionId: A string that uniquely identifies the Session for the current logged on user. If the SessionId is invalid then an exception will be raised. classificationGroups: A collection of ClassificationGroupIdentity objects
Returns:A collection of DocumentTypeIdentity objects

1614808 Case 26311060: Federated Security – Support the use of QueryString parameters such as IdPId. When using Federated Security in KTA we previously always appended the SAMLRequest QueryString parameter to the provider endpoint URL using ? (i.e any existing QueryString parameters in the endpoint URL was ignored). The change is to append the SAMLRequest QueryString parameter using ? or &, depending upon whether the endpoint URL already has any QueryString parameters. This will then support Federated Providers that already have QueryString parameters in their endpoint URL (even though this is not strictly detailed in the SAML specification).
1598891 Case 26284519: Allow for Control Over the Display of the Confidence Level on the Document Review . In the Kofax TotalAgility Designer within the Document Review form > Document Review control> General tab section, you can now find a new setting named “Show document confidence. The setting is enabled by default and will display the Confidence column. If the Confidence column is not required you must disable this setting.
1561744 Case 26207459: Expose the table extraction details provided by OCR engines. The extracted raw engine data of the result is stored as a page-level string within the OCR text representation of the .xdc. JSON and XML are provided as the format of the raw data. The data definition can be downloaded as ssdoc-shema3.xsd. This allows the customer to easily process the data as desired. The feature of retrieving the raw result data from the engine is optional. The introduction of a scope of the result data is done so that the amount of data (and thus the size of the .xdc files) can be controlled. If a user needs only the table details, all other raw page data need not be provided. The OCR engine data is stored as text-extension in the KTA document repository. The name of the extension is Kofax.CEBPM.RawPageData. Link to KB Article with .xsd file: https://knowledge.kofax.com/Smart_Process_Applications_-TotalAgility/Upgrade/KTA_7.9.0.1-_Expose_the_table_extraction_details_provided_by_OCR_engines

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1686214 – Case 26402622 Writing the same value in a TextBox control triggers the OnChange event
1686082 – Case 26402652 Debugging a process failed if its embedded map has a breakpoint
1683315 – Case 26396487 CaptureDsUtility.GetThinClientServices [GetImage] : Couldn’t initialize ThinClient API due to batch data is missing.
1682888 – Case 26382683 CompleteActivity call throwing error “Value cannot be null” and pointing to error string parameter with error “ERROR_UPDATE_DOC_PROP_VALUE”
1682323 – Case 26398277 Import selected items in compare package is not working
1681923 – Case 26396761 Color in Column Header changes on hover
1681752 – Case 26381178 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘cells’ of undefined
1681616 – Case 26397039 Error reported when configuring Folder variable in Decision Activity
1681613 – Case 26392779 Form BeginCondition checking numeric textbox is inconsistent
1676756 – Case 26390668, 26407444 OmniPage OCR engine machine print not available for Mixed Print
1676644 – Case 26356994 JS error and zoom not working

1679691 Case 26393766 Bug: Table column shows time when there are hidden columns
1676840 Case 26370006 Bug: Error 537919488 Target doc not found. Check if the used feature is enabled
1675827 Case 26388608 Bug: Loop node fails in Business Rule when folder does not contains child folders
1675780 Case 26390592 Bug: Bar code locator error using FineReader
1476699 Case 26379152 Bug: Uploading Files message still displayed when no SavePageImages/SaveBase64Chunk/SavePageImage/CommitImageChunks requests being made

1671412 Case 26366394 : Bug Kofax TotalAgility 7.9/Accounts Payable Automation 2.4.1 – Decimal Amount representation different and incorrect in various views using German locale
1667981 Case 26353847 : Bug Header Form on general WorkQueue is incorrect
1665768 Case 26349424,26351543,26364296, 26364572,26366665 : Bug Kofax TotalAgility 7.9 – Error reported when configuring Folder variable in Decision Activity
1663673 Case 26364894 : Bug Document type forms hanging
1663647 Case 26318190,26336932 : Bug Incorrect criteria for removal of reporting document data deletes less than expected
1661308 Case 26366662 : Bug OPMT – RTTS Pre-loading of capture projects is not working as expected

1662874 Case 26355352: Bug Unable to upgrade DEV OPMT Tenant that uses Windows Authentication for the databases
1658163 Case 26356593: Bug Extraction Group: GetFieldFormatter: String argument is empty
1658134 Case 26349326: Bug Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 – Capture Combo box not populating when placed after a Capture table control
1654112 Case 26359498,26362207,26349376,26362858: Bug Failed To set Property on Forms
1651471 Case 26358325: Bug MS Graph Connection with Proxy not working
1651427 Case 26347331: Bug Revert the Ability to enable/disable the auto arrange function on process map in technical designer only
1650913 Case 26341616: Bug Conversion of .heic file results in error: Document Conversion failed with exit code 1
1650662 Case 26359054: Bug License service fails to start if an individual line item is expired more than a year rounded up by month
1649530 Case 26356818: Bug When using a document variant, formatter applied to a table column will error if formatter parameters contain system fields or non-column document fields
1649262 Case 26290454: Bug Classfication throws error on Transformation Server after Update from Kofax TotalAgility to
1645365 Case 26327411: Bug Formatter inheritance problems parameter changes propagate beyond overridden classes
1645359 Case 26327411: Bug Formatter inheritance problems unchecking override resets parameters to values from an unexpected class
1645129 Case 26327411: Bug Formatter inheritance problems Parameters should be read-only if override formatter is not checked
1644675 Case 26329176: Bug Importing a document type is not retaining existing document variants on the target environment
1644598 Case 26329176: Bug Popup warning prevents import summary screen: An existing version of a document variant already exists with the same name
1599188 Case 26290719: Bug Importing a lower version CG/EG replaces current training set

1643397 Case 26304369: Validation did not keep changes
1642420 Case 26305941: doc_dim.dt_create_datetime has date 1753-01-01 when running Reporting Retention for new documents
1642216 Case 26347723: Show Message action of type Prompt causes the form to hang
1634998 Case 26333039: Reporting field statistics not being updated after second extraction node is executed
1633678 Case 26330390: Updating binary data does not update the LastAccessedAt property
1633670 Case 26330390: Binary data must exist in database after upgrading to v7.8
1632700 Case 26328954: Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Silent installation always check for db_owner permission on db side even if the db is already upgraded
1630594 Case 26322438: Federated Security – IdP-Initiated – no sessionId is passed in the FederatedLogOff call
1630327 Case 26327411: Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 – Extraction Group is not correctly inheriting parameterized formatters – parameters are empty
1629807 Case 26321555: Kofax TotalAgility 7.7 Danish characters lost in PDF text layer
1622867 Case 26306883, 26322637, 26315219: Webservice input of type String& is changing from In to Ref after releasing a form
1621428 Case 26263821: Drag and Drop (fields value) not working since upgrade to Kofax TotalAgility
1620798 Case 26314784,26320166: Activities don’t show on WQ control when using custom search
1620675 Case 26314901: PDF documents with incorrect dimension causing PDFCompressor.exe to hang
1620226 Case 26318081: Document Creation : &amp written to generated word document instead of &
1618211 Case 26314167: Edit Work Queue Query From Work Queue Not Working Correctly

1618235 Case 26311489: Regular Expression incorrectly being case insensitive
1616400 Case 26303567: AZL not working for certain scenarios – not showing on document viewer
1615525 Case 26300588: Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Migration throws error -> An item with the same key has already been added
1610320 Case 26299771: Error “The object reference is not set to an object instance.” retrieving SharePoint metadata
1609907 Case 26307123: Mandatory radio button control within Scan control causes 2nd SCNJ to hang
1609131 Case 26303382: Navigation Menu items do not display correctly
1608002 Case 26302756: Validation not showing fields for new document
1607339 Case 26303958: Adding a new app server to an existing On-Premise Multi-Tenancy system forces a system outage to “upgrade” tenant Databases
1606347 Case 26293613: Link to JobViewer in different tabs
1604905 Case 26283084, 26300707: Proxy server is not working with MS Graph
1604865 Case 26290454: Classfication throws error on TS after Update from Kofax TotalAgility to
1603990 Case 26301788: Configurable timeout for Capture Data Migration upgrade
1603920 Case 26294070: Allow process variable concatenating with Safe Scripting enabled in an On-Premise Multi-Tenancy environment
1603549 Case 26289876: Federated Security failing on Workspace URL with Oracle IdP. There is now a new setting – “Relay state only” in Federated Provider settings in Kofax TotalAgility Designer. When checked, Kofax TotalAgility will not use any QueryString parameters to pass state back to Kofax TotalAgility. It will continue to use relay state and the ACS URL remains – https://localhost/TotalAgility/FederatedLogin.aspx (regardless of Designer or Workspace). This setting should be checked on to enable integration with Oracle IdP. When unchecked, it will keep the current functionality as is (using both QueryString parameters and relay state).
1602756 Case 26296703: Kofax TotalAgility System Tasks configurable timeout is ignored due to a hardcoded 5 minute timeout
1602300 Case 26283036: Defect with the Tab navigation browsing through images in Scan form (thumbnails)
1601821 Case 26201540: [Reporting] activity_instance_id and ta_job_id =000(0) for Import record using Kofax Import Connector with Integration Server + On-Premise Multi-Tenancy
1601531 Case 26292856: Split documents + FolderValidationRules don’t permit to close an Validation Activity correctly
1599857 Case 26298181: Workspace: Logging off and on when using a site loses the site
1595964 Case 26233898: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline
1592185 Case 26266799: Operating Times not working for multiple system tasks
1592109 Case 26266799: Operating Times not working for multiple system tasks
1592092 Case 26249799: Changing the input or output to a Business Rule should not break objects using the Business Rule
1583798 Case 26259541: Business Rule exported incorrectly when choosing not to refresh process associations in package UI
1561695 Case 26230531,26282205: Deploy configuration isn’t showing the changes for the web services after saving.