Kofax Import Connector 2.9 Latest Version Release Notes

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April 18, 2022
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Kofax Import Connector (KIC) 2.9.0 Fix Pack 6 | Release Date: April 18, 2022

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

1700332: The MS Graph messages are processed using the First In First Out (FIFO) method.

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1796414: Document conversion failed using KFXConverter if the file name contained a colon (:) in it.
1793725: Document conversion failed with an error message similar to the following.
"The document message.eml is rejected because it could not be normalized to PDF/A. Error: Document conversion failure Document Conversion failed with exit code 1".
1793721: Document conversion failed with an error message similar to the following.
"Document Conversion failed with exit code 1 (Cat=Error, Obj=unknown, Mod=M_Unknown)".
1792635: Empty WQM batches were created.
1788347: Sometimes, after converting an Excel file, the values in the converted file were different from the values in the original file. This issue occurs when the functions in the Excel cells are executed during the conversion. A new flag, "RecalculateOnOpen", has been added to the [EXCEL2PDF] section in KFXConverter.ini. You can use this flag to control the execution of functions in the Excel cells while converting an Excel file.

Flag values
False (default) = The functions in the cells are not executed during the conversion.
True = The functions in the cells are executed. However, user-defined functions are not supported.

Note: If the KFXConverter.ini file already exists and does not contain the "RecalculateOnOpen" parameter in the [EXCEL2PDF] section, do the following:
Open the KFXConverter_Default.ini file in an editor.
Copy the "RecalculateOnOpen" parameter from the [EXCEL2PDF] section.
Paste the parameter into the KFXConverter.ini file under the [EXCEL2PDF] section.
Save and close the KFXConverter.ini file.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

Message Import Attempts – The following fields are added to the “Performance and limits” tab of Message Connector Configuration.

  • Number of import attempts: The number of retries for importing a message. After this, Message Connector will not try to import the message. Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 100. Default: 10
  • Retry delay: Message Connector will wait for this duration before importing a message gain which has failed with an unexpected import error. Default: 60 minutes
Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1685846 – KIC 2.9 FP 3 / FP 4 – MS_Graph Memory Leak
1685419 – KIC can’t connect to the RightFax server over COM API if secure. TCPIP is enabled on the RightFax server with registry value HKLM\SOFTWARE\Classes\RighFax\Server\RPCSecure=1
1684125 – Import password protected zip in native format

1677363 – Plug-in produces too many log files which can fill up the disk.

1634696 – Buffer Size for SMTP passwords is too small. Buffer holding of the encoded pasword was too small and resulted in stripping of the password.
1642956 – US dollar symbol changed to UK pound symbol during .xls conversion using the kfxconverter. When an .XLS (Excel 97-2003) file containing “$” symbols was imported into Kofax Capture via Kofax Import Connector, all the “$” were converted to “£”.
1647467 – Using MS Graph, emails are not getting polled for shared mailboxes using multiple instance mode. Using MS Graph, Kofax Import Connector was not able to poll emails from shared mailboxes.
1647674 – MS Graph Connection with Proxy not working.
1654622 – MC_Email handles count increase and ports get exhausted. Message Connector was not closing connections whenever there was error polling an IMAP server. This resulted in ports exhaustion.
1610767 – Conversion fails if attachment in portfolio pdf contains special character.

1634356 – HEIC to PDF conversion results in a very large PDF file.When the attached HEIC image file did not have compression type assigned (that is, “Undefined”), the conversion of such file to PDF resulted in a very large file. To update compression types for input image files, do the following:

Note: Following changes are only applicable to the input images for which no compression type is assigned, that is, compression type value is ‘Undefined’.

  1. Open the following file in a text editor. C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\KIC-ED\MC\Scripts\image2pdf.bat in a text editor.
  2. Search for the “set ENABLECOMPRESSIONE” string and set its value to YES. For example, set ENABLECOMPRESSION=YES
  3. Search for the “set CUSTOM_COMPRESSION_TYPE” string and set the compression type. For example, set CUSTOM_COMPRESSION_TYPE=BZIP
    Note: You can configure one of the following compression types: None, BZip, Fax, Group4, JPEG, JPEG2000, Lossless, LZW, RLE or Zip.
    4 Save and close the image2pdf.bat file.

1623436 – MC randomly stops responding to KC-Plugin requests. Message Connector stops responding to requests from the KC Plug-in and the KC Plug-In returned errors.
1618362 – KfxImportFolderName Message Field Variable returning wrong Folder Structure for MS Graph. When pollig a MS Graph mailbox and the “Poll Subfolders” option was selected, for a specific folder structure, the KfxImportFolderName field returned an incorrect folder structure.
1611051 – Possibility to see the body of signed email as a body to add an email header. A secure mail is decrypted for virus scan and encrypted, then it get decrypted again by the Exchange server. The body of such a signed email is seen as an attachment to the email and therefore email header could not be generated for such email.

1619939 – Value for KfxRoutingNumber is incorrect for MSGraph import. After switching from EWS to MS Graph, the KfxRoutingNumber field returned a different value for the configured username. Username of a shared mailbox: “domain\usera\userb”. Value returned when using EWS: “domain\usera\userb”. Value returned after swtiching to MS Graph: “usera”
1610993 – OAuth token refresh not working when using a proxy for MSGraph. When using a proxy, KC Plug-In caused the automatic MS Graph token refresh to fail. This resulted in passive input to stop working and messages were not imported.
1606226 – Specific Word document cannot be converted.
1604084 – RelativeImageFilePath not working with “.”. When RelativeImageFilePath was set to “.” in Kofax XML, the XML import did not work.
1603688 – Proxy server is not working with MS Graph. When a proxy server was configured in the “MS Graph/EWS proxy settings” section of Message Connector Configuration, the connection to a MS Graph mailbox failed.
1601320 – Conversion issues with specific EML received via gmail. New parameters in KFXConverter.ini.
To resolve the issue, add the following parameters to the kfxconverter.ini file in EML2PDF section:

  • RemoveRedundantObjects – If set to true, removes the redundant nested and empty canvases. Additionally, neighboring glyphs with similar formatting are concatenated. Default: false
  • FitTablesToWindow – If set to true, sets the preferred width for the tables to 100%. Default: false

1597226 – Unhandled Exception when adding rules.
1596668 – KIC identifies a dot in an attachment name as the separator for the extension. When the file extension was missing in the filename attribute of the Content-Disposition tag inside the EML file, and if there was a space after the dot in the attached file name, import of input files failed.

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