An interview with Joseph Joy, Managing Director of ACMO

Christina Fielding
May 27, 2021
2 min read

Christina Hello Joseph! Thank you for your time today and congratulations on ACMO celebrating its third anniversary in business! I am hoping to learn more about ACMO and how it's helping change the way that businesses operate. Can you please describe the products and services that ACMO provides?

Joseph Thanks Christina, yes it has been a great journey so far and I am pleased to have helped a number of businesses in the last three years adopt Intelligent Automation solutions. ACMO is in the business of helping others accomplish more. By ‘More’ we mean business process efficiently. We aim to help businesses put technology software into place to automate and improve workflow processes. Businesses can take advantage of intelligent automation to automate their manual tasks, process their business information through artificial intelligence, and map out & streamline the company workflow to gain valuable data insights and data overview.This might look like having AI read data from images just as a human would do, or monitor social media feeds and alerting customer service of issues that the public is facing, or it could be communicating with goods & service suppliers about invoice payment statuses without human intervention. This gives companies not only valuable time back and added support, but it also helps protect against common human inputting mistakes, fraud, missed opportunities, employee burnout, and remote working issues.We offer solutions for areas such as Accounts Payable Automation, Digital Mailroom Automation (managing incoming communications in its many forms), Supplier Portals for P2P Procurement, and as well we design unique Robotic Processing Automation solutions for projects that companies wish to tackle. We have ultra-modern facilities here in Australia to provide software training to customers, as we want our customers to learn valuable skills in maintaining and implementing the solution. Our training is conducted in the training facilities located in Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold coast, plus online.

Christina That sounds wonderful, could you please describe what kind of accomplishments ACMO has achieved since being in business?

Joseph ACMO is celebrating its 3rd year in business this month. Over the last 2 years, we have grown our sales, marketing, and technical support team. We have also partnered with global leaders in Intelligent Automation, Cognitive Capture, & Robotic Process Automation, and more recently an Australian & New Zealand Peppol network access provider for e-invoices.ACMO was honoured last year as the winners of the 2020 Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Local Business Awards for 'Outstanding Professional Services’, and I was also a finalist for the Business Professional of the year. I am very proud of the work we have accomplished with big brands such as Chemist Warehouse, Knight Frank, and Canon, designing and managing their Kofax TotalAgility solutions.

Christina Congratulations! Can you tell me a bit more about how ACMO came to life?

Joseph I started ACMO after working as an IT specialist for over a decade in a number of countries. Over that time, I realised that there was a need for a vendor-neutral business that can independently look into a customer’s requirement and propose the best automation platforms to work best for their business. I decided to adapt my skills and offer the Australian market these new technological advantages because I believe Australians are wonderful business innovators themselves and aren’t scared to embrace new technology. We have been helping businesses nationally and globally since 2018 and ACMO has partnered with several leading automation platforms such as Kofax, Tipalti, Medius, and TCG Process to offer the most appropriate solutions for our customers.ACMO has recently been recognised as a Kofax Silver Partner and is also now sought out as an expert provider of cloud-based Accounts Payable Solution. The cloud-based accounts payable solutions for SMBs help businesses streamline their invoice processing workflows remotely, saving companies money by paying suppliers on time and providing senior management with greater cash flow visibility.We have grown steadily from our start-up status and are doing business with some of the biggest brands in Australia. We have developed network-wide automation solutions to solve for inefficiencies that were costing our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Christina Wow! Where do you see the business in the future?

Joseph With the global pandemic, one of the valuable lessons we learned was the need for businesses to operate more exclusively in the digital space. On-demand customer service, efficient business workflows, access to the right information quickly are challenges that a lot of businesses are seeking solutions for. We see our business working collaboratively with companies for their digital transformations. Our technical specialists can implement strategies that save companies a lot of time and money, and make it possible to pivot and adapt to new situations & truly thrive in the ever-changing and competitive business landscape. With our vision to help businesses “accomplish more”, we see ACMO as on its way to being the most preferred Intelligent Automation provider in the APAC region.

Christina Can you detail any commitments or endeavours in your business for environmental sustainability?

Joseph Our vision for the future is for businesses to enjoy a paperless office. Many businesses are trying to transition from paper-based work processes to digital processes. Our AP solution for example is a bridge between the current paper-based situation (our automation software can machine-read incoming paper invoices and transfer data digitally to accounting systems), and to where businesses would like to transform in the years to come, such as using e-invoicing. Australia is trending towards more of a digital-first business model, especially with the recent announcement from the Morrison Government with its digital business plan. The need to maintain physical paper records can put companies at risk of storage hazards (fire), security, and data & privacy protection problems. ACMO uses cloud-based servers here in Australia for highly secure digital data storage.

Christina What makes ACMO an industry leader?

Joseph ACMO first and foremost offers expert advice to companies seeking process automation solutions. We aim to build trust with new clients with our unbiased advice and engagement in reviewing their existing company challenges. We offer solutions that will make a true difference in addressing those challenges. Our customers receive professional consistency in all our interactions, and we credit this consistency for our repeat and referral business. ACMO employs expert technical consultants who can get to the bottom of problems and understand why existing solutions may not working for clients and address how to fix them. We embrace clients who have gone down this path of seeking automation, and who may not be seeing the benefits they deserve because of poorly implemented solutions from other providers. We offer to do the work needed to make it right. We are passionate about the difference that smart automation processes can make, and we aim to delight our clients with well-implemented and meaningful solutions that lead to accomplishing more for their business.

Christina How is ACMO promoted in the Market?

Joseph When businesses are looking for Intelligent Automation providers in Australia or New Zealand, they will likely find our website We aim to regularly distribute industry updates and articles on our knowledgebase page and the resource section of our website. We also offer technology best practice advice and thought leadership content on our blog and social media pages. A business wishing to connect can learn more by joining our regular fortnightly live Q&A webinars (found on the resources page) and pre-submitting any questions they would like answered during the webinar. People can also follow our company Youtube channel, LinkedIn page or connect directly with Myself on LinkedIn. We believe in community spirit to keep our customers engaged and informed and to help spread the word to other businesses who may be looking for process automation.

Christina Can you describe the level of customer service ACMO provides. How do you manage, monitor, and measure customer expectations and satisfaction?

Joseph Our office in Sydney has a dedicated service desk team to provide technical advice needed during office hours. Our software solutions are also largely cloud-based applications, which are intended for internal business operations. As they are cloud-based solutions, our customers can access the solution any time of day and we offer real-time escalation support in and out of business hours. This provides a level of flexibility for when customers need their systems assessed or upgraded in and out of office hours.

Christina How are you finding new and talented staff at ACMO?

Joseph While we are always looking for experienced and talented technical consultants to join our customer & technical support team, we also encourage young people and students who may have recently graduated to apply for our internal internship positions. We offer students product training opportunities and help develop them into future technical consultants, sales support staff, or internal marketing support. We believe in providing resources and mentoring to develop the next generation of IT specialists, Sales specialists, and Digital Marketers. The careers page on the website provides the information needed to apply for internships and positions.

Christina How are staff trained and motivated?

Joseph All our technical staff are certified solution specialists and come with solid experience and university education in IT/ITES. Keeping up with certification and technology changes is a large part of the specialist role. Our technical experts are also generous in their learnings and regularly contribute to the knowledgebase page hosted on the company website with the aim that others in the industry can benefit from understandings as well. Our team is motivated in our collective ambition to grow the business, and provide excellent support to our customers. Staff is given autonomy and responsibility, with motivation seeming to be a natural product of the trust placed in staff. With our mission to help others accomplish more, ACMO staff have been collaborating and working hard together to drive new opportunities in the marketplace. Of course, as a side note, our staff collectively seem to have a sweet tooth, so cake is always welcome here, as are our Friday lunches together!

Christina Thank you so much, Joseph, it's been a pleasure hearing you speak so passionately about the vision for the future of ACMO.

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