Kofax RPA 11.1 Latest Version Release Notes

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September 23, 2021
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Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

FR15559 – 1680329 Added support for OAuth single tenant mode with Azure AD. A Tenant ID field has been added to the authorization request form when adding a user to an Azure AD 2.0 application.
1679491 – SAML single signout – log out from Management Console will logout from IDP. To configure single signout by either:
1. add the configuration option useSamlSingleLogout in saml.xml
2. add the SAML_IDP_USESINGLELOGOUT environment variable for docker

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

COD15611 – 1665695 Previous references after try catch only worked if finder was defined in finally.
FR-15737 – 1661137 JVM could hang DAS during Java application shutdown.
1676997 – Synchronizer did not work in previous fix pack.
1676347 – Cyberark configuration did not work correctly.
1675291 – Webkit stopped if windows.close() was called in Execute JavaScript or Click steps.
1675192 – Analyzer: Problem with analysis when value of min count of process instance is 1
1666898 – Process Discovery Analyzer did not always start the analysis when scheduled.

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1588292 – Added ability to pre-emptively HTTP authenticate REST and SOAP calls.
FR-13466 – 1565685/1565681/1565683 Negotiation authentication for proxies in WebKit, CEF and Call REST.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

COD15698 – 1651389 Permission was checked incorrectly when deleting a robot.
COD15530 – 1661663 Some dialog boxes with updated UI behaved incorrectly in production environment.
COD15449 – 1633071 Race condition when acquiring DAS led to authentication issues.
COD15129 – 1649249 Design Studio could become unresponsive when inserting steps or stepping into a Robot.
FR15745 – 1658905 Schedule Id was incorrect.
FR15630 – 1622157 RoboServers could deadlock when activating 2 roboservers from 2 different clusters.
FR15573 – 1654345 Stepping out of the looped ‘Call robot step’ executed the called Robot twice.
FR15227 – 1648663 Design Studio stopped working when using Excel as input to external operations in the Full execution mode.
FR15010 – 1658170 Improved Regex finders in CEF.
FR14888 – 1586739 Robots view in Repository was updated slowly.
1662474 – Errors in Stream occurred when executing the Browse step.
1662008 – An AuditLog message “admin login from” appeared every time when Robot ran.
1661810 – Sorting columns with numbers in the Dataview was not correct when using SQLServer.
1660486 – Webkit stopped working when restoring cssRule without cssRuleList or parent stylesheet.
1658964 – WebKit could become unresponsive when executing large Javascript.
1658433 – .NET API could become unresponsive on RegisterCluster.
1654392 – node.js was upgraded due to security vulnerability.
1650265 – Device Mappings permissions were checked incorrectly.
1647518 – Thread leak in ChunkedArrayProxy when downloading a large file could cause RoboServer to run out of memory.
1643915 – WebKit did not preserve URL fragment after redirect.
1641833 – Data view performance was slow and could cause Management Console to stop working.
1635498 – WebKit URL encoded characters were all upper case instead of keeping their original case.
1635430 – WebKit incorrectly encoded URL parameters.
1635513 – WebKit decoded URLs incorrectly after redirects.
1628105 – Race condition occurred when getting or setting tree modes.
1618431 – Desktop automation service could not write to log when using date/time formatting with a dot ‘.’ as separator.
1609166 – Design Studio stopped working when deleting a branch from a Try step.
1586033 – Text input to a Robot consisting of only white space was trimmed.
1585589 – It was impossible to stop robot after running it in a localized version of the Management Console.

FR-14995 – 1604204 Enter group security name in MC is not working.
FR-14786 – 1590560 Restrict users in Kapplets to access robots based on project permissions.
1616378 – Project synchronization failed if elements were located in root folder when using Oracle DB.
1615443 – Removed URL to deprecated KappZone.
1611892 – Process Discovery Agent could cause Outlook to become unresponsive when configuring auto-reply.
1611047 – Navigation via address bar in CEF was broken.
1610326 – Сase-sensitive collation in LogDB caused invalid column name.
1603511 – ProductSearch example robot did not work.
1601596 – Process Discovery Agent generated duplicated error log messages when it failed to get window element.
1601260 – Fixed performance degradation of Desktop Automation.
1601085 – Enter Text replaced text in CEF address bar instead of appending.
1597869 – Users could not see running robots from projects they did not have permission to access.

COD-14602 – 1594376 Fixed memory issue in Synchronizer.
1594883 – Call Rest with Digest Authentication did not work with auth-int and nonce count options.
1594392 – Git synchronization failed to synchronize empty project.
1594382 – Git synchronization consumed excessive amount of memory when reading robot summary.
1594379 – Git synchronization committed new files twice.
1594377 – Git synchronization stopped without errors.
1594334 – Upgraded ActiveMQ due to security vulnerability.
1594334 – Upgraded Spring and Spring-web due to security vulnerability.
1594334 – Upgraded Spring-security due to security vulnerability.
1594334 – Upgraded Woodstox due to security vulnerability.
1594334 – Upgraded Jackson due to security vulnerability.
1594334 – Upgraded XStream due to security vulnerability.
1591972 – LDAP user groups were not available in Kapplets.
1591225 – Replaced Oracle JDK with AdoptOpenJDK.
1583300 – File spn.txt was loaded from user profile by default.
1581520 – Localized the trial installer.
1578356 – Upgraded Axios due to security vulnerability.
1578346 – Upgraded jetty due to security vulnerability.
1565680 – File spn.txt required to be located in the installation folder.
1556600 – RoboServer logged “Unable to obtain RFS information from Management Console” after every robot run when RFS was unconfigured.

1573558 – Analyzer did not always discover processes created with assistance.
1573138 – Could not create a new user for DB in Process Discovery group.
1571426 – Discovery type of process could be different on the same Agent data.
1570545 – Manually recorded tasks were not discovered in Process Discovery Analyzer.
1570284 – Key press area was out of screenshot area in Process Discovery Analyzer.
1570278 – Process Discovery Analyzer failed to process data for packet that exceeded max allowed packet bytes.
1567756 – Process Discovery Agent became unresponsive after starting recording events.
1567658 – Failed to replace local storage db file in Process Discovery Agent.
1567082 – White labeling of installers did not work.
1562019 – Admin user rights were not updated from LDAP.
1561765 – Design Studio could crash when executing directly to branch after looping in snippet.
1559740 – Localization issue on the Data view page in MC.
1556717 – Form data was not exposed in the tree when opening PDF documents.
1555437 – Could not run robots from previous versions after restoring backup when using KCU license.

1573558 – Processes created with assistance were not always discovered.
1573160 – Webkit Load Page step required access to configuration folder.
1573138 – Could not create access for more than one database in Process Discovery groups.
1555437 – Robots restored from previous version backup could not be started when using KCU license.
1548180 – Extract Email step ignored charset part of Content-Type header.
1544472 – Default value was missing for LDAP property in Docker configurator.
1543305 – “Robot name” filter did not contain “folder” of robot.
1542629 – Management Console could not be deployed on WebSphere.
1542339 – Process Discovery Analyzer ignored application ignore list.
1542213 – Path info did not include first element of tree in Process Discovery Analyzer.
1540726 – Could not open offline help from License Information window on Japanese locale.
1540723 – Help links on Introduction page were broken for offline documentation.
1538943 – Link to third-party documentation in Start menu was broken.
1538228 – Could not restore backup in Management Console installed on Docker using restore.sh.
1537697 – Profiling did not work on Japanese setup.
1536884 – Purge RoboServers setting was reset after refresh.
1533325 – Eclipse link exception when deleting project with “Delete project if exists” option.
1530720 – Password could be retrieved when editing schedule jobs.
1524075 – Synchronizer showed logs in console only.
1368761 – Password Store client user could add password on CyberArk tab.

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