Kofax Transformation Modules 6.4 Latest Version Release Notes

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April 5, 2022
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Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) 6.4.0 Fix Pack 11 | Release Date:  April 5, 2022

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1782705: When Rotating a Multipage TIFF pages are lost. Pages in a document are no longer lost after the document is rotated to correct its orientation.
1780461: PDF document index is out of range. After an upgrade to PDFIUM the transfer of atypical characters from the PDF document to the extracted text is now prevented, and errors are no longer encountered due to these characters.
1779566: In Document Review, when user enters a value and clicks the down arrow, all class names are being displayed. When a user enters a value in the Class combobox to search for a class and then uses the down arrow to select a class, the full results are no longer displayed. Instead, the entered value filters the class list based on the entered string as expected.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1761847 – Edit Training Document Window Causes Errors. The Edit Training Document window is now displayed as expected each time the window is opened.
1761031 – Document Review Caches Last Keyboard Entered Document Class. The last class entered by the keyboard is no longer cashed when the keyboard focus is lost.
1749306 – Field re-read causes connected words when there are multiple lines. Using the re-read option no longer connects individual words found on two lines because a delimiter is applied.
1729751 – Information incomplete regarding Bug 1670255 – OCR results decreased from FineReader engine. The description of bug 1670255 has been updated to include information about using the necessary script reference.

1718389 – Patch code not correctly recognized. By default, Patch codes should be recognized with the default FineReader recognition settings. However, if FineReader fails to recognize a Patch bar code using the default settings, you can improve the chances of bar code recognition by making use of the UseSpeedRecognition behavior via scripting. If you want to recognize Patch bar codes, you can add the following code to the BeforeLocate event.

1705619 – Multiple selected languages in OmniPage Error: Could not perform recognition due to an internal OmniPage error Bronze2. OmniPage21 has been updated and this issue no longer occurs.
1697743 – ValidationForm_AfterTableRowAdded is not raised when table rows are interpolated.The AfterRowAdded event is now raised each time that table rows are interpolated.

1699794 – Make Omnipage soft timeout configurable. A new Timeout property is available in the MpsPageRecogProfileOmniPage and can be set via script. The Timeout value uses milliseconds for its unit. Use the following syntax example:

1698551 – Report Viewer shows more documents than pages and also negative document count
1682236 – Perform check in Document Review for pending changes before closing a batch. It is no longer possible to close a batch in Document Review without being prompted to save any unconfirmed changes.

1670255 – OCR results decreased from FineReader engine 11.1 to 12.2 in KTM 6.3. It is now possible to use the FineReader “ProhibitModelAnalysis” property in script to improve OCR Results in some cases. This option is available via script only and does not appear on the user interface. The value for this option is set to True by default. When this option is set to False, the recognition engine uses model analysis to improve recognition in some cases. Note: This property can be saved in the project. This means that the script does not need to be executed each time a project is processed. Execute the script from Project Builder and then save the project. The setting is then set when the project is used in production. Use the following script sample to set this option, modifying it for your specific needs.

1669604 – Document Review takes significantly longer to load a 400 pages document, if the image path is on a UNC path. Page updates have been optimized to improve document loading.
1663171 – Failing Datamatrix Bar Code Locator sends batch to Quality Control. If there is an issue recognizing a bar code using the FineReader recognition engine, batches are no longer sent to Quality Control, even when extraction has no results.
1662470 – Local Exception error thrown when OCR is performed with mixed print profile on some images.
1648370 – Mixed Print Recognition Profile Crashes Project Designer and DIC Server On some Images. Project Builder and Server no longer crash when processing a project that uses a Mixed Print Recognition profile.

1667310 – The ValidationForm “Button”‘s “Enabled” Property in Script Does Not Reflect The Button’s Correct Enabled State. The ValidationForm control properties are now properly reflected in script and behave as expected.
1641005 – The ValidationForm Field “Enabled” and “Visible” Properties Are Not Properly Reflected in Script. The ValidationForm control properties are now properly reflected in script and behave as expected.
1663059 – Memory leak when loading the project. Locator methods are now successfully unloaded when a project is closed. Because of this, memory issues no longer occur when a project is closed.
1659362 – Retain Open Batch Windows Position for Dual Monitor Display. When using dual monitors, it is now possible to save the location of the Open Batch window. The next time you open a user module, the window appears in the same location.
1644013 – useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy parameter is missing in some .config files. The useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy property is no longer missing from any configuration files. If the configuration files are not updated for any reason, add the property “useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy=true” to the startup tag for the configuration files in <%ProgramFiles%>\Kofax\CaptureSS\ServLib\Bin and then start the Scheduler service and relaunch the module.
1641004 – Validation Form Button hot key does not work as expected. Buttons and their associated hot keys on the Validation form now work as expected.

1644760 – Licensing Error Causes Server to Stop Processing, “License info is null”. Server no longer stops processing due to a licensing error.
1644682 – ValidationDocking3.xml can get into blocked state after starting many instances of Validation quickly one after the other. It is now possible to successfully open several back-to-back instances of the Validation module from the Batch Manager.
1642967 – Enhancement Request – Save KTM user settings in CaptureSV. It is now possible to redirect user settings for rich-client user modules so that they are saved in the APPDATA folder, rather than the default LOCALAPPDATA. This is done by editing the %ProgramData%\Kofax\CaptureSV\Config\ACConfig.xml file. Once this setting is in place, user settings related to docking or toolbar customizations are redirected to the APPDATA folder. Add  to the configuration file using the following syntax. Create the  node if it does not already exist:

1634072 – MCAP – Object Reference Error When Validating UB04 Documents.
1633111 – Field type Combobox on the validation form results in an object reference error. User interface elements now behave as expected without causing errors.
1621776 – Fox exception error when moving documents to folders in the BatchOpen event in Project Builder. It is now possible to move document to folders using the BatchOpen scripct event.

1626975 – Debug DLL Fixes KTM Validation Module “Object Reference” Errors. An error no longer occurs when opening the rich-client Validation module.
1626224 – Several registry settings like AutoNextBatchOpen, ConfirmBatchClosing, Pollintervall, PollToOpenBatch and ShowOnlylnvalidDocs of for Validation are stored in the registry under “ProjectBuilder”, not “Validation”. The affected registry settings are now listed under Validation rather than Project Builder.
1626223 – Folder fields are not populated to Kofax Capture and are not preserved after suspend. Folder fields that have been changed by script in batch editing events are now successfully preserved and passed to Kofax Capture.
1620561 – PDF Signature not shown in KTM 6.4. The PDF Signature is now displayed in the Document Viewer of the Project Builder.
1619528 – The Verify flag in Kofax Capture Index Fields changes from True to False whenever a project is synchronized and the corresponding transformation project field does not require synchronization. The Verify flag only changes to True if the corresponding transformation project field requires verification.
1619034 – Server error: “SeparatePages failed, StructuredException. An error is no longer encountered when a user separates a document.
1604356 – Layout Classifier “Enable automatic rotation” not recognized when used with TDS (Trainable Document Separation). The Enable automatic rotation setting for the Layout Classifier is now successfully applied when used with Trainable Document Separation.

1592620 – PDF Text right-to-left (RTL) error because of wrong word order. An error no longer occurs when processing PDFs with right-to-left text. The words of a text line are now treated in a logical order specified by the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm. For more  information, see https://unicode.org/reports/tr9/.

1587585 – file.delete(folderpath) operation results with error Could not open Folder.xfd. It is now possible to use the file.delete(folderpath) operation without encountering an error.
1570957 – Open Batch operation failed with message ‘only one batch may be open at a time’ in Document Review module. Bathes now open without error in the Document Review module.
1566819 – Batch in dialog not opened after refresh. When a user refreshes the list of batches in the Open Batch window and then double-clicks on one of the batches, that batch opens successfully without error.
1565871 – In Validation Auto foldering with merge of documents results in index error. An error is no longer encountered when merging documents using auto foldering in the Validation user module.
1550732 – MixedPrint OCR fails in Project Builder when using script with error ‘Couldn’t access profiles. An error is no longer encountered when performing mixed print recognition in Project Builder when using script.

1558056 – Fox Exception index out of range when moving multiple pages to another document. It is now possible to move multiple pages to another document without encountering an error.
1553367 – Enhance classification locator to provide more details. The full classification results are now attached to each alternative of the Classification Locator. This information is available to scripting for further analysis as needed.

1552532 – Project merge fails when RecoStar Add-on is installed. The RecoStar Add-on no longer causes a project merge to fail.1551973 – Fox exception thrown when a pdf document with invisible text is open with paragraph detection enabled. An error no longer occurs when a PDF with invisible text is opened with paragraph detection enabled. However, in order to ensure that the invisible text is analysed for paragraph detection, run recognition for the PDF in order to perform paragraph detection for any invisible words on a PDF.1551240 – Error while saving an already merged project. It is now possible to successfully save a project that has already been merged.1550791 – Unable to open zone property settings after project is merged. It is now possible to open zone settings after a project is merged.1546436 – Dateformatter fails with month dictionary and dates in YYYY-DD-MM format. The Date Formatter now supports the YYYY-DD-MM date format and dates using this format are successfully recognized.1524106 – Cannot Copy and Paste Page1 to the same document. If you copy a page, you can now paste it to the same document as long as you select the document before pasting. Whichever page is copied cannot be pasted onto itself or the next page at page-level. As a workaround for this limitation in copying pages onto themselves, paste the page by selecting the document and then move the page to the desired positon.

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