ACMO partners with Storecove to enable E-Invoicing with APAY over the Peppol network

Christina Fielding
May 7, 2020
2 min read

ACMO is passionate about providing the best services for our clients as they undertake their transformation to a paperless office with digital automated workflows. A new trend towards e-invoicing is occurring in Australia due to the Morrison Governments Digital Business Plan. With E-invoicing, there will no longer be a need for businesses to generate paper-based or PDF invoices that must be printed, posted, or emailed. AP staff will also no longer need to manually enter or scan these into their accounting system.

ACMO has partnered with Storecove to expand the offerings of our accounts payable automation platform APAY to give it the ability to send and receive E-invoices through the Storecove access point on the Peppol Network. In Australia, the common E-invoicing standard is Peppol, which is an internationally established standard. The Peppol standard allows the digital exchange of invoices between different accounting systems, providing quicker processing and instant cash-flow analysis.

The partnership with Storecove has helped ACMO provide this important additional capability to our existing APAY customers. As it is certainly not clear how long the transition to e-Invoicing will take to occur in Australia, and many SME businesses are only at the beginning of their journey towards digital automated workflows, the paper-based and PDF invoice is still largely how Australian business will operate in 2021.

APAY is the bridge between what companies need now to process secure invoice payments and what companies will need in the future to process E-invoices. When E-invoicing reaches a tipping point in Australia, companies who have invested in solutions like APAY will have the field advantage of a proven, flexible, and intelligent system that can take advantage of dealing with e-invoice only suppliers.

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