Kofax VRS 5.2 Latest Version Release Notes

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November 24, 2021
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Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1712165 – Recognition was not responsible with FPS color error on certain images in Kofax Capture.
1701512 – Request to enable or disable EBC (Enhanced Bar Code Engine) on different workstations. To enable EBC, add “IGNORECAPTUREEBC” to KofaxReg.xml and set the value to 1.
1697545 – Error 20045: Driver Failure occurs with Panasonic KV-S1057 MK2 on a non-VRS source.
1681418 – VCDemo became unresponsive while importing the second page of a PDF file.
1678384 – Recognition Server service became unresponsive, due to an issue with VRS Deshade functionality in the Kofax Capture image cleanup profile.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1650827 – Multifeed image was not created when using a Kodak i3450 scanner.
1648143 – Desktop Productivity File Explorer menu items were not displayed for UNC paths. Note: Windows File Explorer may lock Desktop Productivity file extensions when user is logged on. To install the fix pack properly, we recommend that you turn off Desktop Productivity for File Explorer in the VRS Administration Console. Then log out and log in to Windows again to perform the fix pack installation. Once the fix pack has been installed succesfully, you can enable Desktop Productivity for File Explorer again.
1631516 – Incorrect mapping of Scanner Maximum page size with Fujitsu fi-7900 and fi-7800.
1625888 – Fujitsu fi-7900 Scanner Maximum (12×17) 20+ppm was slower than B Size (11×17) when End of Page Detection and Overscan were enabled.
1622270 – VRS did not stop scanning by clicking on stop when Multicore was set to ON/Automatic. To enable the fix, add the “STOPKEY” to KofaxReg.xml and set it to 1.

1603539 – [Kofax Capture VRS]PDF Generator Error: FPS: Image cleanup failed (CKfxException: 0x00000212 FPS: Image cleanup failed (Bad Parameter).
1596227 – Error 20489 – PDF page is not a supported format.

1629492 – Hole fill was not working in color mode with the Fujitsu fi-5900c HVRS scanner.
1604964 – When using Kofax VRS with a Kodak i5600 scanner, a large red X appeared intermittently on images.
1599950 – Recognition failed with the error C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION.
1472894 – AZTEC ISO-8859-1 decoding issue.

1562427 – Kodak i5x50V: The maximum adjustable time for the Power Save setting has been reduced from 240 minutes to 120 minutes.
1475830 – Windows 10 Defender Security prevents writing images to a network location when scanning more than one image in Kofax Capture or the Kofax VRS Test Application (VCDemo).
1372819 – Kofax Capture and Kofax VRS 5.2 cannot detect Postnet barcodes if Enhanced Barcode engine is enabled.

1563795 – Scan from Kofax VRS Twain On Top Imprinter string returned as null.
1487580 – QR code recognized by Kofax Transformation Modules Recognition Server is not detected by ImageControls application.
1545843 – Request to add new “TIFF-G4/TIFF-LZW/TIFF-JPEG” options to the Internal Image Storage format.
1523434 – After a PDF was imported, some lines were replaced by dots.
1518472 – VRS 5.2 Client was not creating the .download extension file when selecting profiles from a configurable folder.
1517122 – Multifeed image was not created when using a Kodak i4850 scanner.
1516568 – A VRS Workgroup license was incorrectly expected for an Epson DS-7500 Desktop level scanner.
1488312 – When a VRS Desktop license was used with the Enhanced Bar Code engine, bar code separation did not work.
1487407 – Request ability to turn off Kofax Device Health feature in Kofax VRS Elite. Note: To enable this fix, add the following tag to KofaxReg.xml:

1472989 – In a Kofax Capture environment, if an imported image exceeded the maximum width allowed, the Scan and QC modules failed, and the error message did not clearly explain the cause of the issue. Note: To ensure that a meaningful message appears in this situation without causing a failure, you can add the following tag to Kofax.Reg.xml:

1432267 – If Kofax VRS was installed in a Kofax Capture environment, the Fujitsu endorser did not work.
1466940 – Kofax Capture Recognition Server fails while processing dark images.
1456576 – Request Kofax Import Connector option to configure the minimum image size for VRS processing. Note: To enable this fix, add the following two tags to KofaxReg.xml for specifying the minimum width and minimum height (in pixels) for the input images. Any values below 16 will internally be reset to 16 (the lowest value that is allowed for image’s width and height).

1456558 – Recognition service fails and has to be restarted.
1456555 – Annotation string appears only on the front side image, but not on the back side. Note: To enable this fix, add the following tag to KofaxReg.xml:

1456552 – Data Matrix bar code cannot be read.
1456549 – PDF file imported as a blank page.
1456546 – Out of paper message when scanning the same images into the same batch while Multicore processing is enabled.
1453356 – Importing images smaller than 16 pixels causes a failure.
1442850 – Kodak i5850S not classified as supported for Image Address functionality in VRS.
1403453 – “Error 20208 – compressor failed” occurs when importing color/grayscale, LZW 600×600 DPI TIFF files.

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