Partnership with Procurify - Procure-to-Pay Automation

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June 23, 2021
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Helping businesses accomplish more through intelligent automation is our mission here at ACMO. We would like to announce our most recent partnership with Procurify whose mission is to make business spending smart and simple. Procurify believes that “Great ideas take money, so manage it well.” The high-performing private Canadian company offers a unique Procure-to-pay automation solution that helps organisations gain insight into the entire purchasing process, approve or deny spending requests on the go, unlock centralised purchasing management, make custom approvals, automate purchase orders, and control budgets.

ACMO would love to help your organisation get set up with Procurify. It’s ideal for finance and operation teams who struggle with managing spend, and request & approval bottlenecks. The software will help you control spending without slowing down your team. Procurify makes it easy to capture all your spending data and balance your team’s goals without sacrificing financial control.

About Procurify

Procurify’s spend management software helps organisations control spending. Using this Procure-to-pay automation software companies can set up procurement and purchasing workflows, set up fast digital approvals, and automate and manage all the steps of the procure-to-pay process. The software supports strategic decisions based on spend analytics and vendor data and leads to valuable purchasing insights to support business growth.

About ACMO

Based in Sydney, ACMO helps enterprises streamline and simplify their business processes using Intelligent Automation solutions. ACMO has a technical consulting team with over 30 years of combined automation product suite experience. The award-winning company designs and delivers comprehensive automation solutions and provides ongoing support and maintenance to customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

How does it work?

Employees can simply place a requisition on Procurify, and the appropriate manager will be alerted to either approve or deny it, eliminating the need for emails and spreadsheets. Managers can be alerted to new requisitions via simple push notifications, or Slack alerts along with the crucial details like what is needed and when it’s needed by, and all this can be done on the go with a mobile app. This gives employees a sense of reassurance and certainty to obtain the status of an order. If employees see that their request is stuck at a certain stage, they can then send an instant message to the approver on the Procurify chat log, which is then stored on Procurify’s audit log and be a matter of record.

This automated and streamlined approval requisition process means that staff have more visibility when it comes to employee-initiated purchasing, and management retain control of spending, without sacrificing agility.

  • Procurement Process Management
  • Purchase Order Approval Workflow
  • Streamlined Purchasing Processes
  • Requester & Approver Management
  • Procure to Pay Cycle
  • Organisation Spend Management
  • Budget Management
  • Real-time Spend Reporting
  • Integrated with leading ERP solutions such as NetSuite and Quickbooks
  • Cloud-based
  • Easy to use

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