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Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.8.0 Fix Pack 3 | Release Date: December 3, 2020

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

1558159 Case 26214209: Expose the LastAccessedAt property for Folders. Expose LastAccessedAt folder system property in KTA Designer, and add support for this property in various Capture SDK APIs. CaptureDocumentService.GetFolder() updated to return LastAccessedAt property when returning folder object. GetFolderFieldValue() and GetFolderFieldValues() updated to support the return of “LastAccessedAt property.

1548979 Case 26202582: Enforcing European Server Location – Multi Region Support. In the Kofax Clarity recognition profile there is now an option to select the region of the cloud service that it uses for OCR, previously that was always in the US. Now you can also select processing in the EU region.

1512489 Case 26122511: Add option to select 32bit/64bit ImageMagick in document convertor configuration. The ImageMagick version options ImageMagick-32Bit (Default) and ImageMagick-64Bit are available for converting the image files to TIFF format. Note: For a 64-bit operating system, you can use ImageMagick-32Bit or ImageMagick-64Bit. For a better performance, we recommend that you use ImageMagick-64Bit.

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1560825 Case 26212920: Some images are failing at Image Processing activity
1558011 Case 26220915: Reimaging a deployed Azure CPUServer role results in the D Drive being reduced by 5GB to approximately 500mb remaining
1556295: Support for nullable parameters in .net method activity
1555831 Case 26205564: Difference in behavior with the Time section of a Metadata Date Variable
1554931 Case 26212299: Capture screen goes blank on activity complete requiring a browser refresh
1554573 Case 26205226: Table extraction with automatic detection issues to return values
1554240 Case 26187615: Error retrieving Dynamic Complex Variable values from CreateJobSync in split/web app

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1543529 Case 26199501: Expose the CreatedAt property for Folders. Expose “CreatedAt” folder system property in KTA Designer, and add support for this property in various Capture SDK APIs.

  • CaptureDocumentService.GetFolder() updated to return “CreatedAt” property when returning folder object.
  • GetFolderFieldValue() and GetFolderFieldValues() updated to support the return of “CreatedAt” property.

1543125 Case 26194557: Configuration change to Abby Finereader options for OCR and Export. Case 26219222: Order of PDF text does not follow location of words – embedded table structures: In some cases the internal order of text blocks in a PDF generated by the Trasnformation Server can be confused. While the PDF text is visually always properly positioned on generated PDF this problem can show up when manually selecting text of multiple paragraphs. You can now enhance this by configuring the PDF engine for a deeper document structure analysis. To enable this option add the following key to the the Transformation Server configuration file “C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Transformation Server\Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config” in appSettings section and restart the TransformationServer service:

<add key="PdfGenSortText" value="true" />

1543003 Case 26192617: SameSite by default cookies security attributes causing connection issues if KTA forms are hosted in iFrames. If the TotalAgility forms are hosted in iFrames, “The connection to the server is broken” error message is displayed when loading the form or when attempting to add documents/pages before creating the associated job. To address this issue, TotalAgility supports SameSite by default cookies security attributes.

1529850 Case 26170003: Customer would like to parse a QR Code generated in Japanese character code Shift-JIS. The Barcode Locator is enhanced with Shift-JIS character code support to automatically recognize the barcodes of type, QR Code created with Shift-JIS.

1523069 Case 26170839: Wildcard Search (or contains) and Autocomplete in Validation form on OCR words. The behavior of the combo boxes and regular fields’ auto complete feature is enhanced. As you input the text in a field or combo box, the search suggestions are automatically displayed that meet the specified criteria.

1513536 Case 26153094: Improve performance of Named Entity Locator. A new option is added to the class configuration in the Natural Language Processing section which will limit the number of pages where named entity extraction is performed. When using the Transformation Designer, test documents may already have the NLP information for the entire documents. If you wish to test changes to this new setting, then performing Recognize on test documents will delete any existing NLP information in the document.

1489190 SavePageImage() API to avoid unneeded WORKER TASK INSERTs. To avoid the Primary key violation for sequential image upload, new API, SavePageImage2 and an additional flag, ‘initializeBatch’ are added. See the SDK documentation for details.
1476599 Case 26131044: To hide Kofax TotalAgility version disclosure in URLs. For maintaining security, the Kofax TotalAgility product and component versions are not displayed in the URL to a form.
1471487 Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK. A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log. Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.
1488349 Case 26112552: Allow support for Super-Compressed PDF: You can now compress the PDF files generated by the PDF generation activities. To enable compression, in the Transformation Server configuration file “Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config”, locate the “” section and add the following key:

<add key="PdfCompressionExecutionEnabled" value="true" />

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1549862 Case 26203789: Order of Search criteria is changed within DB Query or DAS when re-opening.
1549566 Case 26205304: The attached sample OCR exists but is missing from exported PDF’s text layer
1549506 Case 26208244: Issue in Validation when Capture Table has Style set to Inline – Failure creating form Type Error: setSefaultRowStyle is not a function
1549023 Case 26206218: Decrease in performance of SaveTextExtension() & SaveFolderTextExtension()
1548779 Case 26209394: Clicking drop down arrow icon in “Action” list within table rows did not trigger Row Selected event
1548764 Case 26207100: Focus stays on previous Numerical type textboxes when moving through those textboxes
1548585 Case 26205098: Problem in parsing QR Codes generated in Japanese character code Shift-JIS
1546717 Case 26167626: Show Message action causes Form Server error at runtime
1546711 Case 26167626: Show Message non-default language causes Validation form to hang
1545048 Case 26176670: Duplicate entry in Reporting tfs_class_dim table causes Reporting ETL failure “The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1544425 Case 26204502: WCC does not display image when the form has a table control with Action List and DB Query
1542980 Case 26154899: Amount Group Locator not working on Full Page
1542714 Case 26200105: Out Of Memory error in Transformation
1542562 Case 26169475: Multi-field BR validator after extraction is marking the fields as invalid when they are valid
1542357 Case 26198936, 26180561: Unable to Import Forms “Object Reference – Void SetImagePathsForDocumentViewerControls”
1542150 Case 26181047: ActionList redirect not working correctly since FP9 for KTA 7.7
1541930 Case 26196274: SOAP Class and Method is not populating for one of the Oracle BI Report web service
1541361 Case 26194490: Transformation Server CPU server crashing due to Atalasoft DotImage not handling mobile images with false or missing DPI
1540917 Case 26194727: DAS action throws error “Unable to convert value ‘System.Object[]’ to type ‘System.Object'” after applying fix pack 10
1540667 Case 26170287: IIS httpResponse.Redirect “Thread was being aborted” errors accessing forms
1540472 Case 26169630: HTML Document Causes IP to timeout after 2 hours
1536449 Case 26187830: Error while displaying chart (particular language configuration).
1536010 Case 26189456: After applying FP10 with Style=inline, and using Value Only in a dropdown list, the text is not appearing as expected
1532131 Case 26188971: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled
1532111 Case 26182468: DAS error at runtime when passing empty dropdown value to Stored Procedure with an Integer (numerical) input
1531234 Case 26094775: PDFs with headers cannot be ingested through SCNJ form
1530848 Case 26172354: [Reporting] extr_batch_sess_key reported after confirmation field
1530588 Case 26175043: Applying fix pack removes DateTime from date columns on custom WorkQueue and Job Queries
1530230 Case 26183237: Unable to debug TakeActivity forms using a Dynamic form on the embedded page,
1530014 Case 26180729: After applying FP10 with Style=inline and displaying value and text, none of the dropdown list data can be selected
1529525 Case 26182388: Cannot use Currency-textfield in StoredProc-DBQuery
1528755 Case 26177210: Cursor jumps when entering line item data in Validation
1528666 Case 26182381: Value of Radiobutton cannot be used in Add-DBQuery.
1525502 Case 26172354: Reclassification affects field reporting data
1523785 Case 26174652: Value of Radiobutton cannot be used in Where-Clause (Search criteria) of DBQuery
1523690 Case 26174710: CSS class ignored for tab controls
1523572 Case 26174639: Radiobuttonlist not using configured width when using style=inline
1522644 Case 26173825: Multi-Select Table Control not retaining the changes “Selected Rows” Binding
1519440 Case 26130077: Exporting a package corrupts Business Rules when “Include items associated with processes” is unchecked
1518742 Case 26169766: New compression in can change text
1511486 Case 26138254: Date always converted to US format using the email node
1510124 Case 26156596: Column order breaks the table
1500692 Case 26129664: “The request was aborted: The operation has timed out.” error when trying to process multiple messages at the same time

1522736 Case 26166872: Invalid cast from ‘Boolean’ to ‘DateTime’ Error message when opening Validation, if we pass Document Fields in to the Validation activity.
1517538 Case 26170044: Deleting a variable assignment from an expression step does not free the association
1517507 Case 26167701: Ref Complex Type does not expand in Web Service activity
1517162 Case 26144848: Ability to use Webservice ItemChoiceType parameter in Webservice activity
1517077 Case 26150401: Table Column Width does not Auto Fit
1517008 Case 26170046: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled
1516493 Case 26145513: Overlapping of LoadBatch & UnloadBatch calls causes LoadBatch to read stale data
1515950 Case 26170041: Cannot configure custom style class for table frame
1514118 Case 26161604: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline
1502187 Case 26148930: Connector Mappings do not get imported along with the package
1501384 Case 26153340: Imprinting in the Scan form with VRS Elite 5.2 TOT and Canon DR-G2110 crashes
1500874 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set
1500087 Case 26152591: Inconsistent behavior with ‘Include complete message as MSG file’
1497532 Case 26143696: Order of global and local validators doesn’t work correctly
1497464 Case 26146780: Document Capture Fields Data Associated With the Wrong Document in Validation
1497402 Case 26138128: Actions pop up menu opens in incorrect screen location
1496179 Case 26135941: extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1495237 Case 26141717: Multiple error messages when attempting to perform Extraction within Transformation designer
1493118 Case 26136707: DisplayRule is not allowing the display/hide of toolbar buttons and other objects like 7.5 did
1492003 Case 26139254: Editing WQ Query causes the selected process to be lost
1477955 Case 26012960, 26126191: DateFormatter can only hold a few text lines
1477675 Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1475386 Case 26130744: Variables with same name but different IDs in second embedded processes causing export to fail