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Kofax Transformation Modules 6.4 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) 6.4.0 Fix Pack 2 | Release Date:  March 19, 2021

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1587585 – file.delete(folderpath) operation results with error Could not open Folder.xfd. It is now possible to use the file.delete(folderpath) operation without encountering an error.
1570957 – Open Batch operation failed with message ‘only one batch may be open at a time’ in Document Review module. Bathes now open without error in the Document Review module.
1566819 – Batch in dialog not opened after refresh. When a user refreshes the list of batches in the Open Batch window and then double-clicks on one of the batches, that batch opens successfully without error.
1565871 – In Validation Auto foldering with merge of documents results in index error. An error is no longer encountered when merging documents using auto foldering in the Validation user module.
1550732 – MixedPrint OCR fails in Project Builder when using script with error ‘Couldn’t access profiles. An error is no longer encountered when performing mixed print recognition in Project Builder when using script.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1558056 – Fox Exception index out of range when moving multiple pages to another document. It is now possible to move multiple pages to another document without encountering an error.
1553367 – Enhance classification locator to provide more details. The full classification results are now attached to each alternative of the Classification Locator. This information is available to scripting for further analysis as needed.

    Private Sub Document_AfterLocate(ByVal pXDoc As CASCADELib.CscXDocument, ByVal LocatorName As String)
        Dim layoutresultxml As String
        Dim layoutresult As New CscResult
        layoutresultxml = pXDoc.Locators.ItemByName("ClassificationLocatorName").Alternatives(0).XValues.ItemByName("__LayoutClassificationResult__").Value

        Dim contentresultxml As String
        Dim contentresult As New CscResult
        contentresultxml = pXDoc.Locators.ItemByName("ClassificationLocatorName").Alternatives(0).XValues.ItemByName("__ContentClassificationResult__").Value
    End Sub

1552532 – Project merge fails when RecoStar Add-on is installed. The RecoStar Add-on no longer causes a project merge to fail.
1551973 – Fox exception thrown when a pdf document with invisible text is open with paragraph detection enabled. An error no longer occurs when a PDF with invisible text is opened with paragraph detection enabled. However, in order to ensure that the invisible text is analysed for paragraph detection, run recognition for the PDF in order to perform paragraph detection for any invisible words on a PDF.
1551240 – Error while saving an already merged project. It is now possible to successfully save a project that has already been merged.
1550791 – Unable to open zone property settings after project is merged. It is now possible to open zone settings after a project is merged.
1546436 – Dateformatter fails with month dictionary and dates in YYYY-DD-MM format. The Date Formatter now supports the YYYY-DD-MM date format and dates using this format are successfully recognized.
1524106 – Cannot Copy and Paste Page1 to the same document. If you copy a page, you can now paste it to the same document as long as you select the document before pasting. Whichever page is copied cannot be pasted onto itself or the next page at page-level. As a workaround for this limitation in copying pages onto themselves, paste the page by selecting the document and then move the page to the desired positon.