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Kofax Transformation Modules Thin Client 6.4 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax Transformation Modules (KTM) Thin Client 6.4.0 Fix Pack 7 | Release Date:  October 11, 2021

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1682455 – No Thumbnails loaded with KTM Thin Client using large batches. There are no longer any errors with loading thumbnails in the Thin Clients.
1674153 – Non-deterministic crashes of w3wp process with different error messages in event log. Several issues with image loading, session handling, and multi-threading have been solved. IMPORTANT: When you install this fix pack you also need to manually add an entry to the Thin Client Server web.config. In the web.config locate the node and add the following:


1673170 – Missing check for duplicate login from browser when running login via dialog only. It is no longer possible to log on to one of the Thin Clients in multiple tabs in the same browser, regardless of the log on method.
1671297 – Field with autocomplete throws exception if document was split in thin client validation. Auto complete fields now work as expected when a document is split that has recognition results on the first page only.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1674501 – Thumbnail generation with multi page PDF files locks PDF files. A multi-page PDF is no longer locked while its thumbnails are loaded by the Thin Client Server.
1659590 – Closing batch message does not disappear after a batch is closed, even if already a new batch is loading in thin client validation. When a combo box field is the last field validated and the ‘Prompt before closing completed batch’ setting is cleared, the batch now closes successfully.
1599914 – Whole field value is not selected while navigating between fields with tab. The whole field value is now selected when navigating within a tab.
1589499 – In the Thin Client toolbar it is hard to see if an item is selected or not. It is now clear when a toolbar button is selected or in the pressed state.

1645497 – The last visible combobox item is not displayed correctly in the dropdown list. Dropdown list entries that contain spaces are now displayed correctly in the combobox.
1634826 – Dropdown button is not working on a combo box filled by small dictionary in Thin Client Validation. Dropdown lists are now working as expected and there is no longer an overlap issue created by an empty MiniViewer.
1634130 – Batch Creation Date & Time Filter not working based on GMT+. The Date & Time filter now works as expected for local time.
ER1589751 – Add an animation instead of just a white background when loading page. The logon behavior has been modified and a new flag has been added to the web.config file to control this behavior.

AuthenticationAsSingleSignOnOnly (default: true): Logs on with single sign-on using the windows user credentials. When set to false, log on requests logon credentials.
ShowLoginDialog (default: false): If set to true, single sign-on fails, a window is displayed so that you can log on. A simple animation is now displayed until the application is loaded and the logon process is started. If you want to see the additional log on window when single sign-on fails, add the following parameter to the web.config after the existing entry for AuthenticationAsSingleSignOnOnly:

<setting name="ShowLoginDialog" serializeAs="String">

1633208 – Dialog windows can be moved out the visible area from where it cannot be retrieved in Thin Client Validation. It is no longer possible to move a window outside of the visible area ofthe tab.
1633207 – Shortcut to mark document for online learning fails if problem reporting is disabled. It is now possible to successfully mark a document for online learning by clicking the Use for Extraction Online Learning button for a document even when the Report a Problem button is disabled.
1633203 – All DB lookups are assigning the wrong record to document fields when sorting of any column is used. Database lookups are now returning the correct record to the Validation form, even when sorting is used in the database lookup window.
1632129 – Thin Client Server: table column width configurations are ignored. When a table is configured to use the Autofit setting or a specific width is defined for a column, these settings are now honored, and the table is displayed correctly.
1632123 – Thin Client Server with different language setting in browser generates internal server 500. When a Browser is set to a language that includes special characters in its name, an error is no longer generated.
1620622 – Lasso and autocomplete stop functioning with no error messages in Thin Client Validation. It is now possible for users to configure how words are sent, either using websockets (default) or alongside other documents. Configure this by adding the following code snippet under the Kofax.KTS.Services.Properties.Settings subsection of the “applicationSettings” section of the web.config file. Note: Set the value to “True” to send words alongside documents and “False” to use websockets.

<setting name="SendWordsWithDoc" serializeAs="String">

1620066 – Lasso OCR in Thin Client leads to Fox Exception: Index (-1) out of range (0-0). It is now possible to lasso a value into a field and then use a database lookup that uses that same field, without generating an error.
1617601 – Unable to copy the contents of read-only fields. It is now possible to copy the content of a read-only field.
1621745 – DbLookup button stays focused when choosing a result in Thin Client. The field focus now moves to the next invalid field when a result is chosen from the database lookup window.
1615875 – Thin Client – Group which should display “Always Closed” does not display properly. When a batch is loaded, all groups are expanded or collapsed correctly and the “Always Closed” setting is working as expected.
1615084 – Thin client validation – associated database lookup button is getting bold and not underlined. The style of the database lookup button is now both bold and underlined.
1601330 – Column width calculated for column name length instead for returned data length when using immediate search in Thin Client Validation in 6.4. The column width is now displayed correctly when a batch is opened and immediate search is executed, or when a search is run manually.
1606477 – TC Validation, Batch Editing: When executing merge to Previous and the previous document was not loaded by clicking on it an exception happened because of missing preload of target document. An error no longer occurs when merging to the previous document when it was not already loaded.

1600561 – AutoComplete field does not keep position of when lassoing value. Lassoing a value now retains the location information of a field.
1599165 – Fuzzy or rational database dialog does not copy all entries to the assigned fields. Database search results are now copied to the assigned fields as expected.
1597770 – Red icon overlaps on the Field labels for the invalid fields of checkbox type. Check box fields are now displayed correctly.
1597745 – Miniviewer is not refreshed after updating the field using Lasso. The Mini viewer is now successfully refreshed after a field is updated using a lasoo, AutoComplete, or any scripting field changes that affect the field position.
1593075 – Batch field does not work in Thin Client. It is now possible to use Batch fields successfully.
1589824 – Thin client server: logout button does not work correctly. The Log Out button is now working as expected.
1579958 – Thin client validation index field value view does not update. Index field values are now successfully updated for each new document, even if the new document is the same document type as the previous document.
1571174 – By default user should see English localization when selected language is not available as LP. The user interface is displayed in English if the language set in the Browser does not have a corresponding language pack installed.
1563385 – TC Validation, When merging to previous (batch editing), action is performed thumbnail panel is shown empty with a console error. An error is no longer encountered and thumbnail images are displayed correctly when using the merge to previous batch editing command.
1594967 – Batch list stops working when you return a suspended or closed batch. The Open Batch window is now behaves as expected.

1556208 – Missing blocking of the UI when confirm field server call takes a while. The field panel is now masked when the user is waiting for a response from server
1556207 – Missing highPriority implementation for BeforeComboDropDown and other server calls. Server calls are now correctly prioritized when a user is waiting for a response.
1550484 – Column names are cut off when having a lot of columns for Relational DbLookup. Column names are now shown properly and long names are no longer cut off.
1548911 – Unsupported characters in fieldnames or control names make TC fail to assign data to the controls. Fields or the Validation form controls that use special characters other than [0-9, a-z, A-Z] in their name are now fully supported, with the exception of square quotes ([]) and speech marks (‘ ,).
1548669 – Scripted layout changes does not work for folders. Scripted layout changes are working as expected.