Partnership with ACA Pacific

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February 9, 2019
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ACMO is proud to announce our partnership with ACA Pacific. Our mission is to help businesses accomplish more through digital workflow transformations. As automation experts, we tailor custom solutions that best meet the needs of our clients. Our solution experts can offer a complete range of products and services sourced from world-class leading software companies. Our partnership with ACA pacific means that we can supply clients with both hardware and software, delivery, and support for all document capture & processing needs.

About ACA Pacific

ACA Pacific has been providing modern technology in an evolving IT channel since 1988. They are a leading supplier of specialist hardware and software solutions. ACA Pacific focuses on supplying quality products that represent the very best of any particular technology category. ACMO first partnered with ACA Pacific in February 2019 for their commercial-level document scanners, featuring capture and information management.

About ACMO

Based in Sydney, ACMO helps enterprises streamline and simplify their business processes using Intelligent Automation solutions. ACMO has a technical consulting team with over 30 years of combined automation product suite experience. The award-winning company designs and delivers comprehensive automation solutions and provides ongoing support and maintenance to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Departmental Document Scanners

Organisations can digitise vital information trapped on paper for use in ERP and CRM systems. A high-volume commercial A4/A3 document scanning solution will minimize downtime in busy environments and keep work flowing. Scanned documents can be seamlessly integrated with capture applications and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to further streamline repetitive tasks and free up your workforce. Scanned documents can also be saved as digital files and used for initiating business process automation.

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