Partnership with TCG - World class Robotic Process Automation

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June 23, 2021
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ACMO is proud to announce our new partnership with TCG Australia. Our mission is to help businesses accomplish more, and as Robotic Process Automation experts, we tailor custom solutions to best meet the needs of our clients. Our solution experts can offer a range of products and services sourced from world-class leading software companies. Whatever the automation need you may have, we have the solution. Our range of preferred suppliers includes Kofax, Tipalti, Storecove, Medius, Procurify, ACA Pacific, AWS, YayPay and now TCG.

About TCG

TCG has a mission to enable the digital enterprise – and to help organisations adapt to a digital future. TCG’s world-class products and technologies are designed to provide a flexible, easily adaptable, one-stop-shop environment for input automation. Their flagship solution DocProStar® was designed to automate document-centric business processes.

About ACMO

Based in Sydney, ACMO helps enterprises streamline and simplify their business processes using Intelligent Automation solutions. ACMO has a technical consulting team with over 30 years of combined automation product suite experience. The award-winning company designs and delivers comprehensive automation solutions and provides ongoing support and maintenance to customers all over Australia and New Zealand.

About DocProStar

DocProStar is world-class Robotic Process Automation software that is designed to give you an integrated system that automatically:

  • Captures and normalizes all document and data types
  • Understands what information to extract
  • Acts, using AI and RPA to provide straight-through processing

DocProStar accepts any incoming document, regardless of format (paper, fax, email + attachments, pdfs, e-streams, etc.) and regardless of channel (email, scanner, fax, mfp, mobile, chat, etc). All input is normalized and processed using the same business logic.


DocProStar uses state-of-the-art technologies to obtain precise and actionable business information directly from the documents with a high level of automation and minimal human intervention.


DocProStar dynamically manages entire document-centric business cases through all process steps, from entry up to final decision/transaction/printing.

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