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Kofax TotalAgility 7.9 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.9.0 Fix Pack 4 | Release Date: August 26, 2021 Features Introduced in this Fix Pack 1665716 Case 26360587 The Kofax TotalAgility config tool to update CoreServicesLocation and CustomBinding_CoreService and Kofax TotalAgility APP bindings when the HTTP / HTTPS protocols are switched. The Configuration Utility has been . . . Read more

Kofax TotalAgility 7.7 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.7.0 Fix Pack 20 | Release Date: July 29, 2021 Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack 1663665 Case 26364894:Document type forms hanging 1639099 Case 26335691:Action Error: DocumentReviewControlSplitDocumentAction Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs 1645380 Case 26330347: Ability to manage the display of ootb error “The ‘create new . . . Read more

What’s New in Kofax TotalAgility 7.8

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) | Release Date: July 13, 2020 It is once again that time of the year when Kofax has announced the next version of their flagship product, Kofax TotalAgility. This article is intended for experienced Kofax consultants trying to understand the new features and the changes introduced . . . Read more

Kofax License Server Custom Logging

There are times when you want to investigate the license usage and connections established on Kofax license server (when you notice incorrect license utilisation, etc.). You can enable custom logging for the Kofax License Server by adding the following parameters to win.ini available at C:\Windows.

Kofax TotalAgility in Docker Container

A Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. A Docker container image is a lightweight, standalone, executable package of software that includes everything needed to run an application: code, run-time, system tools, system libraries and settings. Docker enables you to separate an application from its infrastructure, . . . Read more

Kofax TotalAgility MSDTC Settings

The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC) service is a component of modern versions of Microsoft Windows that is responsible for coordinating transactions that span multiple resource managers, such as databases, message queues, and file systems. In a Kofax TotalAgility environment, MSDTC must be enabled and configured when the Main database . . . Read more