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Tag: tips-and-tricks

Logging Framework with Kofax TotalAgility

Logging is an essential part of any application and it becomes a critical part of the custom applications built using Kofax TotalAgility. For implementing custom solution in Kofax TotalAgility, .Net Assemblies are utilised and for the logging feature, we do not want to re-invent the wheel by writing from-the-scratch logging . . . Read more

Merging .Net assemblies for Kofax TotalAgility

In general, external .Net assemblies are used to implement additional customisation in the applications developed using Kofax TotalAgility . However, there are challenges in Kofax TotalAgility with uploading references of the .Net assemblies to Kofax TotalAgility store. The challenge involves copying references of a .net assembly in the bin directory . . . Read more

Call External JavaScript Library from Kofax TotalAgility

This article explains the way to consume an external third party JavaScript library in KTA. Create a folder “CustomScript” in KTA Agility.server.web\Forms and copy the contents JavaScript library. For Ex: C:\Program Files\Kofax\TotalAgility\Agility.server.web\Forms\CustomScript\GECBPSLib.js Reference the script in Form -> Properties -> Javascript Tab and Add the below code After referencing the . . . Read more

Steps to Update Kofax TotalAgility Hostname

This knowledge-base article explains the various steps involved in the event you need to update the host name of a Kofax TotalAgility Web/App/Database Server. NOTE: The procedure explained here should be used with extreme caution as these changes are irreversible and not supported by Kofax Technical Support. Pre-Requisites (before changing . . . Read more

Kofax TotalAgility Logged-On Users

Kofax TotalAgility ships with a standard form to find the list of currently logged-on users. The standard form can be accessed from the default workspace navigation Administration >> Logged On Users (screenshot below for reference). The forms allows an administrator to review the logged on users plus remove any redundant . . . Read more

Steps to Reset Kofax TotalAgility Installation

There are times when you installed Kofax TotalAgility in a brand new environment, however things did not progress the way you wanted and system got messed up. The following procedure explains how you can perform a factory reset on the Kofax TotalAgility installation to delete all process maps, forms, resources, . . . Read more